Busch Vacuum Pumps Promote Energy Efficiency

During the recently held ComVac2017, which was conducted in Germany last month, many companies from the vacuum pump, industry have joined the event and highlighted their respective new line-up of new products. It was also an event for companies to introduce new trends and technologies that are useful in their industry. One of the products that shined the brightest were the Busch vacuum pumps.  This year, Busch switches its attention towards focusing on promoting energy efficiency with the recent development of a new line up of vacuum technologies and solutions that will enable its loyal customers around the world from all industries to conserve energy and eventually, cut down unnecessary expenses. And as expected, Busch, being one of the leaders in providing the best vacuum solutions, had already announced their new products during the expo which was held at Hannover Messe. Aside from informing attendees about their new products for this year and beyond, Busch also provided an in-depth insight into their complete product selection.


Busch firmly believes in the importance of looking at the entire production process for them to come up with viable ways to significantly reduce the energy that is required during production and essentially, cut down operational costs. And because of this belief, the company is now offering Busch vacuum pumps and vacuum options that can be used for the purpose of heat recovery which eventually, can vastly helpful in improving the overall demand-based control of said vacuum pumps. In addition to this, Busch is also in the process of designing centralized vacuum systems depending on the requirements that have been handed out to them by customers. In fact, more and more of their clients are getting the hang of using centralized vacuum pumping systems for their respective business. This is of the mere fact that when you have a more centralized vacuum system in your building, the lesser number of vacuum pumps you will be needing to install and manage and eventually, it will lead to you paying less for vacuum pumps. In addition to this, having a centralized system allows customers to store vacuum systems in a separate room, which eliminates the noise and heat away from work places.

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EIHL Started Team Building Season

The summer break is just starting but the team building is already on its way for the new season of the ice hockey.

A number of the EIHL teams have already made an announcement regarding their key players who will be returning for the campaign of 2017-2018. The new season will start in September. The teams have also confirmed that some of their members have already left them.

Sheffield Steelers team is still enjoying their victory from the play-off final championship but the management has already announced the renewal of a two-year contract for Paul Thompson, the coach, and Jerry Anderson, the assistant coach.

They have also made sure that their key forward, Mattieu Roy, will be going back to the ice with them. Among the returnees are Gullaime Desbiens and Ervins Mostokovs who is the netminder. Sad news for some because there will be a number of players who will not be joining the team again including Anders Franzon, the blueliner and Geoff Walker, the forward, who scored two goals against Cardiff Devils during the final match.

Braehead Clan, on the other hand, is planning to start the next season with a new line-up starting from the coach, Ryan Finnerty, whom left the company even before the end of the last season. He has accomplished a lot for the team by delivering conference titles as well as Champions League but the team is now aiming to start anew and they are considering hiring a player-coach instead. Matt Keith, the captain and team leader, is no longer part of the team too.

Belfast Giants will also be welcoming a new coach after the departure of Derrick Walser. The Irish side’s forward player, Mike Forney, will be going back to his hometown Minnesota.

On the side of Coventry, the coach will still be Danny Stewart as he renewed his contract along with Jordan Pietrus, the captain, and Ross Venus, the forward player coming from Britain. They have confirmed that Jim Jorgensen will no longer be a part of the team.

As various teams have added new players and retained old ones, one thing is for sure and that is they will need to organize activities for team building in order to foster teamwork with the new and old members to ensure that they will be bringing the championship for next season.

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Aggreko Adds Two New Boilers For Different Applications

Aggreko has decided to increase the size of its boiler rental fleet in Europe to provide more options for temporary heating and hot water systems. Two new boilers were added to fleet – high efficiency 250KW and 500 KW boilers to provide temperature of up to 90oC and pressures up to 10 bar.

The additional boilers are suitable for different applications from the delivery of temporary heating and hot water systems to under-floor heating, process heating and cooling, heat load testing and commissioning for chiller plants.

A Glasgow-based temporary power specialist has optimized temperature control and minimized fuel burns and emissions through the combination of advanced dual stage burner, 3-way valve system and smart controls. The boilers are available in compact canopy cases that allow ease of transport. It is permitted to be used in confined compounds, boiler rooms and service yards.

According to Chris Smith, head of temperature control for Aggreko, the new high efficiency boilers will extend their existing range in providing a cost effective and versatile solution to wide variety of heating and HVAC applications. The boilers are particularly suitable for applications that require high pressure or accurate temperature control capabilities. Their small footprint makes them ideal for limited spaces.

Aggreko has a vast experience in designing and commissioning boiler packages for different sectors whether it is for a sporting event or ice rink to data centers, fish farms, construction sites and facilities management. The company also supports planned maintenance projects, commissioning if new heating systems, heat load testing for cooling plants and emergency boiler breakdowns.

In order to enhance boiler efficiency and minimize emissions, Aggreko’s UK development engineers have integrated 3 design features – 3-pass flue, a dual stage burner and 3-way valve. Integrated smart controls allow the boilers to communicate effectively with building management and to link effectively with other plant equipment for the regulation and stabilization of temperature and to provide advanced fault finding.

If you live in Exeter and surrounding areas, you can be provided with a free no-obligation consultation regarding boiler repair or replacement through APH Heating LTD. All the boiler engineers that serve the area are high qualified and experienced in the repair and replacement of domestic and commercial boilers and heating systems.


3 Advantages Of Social Media For Insurance Brokers

Social media is where your business prospects are. Thus, it is only right for you to be where your targets are. However, it is not enough to be present in the social media platform. You should know how to make social media work for you. With a good presence in different social media forums, you can encourage more traffic to your website and convert leads into actual followers. Here are some of the advantages of social media for insurance brokers like you.

Free advertisement

One of the perks of social media is that you can have multiple accounts in various sites for free. You can have an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites where you can create a page to showcase your brand or ideas without spending anything. One way to popularize your brand is to come up with interesting topics or posts that your targets can easily relate to and participate in the discussion. This way, your brand will be talked about thereby getting your desired advertisement without spending anything.

Connect with clients better

One of the numerous advantages of social media is it becomes a platform for you to better interact with your clients in real time, as you can react to their comments on their post and better position your brand where it would look more attractive to your clients. Social media accounts allow instant connection with various individuals who are visiting your site. Make sure that you have a staff who will monitor your social media accounts to make it even more interactive and for your targets to be encouraged to participate in lively discussions.

Obtain better insight of the market

Social media sites are where most of your prospects are. By looking at trends, discussions and even how your competitors work, you will have a better understanding of the market. This will help you come up with better and more effective approaches towards converting your leads into actual clients. There is a long list of advantages of social media, it’s just a matter of finding out how to obtain these advantages to make them work for you.


Consumers Emotional Attachment To Wristwatches

Jean-Claude Biver, the president of Tag Heuer and LVMH wider luxury watch division, was quite passionate with his defense of traditional watch-making at Baselworld, a 100-year old exhibition for Swiss timepieces. Biver was not critical of his consumer electronic rivals because according to him, what they sell is technology.

The Swiss watch industry is on a downturn with exports falling by 10% last year. The reason is not the shift towards smartwatches but the faltering global economy, overstocking of watches in Hong Kong and the crackdown on luxury gifts that include watches in China.

Analysts have predicted that smartwatches will impact on the Swiss watch-making industry but the sales of wearables have not taken off as quickly as expected and they are also nervously looking at their sales. This proves that consumer electronics are not a threat; in fact, they can even turnaround demand for the finely crafted timepieces.

When the first Apple watch was launched, it became the talk of the town. However, the expected sales did not push through; instead units shipped fell by 51.6% during the 3rd quarter of 2016. Even the wearable pioneers like Fitbit and Jawbone struggled with sales. It seemed that only people who were interested in sports considered the smartwatches.

People tend to be emotional with wristwatches. It is difficult to part away with the first watch received. You will not feel the same emotional attachment with a smartwatch because it is technology. Today’s generation of wristwatches have life cycles of 6 months to a year compared to the Swiss watch that can last for generations.

However, many young people do not wear wristwatches because they use their mobile phones to tell time. Smartwatches have taught the young that it is okay to wear a watch. Instead of being a threat, smartwatches are driving demand towards expensive mechanical wristwatches.

If you are quality-conscious consumers, one of your best options is the Danish design watches that were produced with love and expert craftsmanship with a modern twist. The Danish design is characteristically simple and minimalistic with classic and elegant lines. The innovative designs can perfectly match your lifestyle.


Things To Consider In Buying Phuket Property For Sale 

Some people think that just because they have the money, they are already ready to buy a Phuket Property for Sale. But in reality, there are some things to consider in order to get the right property that is suitable to your needs and of course, to your budget. Making a poor choice may render the property worthless or unenjoyable. To ensure that you will not waste your time and resources on the property, take a look at these points.

Consider your property needs

There are different types of real estate properties in Phuket. You can find condo units, apartments that are already fully furnished, villas, beach houses, residential lots and many more. To narrow your choice, consider what you intend to do with the property. Determine if you need a summer home, a retirement home or a lot that you can develop into a beach resort. The purpose of your buying the property will determine the size of the property that you will look for and buy. Consider if you want to rent out the property when you are not using it or if you want to develop it into something bigger.

Pick your location

There are Phuket Property for Sale that are located in the mountain area while there are those that are situated along the beach. Consider which is more preferable to you although there are properties that enjoy both the proximity of mountains and the sea. No matter where the location of the property is, whether it is along the mountains or the beach, you can be sure that you will enjoy the view of both areas. You just have to put into consideration that the location of the property will have a bearing on its price. Properties along the coastline of Phuket can be more expensive than the mountain area.  To get more information about properties around Phuket, talk with a reputable real estate property agent.

Consult a property agent

If you are a foreign national, it would be best to consult a real estate property before you purchase a Phuket Property for Sale. This is not just advisable for foreign nationals but even the locals should consult an expert to get the best property without breaking the bank. You can also opt to consult a lawyer to ensure that you are going through the process legally.

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HP’s New Technology to change how Identification Cards are printed

Aside from employee identification cards, companies face the challenge of printing hundreds of thousands of visitor badges or guest cards. In many instances, large amounts of paper, plastics and ink are wasted on the plastic card printer. HP Labs has recognized the challenge by introducing a new hybrid printing technology that will change the distribution of employee ID’s, visitors passes, gate passes and temporary passes.

In order to enhance of efficiency of plastic card printing, HP developed a technology called IonTouch which is a cross between the traditional plastic card printer and e-ink technology. Information on the plastic identification cards can be rewritten so that they can be reused by other individuals after card expiration instead of being thrown away to the landfills.

HP’s proprietary technology replaces the traditional ID card printer with the IonTouch Imager that has the capability to write and re-write on a 2.5 inch 300 x 300 pixel display for up to 10,000 times. The surface of the display has the capability for either black or white content or 16 levels of grayscale. The technology is not yet that advanced for color but sufficient enough since most of the HP printer’s use involves employee badges, visitor passes and hotel guest cards.

When the IonTouch system is used, the visitor’s pass can be printed on the spot with his name and contact information including a photo and other additional details like the time of appointment and the name of the person that will be visited. Compared to e-ink and digital displays that costs about $50 per card, HP rewritable display will cost the company a few cents.

Another benefit gained from the HP rewritable display is the lack of power draw to hold rewritable content. When special marks and codes are required on the plastic cards for security reasons and to avoid duplication, you only need to switch to non-permanent ink. Since the plastic identification cards are reusable, it reduces plastic waste disposed on the landfills.

Since the only way with which information can be changed is through the IonTouch Imager, another layer of protection is added to the cards making them very secure. HP technology is very important for businesses that make use of plastic identification cards.