Elon Musk Hinting At Vegan Interiors For Tesla Models

The world’s been moving to embrace green technology, with people now more conscious of the environment as a whole. From building materials, foodstuffs to car parts and Car Seat Covers, people are now looking for more environmentally friendly materials and technology. For this reason, the Tesla automotive brand has become popular, with the electric vehicles selling across the world.

And now, more ‘vegan’ drivers might have reason to embrace the brand further, as, during the 2018 annual shareholder meeting, ┬áCEO Elon Musk stated that the brand’s team is currently working on veganizing the Car Seat Covers and interiors, and assured the attendees to the event that the upcoming Tesla Model Y will not have any leather in it.

The discussion regarding the Tesla brands’ interiors was started by a representative from PETA, Dr. Katherine van Ekert, who inquired to Musk as to whether or not Tesla still used leather in manufacturing its automobiles. She then expressed that animal welfare group is pleased that auto manufacturer introduced non-leather options for its seats, but added that PETA would like to see the automobile company to embrace a fully vegan model, forgoing using leather from the steering wheel.

Musk stated that the company is still using leather for its Model 3, S and X vehicles, as well as the steering wheel trims, though he assured the audience that the company is working on finding suitable and reliable cruelty-free alternatives. He says that the delay towards creating a completely vegan car stems from the company’s exceptionally high standards, with the CEO claiming that he would not introduce a vegan textile unless it’s proven to be just as reliable as the current materials, if not more so

Tesla’s CEO pointed out that ‘off-menu’ options were available for customers looking to personalize themselves a ‘fully vegan car’. Dr. Ekert, however, continued to probe the businessman, pointing towards other luxury car brands, like Ferrari, who have already embrace the use of synthetic materials in their vehicles.

In response, Musk presented a teaser for the upcoming Model Y, which says that the new Tesla model will not have leather in it, including its steering wheel, ending with the question of whether or not the Model Y will even have a steering wheel.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Company