Business Tools For Hispanic Women

Gone are the days when Latin wives are only staying inside the home to serve their husband and kids. Many of them are venturing out by getting a career while others start out their own business. For the past decade, there is a huge increase in the number of Hispanic businesswomen and the figure has already reached 82 per cent. Within the United States, there are 1.4 million businesses established by women of color and 39 of these are owned by Latina women. For startups, tools are important to help them succeed in their chosen business.

One of the most useful resources is the Hispanic Business News because the site is a gem for business owners. They are look for a job on the site, upload their resume to be matched with jobs or they can stay updated with the most recent news in the business sector which concerns Hispanic business owners.

Another important resource is the Hispanic Business Women’s Alliance which aims to aid entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, inventors, consultants and executives. Through their site, these people will be able to network with one another thereby expanding their business territories. They can communicate with one another and partner to help each other’s businesses.

For online marketers, the best tool to use is the blog managed by Captura Group called Hispanic Online Marketing. From there, one will be able to learn about the best practices, research as well as case studies.

Latin Business Association, on the other hand, aims to help business entrepreneurs both Latinos and Latinas by creating opportunities and strengthening the economic wealth. LBA was founded in 1976 and it is currently the leading organization within the United States that best represent the interests of all Hispanic business owners. To be a part of the organization, one must register as a member. After which, one will have access to a business directory composed of members coming from various business industry such as manufacturing, technical industries, financial and professional.

Lastly, one thing every businesswomen and Latin wives should have is the business series of the Latina Style Magazine. It will help them determine the things required from a business owner and a professional as a whole.

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A New Approach For Thailand’s Tourism Campaign

For 2018, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has decided to change its course in terms of tourism in the country with goals to offer quality tourism rather than achieving mass tourism alone. The stakes are higher this time as the country still aims to generate the same level of revenue but with quality in mind rather than quantity. There is no denying that Thailand is a tourism haven with many things to offer such as wedding venue in Rayong, parties in the islands and hundreds of beaches to swim in.

What does this really mean? According to TAT or Tourism Authority of Thailand, their tourism campaigns will be centred on tourists who are contributing greatly to the revenue from tourism rather than focusing on mass tourism. From January until October of 2017, the nation received more than 28.8 million foreign visitors which resulted to tourism revenue of $47.15 billion. TAT now aims to increase the tourism revenue but will remain encouraging new tourists and recurring ones to come back to Thailand. Their tourism campaign is now more focused on a single niche – travel. The most recent marketing concept developed by TAT is called Open to the New Shades of Amazing Thailand which is geared towards promotion of latest experiences as well as attractions in the country.

According to TAT’s director, IsraStapanaseth, they are planning to change the image of the country which is perceived by the tourists through introducing new experiences, destinations and attractions on a local level. For instance, they are going to use Thai cuisine which is known all over the world in order to encourage new international tourists to visit the country. He added that they are planning Thailand as a wedding destination because there is great potential in the wedding industry.

Yuthasak Supasorn, the governor of TAT, said during their launch of the new campaign in India that tourism is the main economy driver of Thailand. They are now going to focus on the travel niche and find out what the target market is aiming for. They are also promoting wedding venue in Rayong to increase tourism in the area as well as potential wedding destinations in the country.

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Better Alternative In Joining HDPE Pipes

In piping systems, stresses result from expansion and contraction. In order to compensate for misalignment and lateral, torsional and angular movements, flexible connector are used. The flexible connectors absorb the continuing movements in piping systems and at the same time reduce the noise and vibrations produced.

Polyethylene piping which is made from high density materials has numerous applications in the marine and agriculture industries as well as municipal, mining and landfill sectors. High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes are widely used to transport potable waters, chemicals, wastewater, slurries, compressed gases and hazardous wastes.

The oil and gas industry makes use of HDPE pipes because of their extreme durability, corrosion resistance, high flow characteristics, flexibility and light weight. HDPE is also the preferred solution in many other end-use industries because of its advantages over other materials like PVC, cement, steel and other plastics.

The most common methods of joining HDPE pipes is through heat fusion where two pipe ends and subjected to heat and pressed together to create a permanent joint that will transform individual sections of the pipe into a single continuous pipe line. However, although heat fusion creates strong and reliable joints, the process has its share of challenges.

There are other techniques of joining HDPE pipes that are expected to gain traction over the coming years. Mechanical joining methods like electro fusion, flanged joints, flexible connectors, butt welding and mechanical compression coupling will become more prominent in the future.

The conventional technique of using heat to join HDPE pipes is slowly losing traction. While heat fusion is still popular, the new alternatives of plain end couplings and grooved mechanical couplings are becoming more popular because they are less challenging. Aside from reducing the challenges associated with heat-based joining, new coupling technologies manage to increase the life of the joint. Mechanical couplings are also easier to install on the HDPE joints.

The use of flexible connector ensures weather resistance and robust performance of the piping system. Flexible connectors can absorb the continuing movements that are usually experienced in piping systems because of varying ambient temperatures as well the differences in the temperature of the materials that are being handled.


Continued Demand For Condo Units In Bangkok

This 2018, it is expected that there will be continued demand for the latest condominium that were opened to the public this year. Demand is especially higher in three hotspots – Charan Sanitwong, Thong Lor and Phaya Thai. Many are looking forward to the number of projects that are set to open in these areas. These condos are ideal for those staying long-term in Bangkok while a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit will suffice for those who are staying for only a few days.

Colliers International Thailand is a property consultant firm in Thailand. Its research department’s senior manager is Phattarachai Taweewong and according to him Greater Bangkok will welcome an even higher number of condo units. In the previous year, there was a recorded 58,424 units while this year around 60,000 units will be launching.

He added that developers are set to build and launch more condo projects because they are confident with the current state of the property market in Thailand. They find great potential in locations that are close to the recently completed mass transit system. While things are not picking up so fast on the lower end of the market, there is good news for those that belong in the middle and upper end of the sector as they are deemed to continue being healthy.

The highest number of condo units to be launched is in Thong Lor as there are around 3,300 units available from 11 different projects. The minimum price is quite high because of the prime land costs in the area thus every square meter will cost 250,000 baht.

These new condominiums are developed by listed companies like Ananda and Land & House. Ananda is planning to launch a condo located at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 38 while Land & Houses project is located at the entrance and across Soi Thong Lor.

Sansiri’s future project is to be located in Sukhumvit Soi 34 with a total land area of 495 wah purchased for 332.7 illion baht from its previous owner Prasarttong-Osoth family’s  Bangkok Sky Sukhumvit 34 Co. As more developers are investing into condos, others are buying a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit because of its potential in revenue.


How A Business Can Grow With Corporate Team Building?

How can teambuilding, conferences and hospitality events emphasize the nature of your business in a financial climate that is proving to be tough on companies?

In a well-done corporate team building, you create motivated employees who are responsible for creating loyal customers, which then turn to create bigger profits for the company.

When you instil teambuilding events, exercises, games and activities to help build great teams, you tend to improve communication skills and help your employees to develop motivation. These activities will help warm up meetings, improve training and enliven conferences.

There is somehow a definite link between the company’s financial performance, teamwork and employee engagement. In fact, when companies organize corporate team building programs, motivational conferences and hospitality events, these will in turn develop good communication skills and improve working relationships with senior management and staff. It can create a major impact on profit, customer loyalty and staff engagement.

According to one study, teambuilding and employee motivation were basis to start building a business. It is actually a business idea to prioritize the workers of the company, then the customers and the shareholders. If the staff are all motivated, then it is a guarantee that customers are happy with the services, and shareholders can benefit through the company’s success.

Therefore, the best ways to enhance teamwork and demonstrate appreciation of employees’ contribution and value are through corporate team building, hospitality events and other investments. If the company invests somehow on its workers, then they will surely invest time and effort on the company.

So the reason why employees are engaged is through teambuilding. Engagement is not about employee satisfaction or happiness, but the way the workers are connected to the company emotionally, their values and how willing they are to take action.

While salary may be an important factor for the engagement, it is not really one of its motivators. What employees are looking for is an open communication between senior management and the rank and file. They need to move where there is trust and respect. Individual efforts are also recognized and appreciated. They are given the necessary merits which help motivate them. In addition, corporate team building can make it happen!

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Benefits Of Scheduling Regular Eye Examinations With An Optometrist

Optometrists are eye doctors who take care of the eye diseases and offer treatments. They are the certified professionals to conduct eye examinations and prescribe spectacles and lenses. They also treat certain types of eye diseases like glaucoma, cataract and macular degeneration.

Consult an experience optometrist in Woronora to take care of all your eye care requirements. These optometrists work with a team of highly experienced eye doctors and opticians to give you easy eye examinations and improve the quality of your eye sight. They offer walk-in eye examinations to detect glaucoma and other eye disorders and prescribe effective treatments.

The reputed optometrists in Woronora offer a wide range of spectacles, contact lenses and sunglasses to suit the tastes, requirements and budget of various patients. The custom crafted lenses are available in categories like single focus, extended focus and multifocal to suit the visual needs and lifestyle of the patients. The lenses can be customised with a lot of features like anti-fatigue coating, anti-glare coating, UV protection and a lot of other features.

The affordable and cheap solutions offered by the professional optometrists in Woronora are a major advantage for many patients. Patients can schedule a cheap eye examination at regular intervals for early detection and diagnosis of harmful eye diseases. The timely detection of several eye conditions helps in proper treatment for slowing down the progress and safeguards the vision. The friendly eye doctors in these optometrist clinics will guide you through the treatment process. They devise detailed treatment plans depending on the seriousness and condition of the patient and also suggest life style changes for increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. The experienced doctors also suggest diet changes to keep the eye diseases in check and for the overall health of the patients.

Eyes are our windows to the world around us and they are also windows to gauge the overall health of the body. Scheduling regular appointments with optometrist in Woronora is an ideal way to maintain good eye health and detect any problems early. The cheap eye examination with modern equipments helps to detect potential risky conditions and take care of them at an early stage.

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Rising Volume Of Vehicles Favorable For Aftermarket Product Manufacturers

Decades ago, when a car lover needs car parts and accessories, the only options are physical stores or the car mechanic in the neighborhood. Nowadays, there are different sources online like Dorman Products with its range of parts and accessories for prices that customers will appreciate. There is a host of aftermarket parts from different brands.

Hitachi Automotive Systems is confident with the expansion of its aftermarket space in India. The company is offering a wide range of aftermarket products in the Indian market from glow plugs, ignition coil sensors, relays and fuel pumps and suspension systems under the Tokico brand. Tokico is well known in the US, Europe, Japan and other Asian markets like Thailand where it enjoys a sizeable 24% of the aftermarket space.

Bradley J. Maggart, president of Hitachi Automotive Systems Asia told Autocar Professional that there is a huge demand for aftermarket automotive parts with customers importing them by themselves. This is the reason why the company is officially introducing the full product range of Tokico brand to India’s aftermarket space.

Maggart further added that India has 7 players in the major suspension components and since they have the Tokico brand, they might as well explore the opportunities present in the market. In 2015, Hitachi Automotive Systems established a new manufacturing line at its Chennai plant. Since then, it saw an unprecedented change in the automotive sector of India because of the growing aspirations of the middle class.

The company’s basic strategy is to produce the automotive parts locally for local consumption to align with the government’s Made in India program. The company invested in a second PTC line at the Chennai plant because of rising vehicle volumes and to fully utilize the entire installed capacity by 2020 including the existing warehouse and distribution network in the country.

Because of technology, car lovers will find it easy and convenient to access Dorman Products online. They have everything from new winter tires to flashier floor mats that can enhance the vehicle at prices that you will not find anywhere. If you care to join the mailing list, exclusive discounts and deals are available for members.

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