Busch Vacuum Pumps Promote Energy Efficiency

During the recently held ComVac2017, which was conducted in Germany last month, many companies from the vacuum pump, industry have joined the event and highlighted their respective new line-up of new products. It was also an event for companies to introduce new trends and technologies that are useful in their industry. One of the products that shined the brightest were the Busch vacuum pumps.  This year, Busch switches its attention towards focusing on promoting energy efficiency with the recent development of a new line up of vacuum technologies and solutions that will enable its loyal customers around the world from all industries to conserve energy and eventually, cut down unnecessary expenses. And as expected, Busch, being one of the leaders in providing the best vacuum solutions, had already announced their new products during the expo which was held at Hannover Messe. Aside from informing attendees about their new products for this year and beyond, Busch also provided an in-depth insight into their complete product selection.


Busch firmly believes in the importance of looking at the entire production process for them to come up with viable ways to significantly reduce the energy that is required during production and essentially, cut down operational costs. And because of this belief, the company is now offering Busch vacuum pumps and vacuum options that can be used for the purpose of heat recovery which eventually, can vastly helpful in improving the overall demand-based control of said vacuum pumps. In addition to this, Busch is also in the process of designing centralized vacuum systems depending on the requirements that have been handed out to them by customers. In fact, more and more of their clients are getting the hang of using centralized vacuum pumping systems for their respective business. This is of the mere fact that when you have a more centralized vacuum system in your building, the lesser number of vacuum pumps you will be needing to install and manage and eventually, it will lead to you paying less for vacuum pumps. In addition to this, having a centralized system allows customers to store vacuum systems in a separate room, which eliminates the noise and heat away from work places.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Tech