Bob Dylan’s Famous Apartment Is Now Available As Luxury Self-Catering Accommodation

Big Pink, the cool apartment of Bob Dylan is now open for anyone to use as a luxury self-catering accommodation. Just before the golden anniversary of Bob Dylan’s famous album Highway 61 Revisited, the celebrated house has been opened for rent. The famous property is located in West Saugerties at the state of New York. This was the house where Dylan and his company had their gigs. Some of the demos from these gigs later composed Dylan’s famous albums.

Big Pink used to be a property for rent before Dylan and his Bassist found it and transformed it into an ideal place for song demos. Evaluations on the holiday listing promise that the current owners did a great job in preserving the classic ambiance of the house. Don and Sue are the present-day holders of the property.

After a controversial motorcycle mishap in a worldwide famous concert, Dylan closed himself from the public at his apartment. The concert happened on the 29th day of July, 1966. He did not go on tour for almost a decade. During his downhearted moments, his band members lived with him at the house.

The apartment was called Big Pink because of the painting on the apartment’s side which was pink. It was also the basis of The Band’s first song collection. Their debut album was formed in Studios from Los Angeles and New York. However, most of the songs had humble beginnings at the ground floor of Big Pink.

The luxury self-catering accommodation costs $650 per night. If you opt to stay for a week, you will pay $2,750. Occupants are required to stay for at least two nights. Up to 9 persons are allowed to stay. Kids and pets are not allowed in the Big Pink though.

The Big Pink’s dormer features a central staircase which leads to a dining room. The right side of the staircase is a bar furniture, kitchen with a pebble counter-top, bathroom and a cozy couch. The bedroom is located at the left side of the staircase. The room is temperature regulated and has Wi-Fi. Nature views can be seen from the room.

The chief floor has two bed rooms with a sun room, living room, writing table and furnace. It also has a dining area with antique table and a kitchen.

Unfortunately, the lower ground floor is not counted in the rental.