Air India Offering Flights To Bangkok Soon

The winter schedule of Air India has been released at the Chandigarh International Airport and according to it, there will be a flight departing from Chandigarh going to Bangkok. Travelers can now book a room at compact hotel in Bangkok because the same schedule indicated that the new flight route of the airline will start from October of this year.

Officials of the airlines have already hinted that it is possible that the flight might be available earlier than expected. Air India has already made a formal announcement regarding their new flight route which will offer passengers a direct flight from Chandigarh going to Bangkok. Air India’s Chairman and Managing Director, AshwaniLohani, revealed that initially it was planned for the flight to be available by the first week of June. However, it will not be happening and the schedule was changed accordingly.

According to sources from the airport, the flight to Bangkok is already published at the winter schedule of the airline. A senior official working at the airport revealed that the slot has already been awarded to Air India for their new direct flight and it will take off in October. He also clarified that because the flight was scheduled for the winter season, it does not mean that flight will not be available earlier. It is the airline that will decide if there are possible changes.

Sunil Dutt, the CEO of the Chandigarh airport said that details are already complete for the Bangkok flight which is estimated to start on October. It does not mean that it couldn’t start earlier or even after the said date.

The counsel for Air India expressed to the Punjab as well as the Haryana High court that they are doing the best they can in order for the flight to be accessible sooner than scheduled. Meanwhile, tourists planning to visit Bangkok can book an accommodation at various hotels such as compact hotel in Bangkok as soon as final details have been finalized. Currently, the airport is only operating two other international flights.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Travel