Beware Of Colorado Potato Beetles Attack

There are many pests handled by companies specializing in pest control in Sydney but sadly majority of them are not equipped to handle pests in the fields or crops. They are more accustomed to treating household and commercial pests but not agricultural pests. One of the pests that continue to bug Beau Hartline, a farm manager, is the Colorado potato beetle. The farm he is managing is located in Freisland, Wisconsin and is called Alsum Farms.

Hartline said that they have treated the pests to control them by using neonicotinoids but it was only used once and its effect is slowly wearing off. He also added that the chemical used to be able to control the pests for the entire season but now it doesn’t even last for a few weeks. Neonicotinoids is an insecticide intended to paralyze the affected pests.

Another farm located fifty miles from Alsum Farms is being managed by Steve Diercks along with Andy, his son. They father-son duo is also battling the same problem with pests. According to Diercks, since the Colorado potato beetle came to their farm spanning 800 acres, it hasn’t left and there is no end in sight for them. They are now used to the damage brought about by the pest.

The pest is only as big as half of a penny and has a bright yellow colour covered with black stripes. The Colorado potato beetle is known to adapt easily with different pest control techniques. It is considered as a cultural icon in all parts of the globe even in Luxembourg as well as Mozambique. At the height of the Cold War, the pest became the symbol of American imperialism because it is utilized to damage the potato crops of the German enemies.

Entomologists have continued to research ways on how to control the pest for many years. This attempt was witnessed by pest control in Sydney and the entire industry because of the thousands upon thousands of research papers published regarding the Colorado potato beetle. Researchers are now working with local farmers including Diercks and Hartline in order to reveal the genetic mystery of the said beetle.