Ad Spending May Shift To Spanish Telenovelas

Many Americans are shifting from watching scheduled TV programs to on-demand and online services. There are still TV series that command a great audience from The Walking Dead, Games of Thrones and The Real Housewives but advertising sales are slowing down. You can read the latest news about The Real Housewives from

Is the US television industry at its turning point or has the attention of TV audiences shifted to Spanish telenovelas? Spanish language networks are attracting TV viewers with their real-time telenovelas like Mi Corazon es Tuyo, LIga MX Football Games and La Vox Kids. Even while advertisers are shifting their promotional budgets to digital platforms, they are keeping an eye on America’s 56 million Hispanics whom Nielsen predicts will yield a purchasing power of $1.7 trillion by 2019.

Univision is the largest Spanish language broadcaster in the US and it is preparing to pitch $1 billion as its initial public offering to potential investors. In the first two months of 2015, the ad spending for Univision and Comcast’s Telemundo rose by 11% which is in contrast to the 12% drop in total TV ad bookings. Last year, the ad expenditures of the top six Spanish broadcasters rose by 11% which clearly outpaced the 3% of gain of English broadcasters, CBC, ABC, NBC and Fox.

Univision is often beating English language programs that cater to the 18 to 49 year old audience and the Spanish programs are beginning to catch up on the ratings. However, in spite of the recent acceleration in ratings, Hispanic programs still have to catch up with the English language programs in terms of ad spending because last year, it only captured 7% of total ad spending.

However, advertisers are now looking into the Spanish broadcasters for their ad spending because Hispanic audiences are more likely to watch commercials and when it is a telenovela or a sports game, viewing cannot be delayed. Hispanics certainly do not want to miss their nightly telenovelas or a sports game that is broadcasted live. In fact, Univision got a boost last year when it got the rights to air the World Cup. Its ad growth has significantly outpaced the industry.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business