Things To Consider In Buying Phuket Property For Sale 

Some people think that just because they have the money, they are already ready to buy a Phuket Property for Sale. But in reality, there are some things to consider in order to get the right property that is suitable to your needs and of course, to your budget. Making a poor choice may render the property worthless or unenjoyable. To ensure that you will not waste your time and resources on the property, take a look at these points.

Consider your property needs

There are different types of real estate properties in Phuket. You can find condo units, apartments that are already fully furnished, villas, beach houses, residential lots and many more. To narrow your choice, consider what you intend to do with the property. Determine if you need a summer home, a retirement home or a lot that you can develop into a beach resort. The purpose of your buying the property will determine the size of the property that you will look for and buy. Consider if you want to rent out the property when you are not using it or if you want to develop it into something bigger.

Pick your location

There are Phuket Property for Sale that are located in the mountain area while there are those that are situated along the beach. Consider which is more preferable to you although there are properties that enjoy both the proximity of mountains and the sea. No matter where the location of the property is, whether it is along the mountains or the beach, you can be sure that you will enjoy the view of both areas. You just have to put into consideration that the location of the property will have a bearing on its price. Properties along the coastline of Phuket can be more expensive than the mountain area.  To get more information about properties around Phuket, talk with a reputable real estate property agent.

Consult a property agent

If you are a foreign national, it would be best to consult a real estate property before you purchase a Phuket Property for Sale. This is not just advisable for foreign nationals but even the locals should consult an expert to get the best property without breaking the bank. You can also opt to consult a lawyer to ensure that you are going through the process legally.

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HP’s New Technology to change how Identification Cards are printed

Aside from employee identification cards, companies face the challenge of printing hundreds of thousands of visitor badges or guest cards. In many instances, large amounts of paper, plastics and ink are wasted on the plastic card printer. HP Labs has recognized the challenge by introducing a new hybrid printing technology that will change the distribution of employee ID’s, visitors passes, gate passes and temporary passes.

In order to enhance of efficiency of plastic card printing, HP developed a technology called IonTouch which is a cross between the traditional plastic card printer and e-ink technology. Information on the plastic identification cards can be rewritten so that they can be reused by other individuals after card expiration instead of being thrown away to the landfills.

HP’s proprietary technology replaces the traditional ID card printer with the IonTouch Imager that has the capability to write and re-write on a 2.5 inch 300 x 300 pixel display for up to 10,000 times. The surface of the display has the capability for either black or white content or 16 levels of grayscale. The technology is not yet that advanced for color but sufficient enough since most of the HP printer’s use involves employee badges, visitor passes and hotel guest cards.

When the IonTouch system is used, the visitor’s pass can be printed on the spot with his name and contact information including a photo and other additional details like the time of appointment and the name of the person that will be visited. Compared to e-ink and digital displays that costs about $50 per card, HP rewritable display will cost the company a few cents.

Another benefit gained from the HP rewritable display is the lack of power draw to hold rewritable content. When special marks and codes are required on the plastic cards for security reasons and to avoid duplication, you only need to switch to non-permanent ink. Since the plastic identification cards are reusable, it reduces plastic waste disposed on the landfills.

Since the only way with which information can be changed is through the IonTouch Imager, another layer of protection is added to the cards making them very secure. HP technology is very important for businesses that make use of plastic identification cards.


Warning To Consumers Raised Against Extra Mile Movers

The removalist company under fire is based in Sydney and is claiming to offer their clients with a five star service. The NSW Fair Trading recently announced a warning to the general public against the company because it has already received around 70 complaints and one of their clients is said to be suffering major damages amounting to $30,000.

The warning was issued by Fair Trading and it tells consumers not to transact with Extra Mile Movers which is a removalist company that services locally and interstates. They are based in the southwestern part of Sydney in Chipping Norton.

According to Rod Stowe, the commissioner of Fair Trading, they have received many complaints regarding company Extra Mile Movers. Consumers said that their services are slow or partial and there are cases where they do not deliver the service expected of them which is unlike reputable removalists in Sydney. There are also clients who complained regarding damages to their property and some belongings that were lost during the moving process. The company demands to be paid more than the agreed amount and does not follow the price as stated on the contract.

Stowe added that despite the complaints coming from the clients, the company did not perform any countermeasures to compensate for the problem they have caused which is why they decided to refer the issue to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Last December, the watchdog of the consumer was able to gather 12 complaints directed to the company Extra Mile Movers thus they were included in the Complaints Register of the Fair Trading for that particular month.

Maria shared her experience with the company in June of 2016. There were damages inflicted to her household items amounting to $30,000 but up to this time the company was not able to send her any form of compensation.

Maria said that she did not expect removalists in Sydney to behave in such manner but she was appalled by the way Extra Mile Movers handled her property without care or any type of consideration.


Using Mindfulness To Ensure Worker Safety

Safety first‘ is an oft-stated phrase throughout business all over the world, and its use becomes more ubiquitous in any industry where danger is less a chance encounter and more a looming shadow, like in fields that frequently deal with high-risk operations, such as chemical manufacturing. Regardless, in any field, companies spend tens of thousands ensuring the safety of their workers through training, equipment and the like.

But Joe Burton, CEO and founder of While, a digital wellbeing company, many companies are forgetting the simple fact that most accidents tend to be the result of one thing being off: the human element. He believes that making sure employees know how to learn mindfulness is a very good way to stave off accidents from the workplace.

To prove his point, Mr. Burton did a quick poll with his audience when he spoke at the Best Practices (BP) for Chemicals event, which was held in Houston this month thanks to being hosted by SAP. During his keynote address, he asked his audience who was suffering from back pains. Then he asked who suffered from insomnia. And then, to cap it off, he asked who was suffering from stress. The audience who raised their hands to show they suffered from the three were notable; close to one-third for the first two, and then practically every member of the audience for the last one.

There are many things that can lead to workplace stress, but, regardless, the problem of stress is one that leads to distraction and exhaustion, which presents a very real, and very dangerous issue. According to Burton, studies point out that a bad night of sleep can slow down a person’s motor skills by a whole 3 seconds, which can lead to a myriad of costly injuries out in the workplace.

With more people trying to figure out how to learn mindfulness as a countermeasure to stress, mindfulness is becoming a big thing in the workplace. Whil’s smartphone app allows workers to work on their mindfulness, with over 200 programs designed to quiet the mind, in order for workers to focus on their tasks and reduce the chance of accidents in the workplace occurring.

He states that utility companies have discovered that most of the workplace accidents that happen in their field happen in calmer situations and good conditions, since workers aren’t as alert and as focused as, say, during a storm.


Tips For Effective Shipping With Australian International Couriers

Some people think that sending parcels to international destinations are costly. This might be true for other courier companies, but there are Australian international couriers that offer services at affordable rates. Sometimes, all it takes is a good research to find the right company that will not rob the money out of your pockets. While it is easy to send parcels within the country, sending packages to another country can be more meticulous since you need to abide by international shipping laws. To ensure that your parcel will not encounter any issues along the process, take a look at these tips.

Observe courier policies

Before you seal your parcel and send it off to the shipping company, visit the website of the company where you intend to get your shipping services from. Read the courier’s policies and find out what items are prohibited to send from Australia including the items that are prohibited to enter in the country where your recipient is. Some prohibited items under the Australian law are live/dead animals, flammable items or aerosols, human remains or body fluid, items considered dangerous, ivory products, items that are considered as contraband and many more. Make sure to declare the contents of your package.

Ask for online quotes

Shipping rates vary from one courier company to another. Some fees or rates may be added as they are deemed necessary by the company during the shipping process. To determine the exact amount that you are going to spend for your shipping, ask for cost estimates from at least 3 service providers. When you fill out the online quote form, provide the right weight, length, width and height of your parcel. Keep your measurements accurate so for the Australian international couriers to give you the nearest cost estimate possible to the actual shipping costs.

Make use of the courier’s tracking system service

It usually takes a few days for Australian international couriers to ship the packages. To monitor the location and status of your package, make use of the online tracking system service offered by the courier company.


Spotless CEO Claims Bid Is Not A Prospect

Downer EDI’s massive takeover bid for Spotless shook headlines recently for a lot of reasons. One of them is how it would change the market for office cleaning in Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia. With AU$1.27 B worth of cash backing that bid, a lot of people took notice. Except the Spotless Group itself it seems.

At least, that’s what the chief executive of Spotless, Mr. Martin Sheppard, says. He recently claimed that the Spotless Group is currently focused on playing to their strategy. Mr. Sheppard states that Spotless has secured extensions to some notable contracts in the health industry. Included in this list is a four-year extension to a partnership with hospital operator Healthscope, involving linen and laundry all over the country.

The executive claims that the Spotless group is the representation of a massive amount of combined contract revenues from across the country over a time span of five years amounting to around $210 M. With additional contracts this year, that value spikes to an impressive $300M.

Spotless is currently under contract to the Alfred Hospital and Healthscope. For the former, it acts as provider for several key aspects of the hospital; cleaning, food, security, grounds and garden maintenance, among other things. For the latter, it’s contracted for linen rental and laundry service provider for 31 Healthscope hospitals across the country.

The bid from Downer EDI, representing an interest of $1.15/share was made more than a week past, but Spotless has been under pressure from investors seeking to accept the deal, though the offer included an equity raising that wasn’t really met with positive reception.

According to Mr. Sheppard, the Spotless executives need time to consider the offer.

He states that the company had recently mobilized staff to Queensland to assist people that have been affect by the recent rough weather and floods of Cyclone Debbie. He adds that the company had been securing its site and taking care of their customers. And that the company have been looking over their shoulder with the bid.

Spotless provides a wide range of services, from office cleaning in Melbourne, to catering in Sydney, among other things.


Importance Of Exclusivity In Corporate Events

Hosting a corporate event can be rather difficult and stressful but if you put some efforts at preparation and planning, all the hard work will pay off in the end. However, how can you be assured that the investment of hard work and planning will make an event successful? Guaranteeing that a conference will be successful is an impossible undertaking; however, focus on certain aspects will increase the possibility of having an event that you will fondly remember.

If you plan for a corporate event wherein anyone can attend, it is very unlikely for the attendees to feel special. Many people will surely attend an open invite but the event loses its exclusivity. When the invitations are issued to a limited number of people, there will be a feeling of exclusivity among the guests.

One example of a highly exclusive event is Smart Group’s Twickenham Rugby hospitality package that takes place in a venue adjacent to stadium. The event boasts of the presence of English rugby legend Martin Johnson.

On the other hand, if you want an exclusive event without the presence of a celebrity, you can opt for 111 Minna Gallery in California. This is the venue of choice of Google, Microsoft, Facebook and similar companies because of its 500-person capacity and modern, artistic décor. It will be a treat to your guests to be invited in an event held in the venue where legendary tech products are launched.

Another way to ensure that your event will be for VIP’s only is to invite the right people. Guests will have genuine enthusiasm for your brand and will spread the word to give your event a legendary status. It also makes sense to provide the attendees with first class service, best food, best drinks and quality entertainment. Your guests will enjoy a boost in their self-esteem because they gained the best treatment.

All your expectations will be exceeded when you work with conference management to manage your event from concept to completion. Outstanding value and results can be expected because of the high level of experience, flexibility, personalized service and attention to detail from the event managers.