A Lady As An Electrician In Wynnum Now A Thing

Women are becoming more and more empowered to do things, especially to things that are commonly done only by men. Nowadays, we have women sitting as high ranking officials in the three main branches of the government. We now have women who are proven champions in their chosen careers in various sports. We even have more and more women as pilots, as astronauts and in some countries, we may even see an increased number of women enlisting themselves in the military. It only proves that majority of thehuman population in the world is now accepting the new and better truth that women are better when fully utilized for the betterment of the society instead of just doing the usual chores at home such as looking after the kids, cooking meals and, doing the laundry. In Down Under Australia, there are two skilled workers who continue to be in-demand not just in Australia but in other countries around the world. One is a plumber and the other one is an electrician in Wynnum.


In August of 2016, a result of a research was released to the public. According to the said research which was conducted by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research, there was a total of 295, 300 apprentices who applied for various apprenticeships and training courses to become accredited plumbers, electricians and engineers that were recorded back in September of 2015. Out of that total, there were 82, 830 female apprentices. This comes as a bit of a surprise considering that working as a plumber, an engineer or even, as an electrician in Wynnum, is known to be man’s work. It proves that more and more women nowadays are up for jobs that are commonly belong to strong men. Another living proof of that change is that, at present times, women in Australia now make up a whopping 28% of the total recorded apprenticeships. And because of this increase, Women NSW has recently launched a funding scheme which will ensure that there will be enough funds for the continuous training and eventually employment of women especially in non-traditional trades.