Marketing Strategies For Health

There is more to marketing than just placing billboards or ads about health plans. It involves offering and exchanging products and services, as well as meeting consumers’ needs in the market. There are various markets and different market strategies done by companies, and a thorough marketing strategy analysis can evaluate market share and competitive advantages.

A key to marketing strategy is the ability for a company to identify its niche or domain, and to provide in this market. This is shown through different cases of some organizations from the healthcare industry and the approach they did toward these marketing strategies, and the manner in which they adapt and meet consumer needs.

Marketing strategies for some healthcare organizations

The YMCA, which is a public health organization, makes use of a diversification strategy. It previously provided mental health products, nutrition and exercise to its target market. Now, the organization has been working with veterinarians to offer animal medications and vaccines for pet owners as a new market.

Humana In. makes use of a market development strategy. It had products in the disease management market because of its many Medicare advantage members. The insurance company is now changing its insurance marketing strategy. It is increasing its product line, on the basis of the online games’ popularity, in the similar market.

One new product is the Humana Vitality, a health status assessment completed by patients which calculates the Vitality Age and steps needed for a better health. Patients could receive prizes when they are able to do steps on the basis of their Vitality Age and when they use preventive services. In addition, they could also receive monthly prizes when they complete the self-assessment forms.

Humana partnered with Ubisoft to develop a video game “Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012,” which encourages exercise and wellness.

Humana Fit, another new product, is a personalized exercise and nutrition system that helps members remain on track. The Vitality members could use the product and earn more prizes and points.

Lastly, Kaiser Permanente makes use of a product development strategy. Kaiser Permanente provided flu vaccines from specific primary care market. Now, it expanded its flu vaccine distribution through specialty care physicians too.

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Thailand Real Estate Talk – The Advantages Of Condominium Units In Pattaya

Like in any real estate ventures, buying a condominium unit should be done with responsibility and caution. This a favor not only for yourself but for your hard-earned fortune, since the amount it involves is serious. The task to be undertaken may be tedious, but the results will be rewarding. With the proper research and know-how, you may land a great deal investing in a Pattaya condo for sale. But in all the beauty and wonders of Thailand, why Pattaya?

There are a lot of great reasons to win in considering to invest in a Pattaya condo for sale. Purchasing any real estate in Pattaya is a great decision as the resort city itself attracts five million tourists annually. This has been consistent for more than ten years, so it is not just a short-term trend. But, buying a condominium, in particular, is more recommended. The real estate market trend proves a condominium unit is more advantageous for those who seek more value on their investment.

Location, location, location

It is in Pattaya, there isn’t really anything more to add. But for those who do not know, Pattaya is a premier location not only for vacationers but also those who want to settle down. The continuous popularity for over a decade means that long-term development plans were set for Pattaya, and having gained so much from this means they will not stop keeping it a premier destination. This being said it brings us to the second advantage, good investment.

Good investment

Most real estate properties are a good investment. But unfortunate circumstances and poor planning may force it to depreciate. Many areas in the world have deteriorated forcing properties to depreciate in value. But Pattaya has proven itself to be progressing, and such rising economy will yield more in the future, thus taking care of it has been a priority. Many properties in Pattaya has grown two or threefold over the years, thus eyeing it as your next investment is worth considering.


Getting a property in a progressing location at a more available price than anywhere else at par with Pattaya is nothing but obviously advantageous. It is wise to also consider building standards and quality, but with the variety of options in Pattaya, there surely are more than a handful of property developments that is a gem for its price.

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Who Can Be A Process Agent?

Before, only agents and sheriffs can deliver legal documents such as notice of eviction, statutory demands, repossession notice, summons, etc. However, the delivery of such legal documents became tasking to law enforcers. Eventually, the law in most states and countries were revised thereby allowing ordinary citizens, such as a Process Agent, to deliver legal documents to respondents. If you are seriously considering becoming a process server, take a look at the following qualifications and find out if you have what it takes for the job.

Legal age

Anybody who is of legal age or those who are 18 and above can apply as a process server. Additional requirements and competencies would be announced by the process server agency. It would be best to find out what these requirements are to determine if you are suited for the job.

Education and professional background in law

You don’t have to be a lawyer to become a Process Agent. However, knowledge or background on law is a minimum requirement since you would be handling legal documents. You would also be serving legal notifications and even recovery of assets which can be tricky if you are not aware of your rights and limits. For instance, you are well aware that you have a legal notification to serve and you want to deliver it at all costs so you would find ways to get to the respondent. That is correct. However, you should know that stepping inside the house of your respondent unannounced and without permit constitutes trespassing and you can be sued for the act. Without this sort of knowledge, you could compromise your safety and the reputation of the firm that you work for.

Physical demands of the job

Another detail that you may want to know if you want to become a Process Agent is the physical demands that go with the job. Take note that delivering summons and legal notices would require you to walk, stand for long periods or take trips depending on your respondent’s location. If you have physical or mobility issues, you may want to consider that detail.


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Financial Considerations When Buying Condo In Bangkok

Your financial responsibility does not end after you closed a deal for a Bangkok condo for sale. As a matter of fact, it has only begun. If you will mortgage the unit, you have the monthly payment to think about, to begin with. However, even if you opt for a one-time payment for the entire unit, there are other fees that you need to think about. This is not to discourage potential buyers of condo in Bangkok. This is just about giving the prospective buyer an idea on the additional payments and fees that he has to prepare for when he is already occupying the condo unit.

Apart from the usual monthly utility bills, there is also condominium fee to think about.  Condo fees are monthly dues collected from each unit owner. The amount collected is used to pay for monthly utilities and maintenance of areas commonly shared by individual owners of the building. The payment for property and liability insurance for the building’s exterior and common areas are also taken from the monthly dues. The amount of monthly dues for Bangkok condo for sale depends on the size or floor area of the unit. For instance, the owner of a two-bedroom unit with 1,500 square feet will pay lower monthly dues compared to an owner with three-bedroom, 2,000  square feet unit. The location and floor of the condo unit will also affect the amount of monthly dues collectible from the owner. As an example, condo units situated in lower floors are more expensive and are more sellable compared to units situated in higher floors.

The amount of condo fees also differ from one developer to another including the amenities present in the building. Before buying a Bangkok condo for sale, check the unit’s financial history from the condominium’s association treasurer. The treasurer should be able to provide trends and history including the standing reserve fund of the building. The higher the reserve fund is, the better. This goes to show that condo association can easily fund emergency repairs and maintenance needs at any given time.


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Tree Lopping And Removal For A Park Makeover

Residents of Jackson were caught off guard last Monday morning when they found tree stumps along the outer rim of Smith Park. The sight of the stumps was unbecoming but Downtown Jackson Partners (DJP) stressed that most of the trees that were cut down were already dying and their removal is necessary for an attractive park layout.

Crews started tree lopping last Saturday in preparation for a park makeover. This is the first phase of a $2.5 million project that has been planned since 2013. The project starts with tree-scaping of Smith Park north of the Governor’s Mansion. DJP did not act on their own because they have sought the advice of professional landscape architects who recommended that the dead and dying trees must be removed including trees that are deemed unsustainable for a long term basis.

The goal of the Smith Park renovation is to create a more open and inviting world-class public space to encourage development in downtown Jackson while enhancing the Capitol Complex. The renovation will benefit businesses, visitors and residents.

According to DJP, at least 32 trees were removed. When experts visited the park, it was found out that only 17 trees were 100% healthy out of the 80 trees existing in the park. It is only right to perform a makeover on the Smith Park because it is at the center of the state, a place that belongs to all Mississippians. At its current state, Smith Park is an eyesore and improvements like new stage, new trees, new tables and benches, sidewalks and light poles will make the park a pleasing site.
Smith Park which is older than Central Park by 15 years is considered as one of the oldest park in the United States. The history of the Smith Park is enough justification to for the makeover.

When a tree grows large enough that its branches create a problem during severe weather conditions, the best option is tree lopping in Perth. Tree lopping is also a popular solution for landscapers who want a tree to be in perfect height, shape and direction. The branches will be trained to grow towards the direction desired.

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Digital Wedding Planner Received $4.5 Million Of Funds

Joy, a startup in the wedding industry, aims to help future brides in this digital time while planning their wedding. After its launching from the Y Combinator, it was able to gather $4.5 million of seed funding.

Despite the opinion of many that the wedding industry is already a very crowded industry, Joy decided to launch this summer in order to brave the market. There are thousands upon thousands of wedding websites that can be found online but there are the most popular ones that have already established their brand such as, and WeddingWire. Despite the aims of these sites to provide assistance to the couple, there is still a chaos of services that has to be used in order to get everything ready for the big day.

What made Joy standout from the rest of them is that it has developed an assistive technology that integrates all the services and put them in one place – starting from the engagement, wedding and honeymoon. According to the co-founder of Joy, Vishal Joshi, there is a new addition to the program and it is a social media platform wherein all the people involved in the wedding planning will be able to share photos and converse with each other during the preparation and on the very day of the wedding.

The leading investors are Sierra Ventures and Matrix Partners. There are many other investors on the list including Fuel Capital, Joe Montana, Liquid 2 Ventures, Marc Pincus from Zynga, Matt Bellamy who is the lead singer of Muse and the former co-editor in chief of TechCrunch, Alexia Tsotsis.

This is the first time that Tsotsis has invested into any venture and she is a newlywed too. According to her, she decided to invest in the startup because she has seen how safe it is when it comes to the online wedding market. She claimed that there is no one-stop shop online when it comes to wedding planning where you will be able to access everything from the invitation, CRM, planning as well as guests’ management. Joy is a company that aims to provide the missing one-stop shop for couples who are planning to wed, either they are looking for Wedding Chair for Hire in Sydney or a flower supplier, which in return will give them peace of mind and joy while planning.

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3 Tips In Choosing Basin Vanity Unit


There are numerous basin vanity sink designs that you can refer to over the internet. There are just too many that you might end up confused as to which of them you are going to choose. To help you decide which among those basin units you are going to choose, take a look at the following ideas:

Consider your Bathroom Space

When shopping for basin vanity units, you should always consider the size of your bathroom. For sure you do not want your vanity sink to occupy most of your bathroom space. Unless you have a large bathroom area, the size of the vanity sink would not be an issue. But if you have limited space, you should always determine your bathroom floor area, and then check the measurement of your target vanity sink to ensure that the sink would fit in your bathroom and its size would not overwhelm your bathroom space.

Think About Functionality

There can be two main purpose of having basin vanity units in the bathroom. One is for functional purposes like storing bathroom items, towels and the likes while the other purpose is for aesthetic value. You can have a single vanity sink which serves the two purposes however, if you are more concerned of having extra storage in your bathroom, choose a basin vanity unit that has more storage space. You might also want to choose one that has more drawers or extra space on the top to make your toiletries handy.

Check the Aesthetics  

Another factor in choosing a basin vanity sink is its physical appearance. Choose a sink that will be complementary to your bathroom theme. Consider your bathroom’s wall painting. If your wall paint is light, you may want to choose a darker shade of your wall paint for your bathroom sink. If your bathroom’s theme is Victorian, an elaborate vanity sink will be most suitable for it while a tapered sink would look fitted to a modern style bathroom.

No matter what you choose, always consider the harmony of your overall items and furnishings inside your bathroom.

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