Warning To Consumers Raised Against Extra Mile Movers

The removalist company under fire is based in Sydney and is claiming to offer their clients with a five star service. The NSW Fair Trading recently announced a warning to the general public against the company because it has already received around 70 complaints and one of their clients is said to be suffering major damages amounting to $30,000.

The warning was issued by Fair Trading and it tells consumers not to transact with Extra Mile Movers which is a removalist company that services locally and interstates. They are based in the southwestern part of Sydney in Chipping Norton.

According to Rod Stowe, the commissioner of Fair Trading, they have received many complaints regarding company Extra Mile Movers. Consumers said that their services are slow or partial and there are cases where they do not deliver the service expected of them which is unlike reputable removalists in Sydney. There are also clients who complained regarding damages to their property and some belongings that were lost during the moving process. The company demands to be paid more than the agreed amount and does not follow the price as stated on the contract.

Stowe added that despite the complaints coming from the clients, the company did not perform any countermeasures to compensate for the problem they have caused which is why they decided to refer the issue to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Last December, the watchdog of the consumer was able to gather 12 complaints directed to the company Extra Mile Movers thus they were included in the Complaints Register of the Fair Trading for that particular month.

Maria shared her experience with the company in June of 2016. There were damages inflicted to her household items amounting to $30,000 but up to this time the company was not able to send her any form of compensation.

Maria said that she did not expect removalists in Sydney to behave in such manner but she was appalled by the way Extra Mile Movers handled her property without care or any type of consideration.


Tips For Effective Shipping With Australian International Couriers

Some people think that sending parcels to international destinations are costly. This might be true for other courier companies, but there are Australian international couriers that offer services at affordable rates. Sometimes, all it takes is a good research to find the right company that will not rob the money out of your pockets. While it is easy to send parcels within the country, sending packages to another country can be more meticulous since you need to abide by international shipping laws. To ensure that your parcel will not encounter any issues along the process, take a look at these tips.

Observe courier policies

Before you seal your parcel and send it off to the shipping company, visit the website of the company where you intend to get your shipping services from. Read the courier’s policies and find out what items are prohibited to send from Australia including the items that are prohibited to enter in the country where your recipient is. Some prohibited items under the Australian law are live/dead animals, flammable items or aerosols, human remains or body fluid, items considered dangerous, ivory products, items that are considered as contraband and many more. Make sure to declare the contents of your package.

Ask for online quotes

Shipping rates vary from one courier company to another. Some fees or rates may be added as they are deemed necessary by the company during the shipping process. To determine the exact amount that you are going to spend for your shipping, ask for cost estimates from at least 3 service providers. When you fill out the online quote form, provide the right weight, length, width and height of your parcel. Keep your measurements accurate so for the Australian international couriers to give you the nearest cost estimate possible to the actual shipping costs.

Make use of the courier’s tracking system service

It usually takes a few days for Australian international couriers to ship the packages. To monitor the location and status of your package, make use of the online tracking system service offered by the courier company.


The Annual Internet Report By Mary Meeker

Perhaps one of the most anticipated digital reports every year is the Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends. This particular reception from the public just confirms that there is indeed a significant growth in advertising. Meeker runs some digital investments for Silicon Valley venture firm and she releases a yearly comprehensive breakdown of the entire landscape of the web.

Most advertising agencies and professionals engaged in digital advertising are waiting for this report. Oliver Wood, owner of Digital Monopoly is among the hundreds of professionals who are eagerly waiting for the article. Mary Meeker focuses in the report how people around the globe use the Internet, how many people are using mobile phones, how they surf the internet and which industries as well as companies that benefit from customer behavior.

Here is why you should focus more in digital and in going mobile:

  • The use of mobile internet has grown faster compared to internet usage. There are about 2.8 billion users of the internet. This figure is up by 8 percent from last year and there are 2.1 billion internet users of mobile phones. The latter shows a growth of 23 percent.
  • The data use for mobile phones went up by 69 percent from last year and it is equally important to note that about 55 percent of the data traffic downloaded through mobile phones is videos.
  • Seven years ago, it was reported that Americans spend about 20 minutes per day with the mobile Web. This year though, on an average, Americans spend almost three hours on the internet.
  • The mobile advertisement industry is still short though of $25 billion. The mobile industry commands more than 20 percent of time spent by consumers on media but only accounts for 8 percent of advertisement dollars spending.

Twitter and Facebook continue to grow but not in the same pace as they used to. Accordingly, monthly user increase and revenue per account user is slowing down. The revenue per Facebook user is about $9 which is up by 29 percent from last year. However, it is to be noted that the growth last year almost reached 60 percent.


The Right Strategy For Content Marketing

I met these guys from Perth-Web-Design.com.au shared with us their insights from the 3-day workshop they attended in Sydney last week. I was inspired by the discussion that it why I am posting here some of the most relevant ideas. The only way with which content marketing can be considered successful is when it can be tracked back to revenue.

Many Australian brands have shifted to content marketing and the Australian conference has made it more relevant. Australian brands that include Bupa, Tourism Australia, Flight Centre, ANZ Bank, Domain and AMP are proof that Australia is finally catching up with American and European counterparts.

Australian content marketers, brand journalists and international experts have gathered for a Content Marketing World workshop to listen to some insights regarding content marketing. Geraint Holliman who is director of strategy at DIRECTIONSGROUP in the UK spoke eloquently on the reasons why marketers have to stop on focusing on the volume and frequency of content. Modern day marketing has literally turned content creation into a modern day marketing sweatshop. Discipline must be observed by content marketers by ensuring that only relevant, timely and compelling content is created.

Andrew Davis who is Brandscaping author shared the idea that marketers should narrow their focus to niche category. He chastised the scatter approach used by marketers. Most audiences do not want to hear from a brand throughout the day but it is important to assure that the brand will always be there when it needed. Mr. Davis tackled the problem by suggesting that marketers make appointments with their audience for two minutes every week. This should be enough so that the audience will be not be saturated by too much content.

Content marketers should also stop focusing on meaningless metrics and forget about the popular analytics that includes website traffic and click-through rates. Mr. Davis further stressed that the focus should be on how many people are opting out of newsletters and other content lists. These are more relevant to the bottom line.

According to Robert Rose of Content Marketing, that success of a content program should be based on business objectives. Having a good following in Twitter and Instagram should not be perceived as content marketing success unless it can be tracked back to revenue.