Active Participation From The Youth

Eleven groups of young citizens who are participating in the National Citizen Service or NCS program were able to enjoy the Alton hub provided by the Alton Community Centre.

These groups of young citizens came from the district and they allotted two weeks to stay at the centre out of the total four weeks in the program. During this time, they were able to make plans and work inside the community.

The National Citizen Service program is currently on its sixth year of implementation. It was devised by the government of the United Kingdom and open for volunteers that are willing to develop their social and personal aspects while in the scheme. Young citizens from the age of15 years old until 17 years old and residing in England and Northern Ireland are welcome to join. It was established in 2011 with the leadership of Prime Minister David Cameron in the Big Society initiative that was created by the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government.

There is also a one week visit of the teenagers to activity centre in order for them to participate in activities for team building that requires physical strength and team effort. Once this is over, they spend a week in the residential which means that they are able to live independently while taking up various skills that they can use in the future.

During their third and fourth week in the program, the young participants will create a social action plan and implement it in their local community. They usually do fundraising or events to raise awareness of particular topics. After they have completed the course, they will be able to get a certification during the graduation rites. The certificate will be signed by the current Prime Minister. It is a good addition in their experience as they will be favoured by the UCAS.

For this year, their first week was spent at a residential course located in Devon where the 11 groups are able to enjoy adventures and participate in activities for team building along with people they haven’t met before the program. It is followed by a week Marwell Activity Centre and two weeks social works in their local communities.