Say Goodbye To Bed Sores With Innovative Bed sheet

We might have to say good bye to bed sores in the near future because of the product developed by a local startup. Their bed sheet comes with sensors as well as a tiny computer. This coming summer, the sheets are going to under trial at health care facilities located in Toronto and Waterloo Region. You might be used to buy bedsheet in Bangkok because of the design but this new innovation is something else entirely.

A number of sensors will be equipped inside the sheet and everyone is 1.5 millimeters small. The sensors’ responsibility is to track the pressure on each part of the person’s body. It can also check the humidity and the temperature.

The technology used on the bed sheets is referred to as Ceylon Systems. The startup company is Kitchener and they are the ones who made the prototype. According to the co-CEO and founder, Zied Etleb, Curiato Inc. is processing the permit from Health Canada which is required before they can start the trial.

It was 2015 when Curiato was established by students from University of Waterloo namely Etleb, Khan and Moazam together with the chief business development officer of the company, Matthew Sefati. The three students are graduates of science degrees from the university. They originally planned to go to medical school but they established the startup first.

Etleb was taking his undergrad degree when he found out that the average cost of treating a bed sore is worth $45,000. Not to mention the pain that the patient has to go through.

Etleb said that it should not be the case because bed sores can be prevented if the pressure is distributed correctly.

With the Ceylon Systems, it can be used to cover the hospital beds’ mattresses while connected to a power supply. The sheet will be able to track in real time thus helping caregivers determine if bedsores are to appear thus prevention is possible. The best thing about it is that the data can be tracked through a mobile device.

While it is good to buy bedsheet in Bangkok, it is worth using this new innovative sheet if you have a bedridden patient at home.

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Researchers Release Paper On Illegal Orchid Trade

A research paper talked about the large-scale commercial illegal trade of orchids across the world is a problem that is a problem for Thailand orchids wholesale, one that is plaguing the world’s flower market, but one that is not dealt with properly.

Orchids are one of the world’s largest plant families. Officially, they see a lot of protection and conservation, and orchids see a lot of use, from ornamentation, to medicine. As a result of their myriad of uses, the global orchid trade sees a lot of activity, with most of it down with legal, greenhouse-grown specimens for safety and conservation.

However, as a result of the demand for orchids, there is also illegal trade of the plants happening, which, naturally, does not go through the necessary checks the legal trade has, which has recently come under notice from the world, driving concern for the state of orchids everywhere.

The paper, which was published by a research group formed by the IUCN Species Survival Commission’s Orchid Specialist Group, specifically, the group’s Office 1 of the Global Trade Programme, was published via the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society.

The paper emphasized that a lot could and should be done to protect orchids from illegal, environmentally harmful and unsustainable trade, with Lancaster University’s Dr. Jacob Phelps saying that orchids see a lot of uses in the world, but illegal commercial trade goes unreported, and, consequently, unnoticed. Many people, he adds, erroneously think of orchids as only ornamental, but he states a fact that any Thailand orchids wholesale shop would know; that orchids are also used for food products, cosmetics and medicine.

According to Dr. Phelps the paper gives a view into the global orchid black market, which, naturally has effects on legitimate sales across the world, as well as the environmental and conservation issues that would be associated with such.

The review was taken and studied in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), in Geneva back in late November, and the researchers asking governments to deal with the issues plaguing the orchid plant group.

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To Be Successful In Business, Learn Social Media Marketing

There are so many things you can do on the Internet. You can use it to market goods or services, while you learn social media marketing by concentrating on some topics and techniques that feed your mind with proper knowledge. In fact, it is not easy to find the best social media marketing course, especially if you have not considered a niche to specialize on.

It’s really important to think about what kind of methods you want to master for your business’s success. You need to be excited, feeling great and motivated to work really hard to become a decent professional of social media marketing. It may take a while for you to do the right thing, be recommended with a lot to try on, make the most of it, and stick with it until you become the best.

If you want to learn social media marketing and know the various methods and sites to embrace it, you can successfully market online. You will learn that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, bookmarking sites, forums, are all helpful especially if you do video marketing and article marketing. There are many possibilities out there, you will just have to pick out the right niche for your business. You may also want to venture into the PayPerClick (PPC), which is paid advertising to target potential consumers and business partners. If you are on a budget, you should first start with social media networking sites for your massive marketing campaign.

There are so many free courses offered online where you can learn social media marketing fast. Ensure you devote yourself to developing and learning first, and once you made the commitment, doors start to open and will stay open for a long time. You also need to acquire specific capabilities so you have an edge over your competitors.

Ensure you learn something every day from the social media marketing course. Teach yourself to become better than other marketers out there. If you learn social media marketing the right way, you’ll definitely soar high with your business. You can make things happen and succeed if you become a top-notched social media marketer. Another good way to learn is to take it from people who are now successful marketers.

Make sure to learn something every day, so that you can definitely have some distance between the other marketers out there. By picking the right Social Media Marketing course, you’ll have some distance. Actually, competition doesn’t really exist, because everybody has the same possibility to make something happen, and it’s just a question of how badly you want to succeed, to become better than the average social media marketer. Another good recommendation is to study people that are already successful.

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Tips In Choosing Conference Meeting Venues In Bangkok

The venue of an event contributes a lot to the activity’s success or failure. For instance, if your venue is isolated, your target participants may hesitate to attend the event and this would mean not sending your message across effectively to your targets. There is a lot of conference meeting venues in Bangkok for you to choose from. All it takes is a little research and identifying the aspects that make a perfect venue. Here are some ideas.


A conducive venue means that it has all the facilities that promote excellent presentations and healthy discussions. The venue should have an excellent sound system, facilities for audio visual presentations such as LCD projectors, white board and areas where manila paper or workshop outputs can be posted.


Your participants will have a hard time absorbing ideas if the venue is hot, noisy or if it is just too small for them. Thus, choose one of those conference meeting venues in Bangkok with comfortable seats and chairs that can be arranged based on the activity design. The usual seating arrangements for meetings and conferences include classroom, U shape, boardroom and theatre arrangements. The venue should have the right temperature and should not be too cold to bother the participants or too hot to make them feel uncomfortable.


Look for a venue that is located in Bangkok’s popular commercial district in order for your participants to make it on time and also for them to encourage to attend the activity because of its accessibility. It should be located near major transportation systems and can be accessed without much difficulty. It would also be an advantage if the venue offers a parking space for its guests.


When choosing among conference meeting venues in Bangkok, pick one that offers more value for your money and one that is reasonably priced. Ask for cost estimates to get an idea on the average costs of venues and to determine which of the service providers are eager to respond to you within 24 hours. Choose a venue that has available catering to lessen your preparations.

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Boxes Overflowing In Recycle Centers After The Holidays

Online shopping last month has reached a new record as companies handling recycling of cardboard boxes revealed that they are swamped because of the huge amount they have collected. According to an estimate by the United States Portal Service, they are going to handle a 10 per cent increase in packages for the year 2017 in comparison to the year before. Amazon is known to be the top online site for shopping and the company has shipped over five billion of orders in 2017 for their Prime members alone. The amount of cardboard from packages as well as cheap boxes for moving is a big challenge when it comes to recycling.

In Burbank Recycle Center series of trucks are arriving to deliver the recycling they have collected. Their recycling facility is located close to Los Angeles. One of the residents, Natasha Gagarin, visited the facility with an SUV full of empty boxes and she estimates it to be more than 200 pieces.

She is a mom to four kids and during holiday season, which is the busiest of the year, she opted for a more convenient route by ordering online instead of going to physical stores to do the shopping herself. Gagarin said that all of her orders were made in Amazon.

In a data from Amazon in 2017, they utilized 6,000 trucks as well as 32 planes in order to deliver packages to their Prime Members in the United States.

The recycling coordinator assigned for Burbank city is KreighHampel and he said that he has witnessed an incredible increase in the number of cardboard boxes. He described it to be a tsunami of boxes and the holiday season means that everything increased between five and ten per cent.

Hampel said that there is a complicated process involved in recycling. These boxes from packaging and cheap boxes for moving are sorted then these are bundled to be placed in containers so they can be transported to China. This is where the boxes are placed in water to remove staples before they are created into new boxes.

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Pickup Truck Trend To Go Back In 2018

It’s time to check out the free classifieds L.A. because according to experts, 2018 will be the year that pickup trucks are coming back. One of the proofs is the recent launching by General Motors of their new pickup model, the Chevrolet Silverado.

There are many rumors about the rise of shared mobility as well as robo-taxis but the auto show held in Detroit proved otherwise. In fact, there was one thing that stole the show and it was the full sized pickup trucks – the traditional vehicles known for being profitable.

Manufacturers of automobiles in Detroit regard large pickup trucks as their franchise. These are the star of the companies.

Following the footsteps of General Motors, the 2019 Ram 1500 manufactured by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is also going to be launched to the public next month during the North American International Auto Show to be held in Detroit. GM revelation was held in Texas and there the people were able to witness the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado. The company said that more information is going to be released regarding the model.

Some might be wondering why there is so much buzz when it comes to pickups. Aside from the fact that these two, the Chevy Silverado and the Ford F-150, are to best selling in the country, they are also considered to be very profitable by the respective companies.

The auto analyst of Citigroup, ItayMichaeli, conducted a presentation to their investors last year and he said that every pickup truck sold by General Motors is earning them a profit around $11,000 while selling an SUV or a crossover will only give automakers a profit between $500 and $1,000. When they sell an average passenger automobile, the company actually loses a few hundred in the process.

Last month, a full sized pickup truck sells for $47,393 which is higher by $400 compared to the previous year.   If you calculate everything, the total price can be $60,000 or above. For people wanting to sport a pickup truck next year but can’t afford the brand new ones, free classifieds L.A. has a lot of secondhand pickup trucks for sale.

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This Year’s Extreme Sailing Series Won By SAP Team

During the final stretches of the competition, the wind seems to be teasing the anxious teams as it comes in only enough time for them to complete three scoring races. During the closing race which is double points, the Danes are already assured of their victory but there is still competition between two participants – Oman Air and Alinghi. They both desire to be the first winner of the Mexican Extreme Sailing Series Act. Aspiring sailors who wish to be in next year’s competition should train under RYA & ASA sailing courses in order to sharpen their skills.

RasmusKostner, the co-skipper of the SAP Extreme Sailing Team, was very ecstatic during the competition because the occasion means a great deal to them. It will be the first win for him under Stadium Racing championship since he started to compete in five years ago.

Kostner was very happy saying that it has been their long time goal to win in the event thus it prompted them to start the project in the first place. He was celebrating along with Jes Gram-Hansen, a fellow co-skipper and also their team coach, Adam Minoprio in the helm, Pierluigi de Felice as the headsail trimmer, Richard Mason, bowman and Mads Emil Stephenson, trimmer as well as grinder.

Kostner added that it was a momentous journey for them and a great achievement for the entire team. He proud of their hard work and they were finally able to attain their goal. Aside from the victory of the team, another reason for them to celebrate was after receiving the Zhik Speed Machine Trophy because they have the highest speed during the Act which was a record 33.7 knots.

Oman Air and Alinghi’s race was the last event of the day and it was a very close fight. In the end, the Swiss won over the Omani syndicate which guaranteed them the victory for Act 8. Sailors wishing to be in league with these winners and participants should enroll at RYA & ASA sailing courses in order to be mentored by experienced teachers.

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