Boxes Overflowing In Recycle Centers After The Holidays

Online shopping last month has reached a new record as companies handling recycling of cardboard boxes revealed that they are swamped because of the huge amount they have collected. According to an estimate by the United States Portal Service, they are going to handle a 10 per cent increase in packages for the year 2017 in comparison to the year before. Amazon is known to be the top online site for shopping and the company has shipped over five billion of orders in 2017 for their Prime members alone. The amount of cardboard from packages as well as cheap boxes for moving is a big challenge when it comes to recycling.

In Burbank Recycle Center series of trucks are arriving to deliver the recycling they have collected. Their recycling facility is located close to Los Angeles. One of the residents, Natasha Gagarin, visited the facility with an SUV full of empty boxes and she estimates it to be more than 200 pieces.

She is a mom to four kids and during holiday season, which is the busiest of the year, she opted for a more convenient route by ordering online instead of going to physical stores to do the shopping herself. Gagarin said that all of her orders were made in Amazon.

In a data from Amazon in 2017, they utilized 6,000 trucks as well as 32 planes in order to deliver packages to their Prime Members in the United States.

The recycling coordinator assigned for Burbank city is KreighHampel and he said that he has witnessed an incredible increase in the number of cardboard boxes. He described it to be a tsunami of boxes and the holiday season means that everything increased between five and ten per cent.

Hampel said that there is a complicated process involved in recycling. These boxes from packaging and cheap boxes for moving are sorted then these are bundled to be placed in containers so they can be transported to China. This is where the boxes are placed in water to remove staples before they are created into new boxes.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business