Business Trips Getting Stretched Out To Leisure

According to a study by Luth Research, a tourism research firm, the business travelers that extend business trips with recreation are an increasing segment in the global travel market.

Results from the study

The study that was commissioned by the Expedia Media Solutions revealed that about 43 percent of the business trips in the United States are combined with some leisure days, with a lot of trips that last for at least four days.

According to Candice Rab, who is Luth Research’s senior vice-president for latest products and business development, some American business travelers that are participating in team buildings, client meetings, conferences or conventions want to extend trips to leisure since about 60 percent of them do not have normal holidays.

Additionally, 66 percent of the business travelers lean towards spending extra money on recreational activities. Around 84 percent of leisure trips are done in a similar city as that business trip, and 84 percent of these travelers also remain in that similar hotel.

Money on leisure activities

Destinations are the primary research topic and top decisions, with restaurant scene and sightseeing as main influences.

The study indicated that 85 percent of these trips were for sightseeing, 63 percent at the beaches, and 57 percent for food. The top 5 cities for these business leisure trips are in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York.

Attending events is also adding to the leisure time, with 86 percent going to cultural or festive events, 76 percent to sporting events, and 64 percent to music concerts.

The experts of Luth Research mentioned that even though this study centred primarily on the business leisure travels in the United States, the business traveler behaviour in other parts in the world is the same with American peers.

Summing up

With the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and the Tourism Authority of Thailand honing in on the meeting, incentive, convention and exhibition (MICE) travelers, the tourism and hospitality sectors, regardless if that is a business of a hotel near BTS Sala Daeng or in other parts of Bangkok, are going to benefit from this especially that, based from TCEB, a Mice traveler’s average spending is three times greater compared to other tourist types.