A New Approach For Thailand’s Tourism Campaign

For 2018, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has decided to change its course in terms of tourism in the country with goals to offer quality tourism rather than achieving mass tourism alone. The stakes are higher this time as the country still aims to generate the same level of revenue but with quality in mind rather than quantity. There is no denying that Thailand is a tourism haven with many things to offer such as wedding venue in Rayong, parties in the islands and hundreds of beaches to swim in.

What does this really mean? According to TAT or Tourism Authority of Thailand, their tourism campaigns will be centred on tourists who are contributing greatly to the revenue from tourism rather than focusing on mass tourism. From January until October of 2017, the nation received more than 28.8 million foreign visitors which resulted to tourism revenue of $47.15 billion. TAT now aims to increase the tourism revenue but will remain encouraging new tourists and recurring ones to come back to Thailand. Their tourism campaign is now more focused on a single niche – travel. The most recent marketing concept developed by TAT is called Open to the New Shades of Amazing Thailand which is geared towards promotion of latest experiences as well as attractions in the country.

According to TAT’s director, IsraStapanaseth, they are planning to change the image of the country which is perceived by the tourists through introducing new experiences, destinations and attractions on a local level. For instance, they are going to use Thai cuisine which is known all over the world in order to encourage new international tourists to visit the country. He added that they are planning Thailand as a wedding destination because there is great potential in the wedding industry.

Yuthasak Supasorn, the governor of TAT, said during their launch of the new campaign in India that tourism is the main economy driver of Thailand. They are now going to focus on the travel niche and find out what the target market is aiming for. They are also promoting wedding venue in Rayong to increase tourism in the area as well as potential wedding destinations in the country.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in News