Britain Saw Slight Increase In Demand For Thatched Roof Homes

A long time ago, people in Britain who does not have much settle with English cottage as their home. These cottages have thatched roof made of either reeds or straw. This became a symbol of the poor population because they could not afford to build houses made of slate or tiles. The most common roof replacement in Sydney and most of the countries in the world is tiles. Nowadays, the table has been turned as many are aiming to own houses with thatched roof but they are currently being sold at premium prices. These buyers are purchasing simply because of the cuteness of the house.

According to the associate director of a real-estate firm, Simon Neville-Jones, thatch represents the most typical English material used in roofing. This is what people have in mind when they imagine old-fashioned cottages in the country. He said that the current market price for thatched cottages is 5 per cent higher compared to similar homes but with un-thatched roofs.

These homes are more commonly known as chocolate box cottages because they are beautiful to be used as images in candy packages. Mr. Neville-Jones said that these properties are what helped them during the challenging times because their popularity did not waiver despite the recession.

Majority of thatched cottages have modest sizes thus they are more affordable in comparison to larger properties found in the country. Many of them can be purchased at less than a million pound. This price bracket is the performing well in the United Kingdom for this type of property.

Last year, the average price of cottages in the country which includes both thatched and not has increased by 4.1 per cent.

According to the director of a real estate agency, Bruce King, many buyers who are living in the city prefer country cottages because they are less maintenance compared to larger houses which can be intimidating at times.

Thatched cottages are now considered rare because many roofs and roof replacement in Sydney and United Kingdom are made of tiles and bricks. These cottages on the other hand are limited since there is only 60,000 of them left in a country populated by more than 64 million people.