Mattress Recycling Initiative

Before the year 2015 ends, the state of California has joined forces with two other states in an initiative to recycle second hand mattresses as well as box springs. The program was termed as Bye Bye Mattress and it will help residents from California to leave their old mattresses into the designated collection sites that are part of the program. Selected recycling facilities also participated as drop-off points. These drop-off transactions are all free.

If you are living in Idyllwild, the closest collection point wherein you could leave your used mattresses and box springs is the CR&R waste site which is located in Perris. The address is 1760 Goetz Road. If you want to know more about other collection points, check out the list at

Local residents who are interested to participate may also leave their used mattresses at the Idyllwild Transfer Station. According to the senior regional vice president of CR&R, Alex Braicovich, the waste site does not have the means to recycle the mattresses at the site but it will still participate as a collection point for free of charge.

This recycling initiative, Bye Bye Mattress, is the brainchild of the Mattress Recycling Council which is a nonprofit organization. This was established by the mattress industry itself in order to develop as well as lead all the recycling program that is required by the law announced last 2013.

According to a statement released by the president of Mattress Recycling Council, Ryan Trainer, the program itself is a cost-effective way in order to answer the long standing problem. The program which was started in California was made possible with the use of the waste-collection sites that are already in operation.

As of today, the program has around 40 solid-waste sites that are included in the list of participating collection points. The Council is expecting that the number will continue to rise in the early months of 2016. The Council is also working to create partnerships with hotels and mattress retailers and universities in order to divert their used mattresses to the program instead of the solid-waste stream.

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The New Breed Of Young Investors In Perth

A new breed of first homebuyers known as the “rentvestors” is taking advantage of the bargain property market in Perth. They are seeking their first home purchase in investment properties in Perth where the property market is not that expensive.

About 25 percent of the first homebuyers in west Australia are purchasing their first home properties as investment properties. This is the highest recorded rate in the country according to the report from Mortgage Choice. The attraction comes in a “rentvesting strategy”. This particular strategy sees the younger people to continue living in rental properties while at the same time becoming the landlords of them- this is the fastest growing trend in the new generation of buyers.

The director of Graham Joyce said that the trend is driven by the desire of the younger buyers to acquire homes that are close to the city but at the same time get their foot as well in the market. The place that they might be able to afford to invest in does not necessarily mean the place that they want to live as most young people want to live close to the place where they work or close to the city. However, they can only afford a house that is further out of the city. It is for this reason that they opt to rent properties. By renting a property while at the same time also investing, they can fulfill their suburb dream and at the same time also earn money on their investment property. With the prices down on rents, today is the best time to jump into this strategy.

The director of M Residential said that while most of the young investors are able to negatively gear their own properties, it is often cheaper for them to take the path of investment before actually purchasing their dream house. The director stressed that savvy buyers would make calculations first and compare their costs as owner occupiers in contrast to investors. The current generation is deemed to be investment focused and most of the young people want to create a portfolio first before acquiring a dream home. It is also for this reason that rentals of granny flats WA are also on the rise.


Russians Heavily Investing In The Property Market In Greece

Over the last few years, news about the country Greece has been very dire. The country is now on the verge of bankruptcy. However, despite the downward spiraling of the economic conditions in the country, the real estate industries where the properties are purchased are at a very healthy rate. The primary foreign investors in Greece are the Russians.

Why invest in Greece? There is a twofold reason why people invest in properties in Greece: prices for the luxury properties in Greece have dropped significantly by 50 percent since the year 2009 and the Russian investors are also looking for locations to invest their money away from current economic crisis in their own country in order to protect their holdings. The relationship between Greece and Russia is very strong with a $2.27 billion gas pipeline that is being built to supply the Greeks with gas from Russia. For this reason, it will not be a surprise why Russian investors in particular are taking interest in properties in Greece where they have also invested heavily in the last few years like they have in Europe and across the US.

Low Prices Continues to Fuel Investment in the Country

Since the third quarter in the year 2008, the overall price in the real estate industry in Greece has lowered down by an average of at least 40 percent. You will not anymore be surprised why Russian investors are looking at Greece as an excellent opportunity and are looking forward to get out of their current economic condition. However, there are still investors coming from other countries that are skeptical about investing in Greece as there is a proposition that the country may be thwarted out of the Eurozone. Russian investors on the other hand have demonstrated a greater determination to place their money in the Greek real estate market despite the impending fears of a collapse.

Real Estate and Recession

Despite the foreign Russian investors coming in Greece and investing heavily on the property sector, the real estate market as a whole still continues to decline since the government also raised the property taxes in order to meet the budget of the country. Additionally, the prices of apartments fell by at least 5 percent during the second quarter of this year which is again a bad sign for the Greek economy.

Though the property sector in Greece is sliding down, the industry in other parts of Europe have promising signs of improvement and along with this, other companies engaged like suspended ceilings in Bedfordshire will also be doing well.


Acing Your Business Profits

Are you into business? Are you desperately seeking of ways to boost your sales? It is time that you launch yourself online. Getting your company in the internet will expand your market reach. Take for example, this business continues to sky rocket high when it comes to profit making because of the demand of the products as well as the availability of the products to challenging geographical locations.

During the holiday seasons, take advantage of the frenzy in the market. Strategize well in this season so you can boost your sales. Here are some things to keep in mind.

• Think more. When the customer is about to make the purchase, ask him if he might like an additional item as a gift for someone. Make a suggestion, take several items out and let the customer hold and see it.

• Get to know the customer. Make it a point to know something professional and personal when you are with a customer. You should build a rapport with them and create an environment that is pleasing. This way, they will feel that you genuinely care for them. If you build strong relationships with customers, they will continue to go back to your store even when it is not the holidays.

• Believe what you are selling. Ensure that your salesladies are equipped with the right knowledge regarding a product so that they will be confident in communicating what the product can do for the customer. In malls, there are several salespeople who clearly do not believe what they are selling. The customer can easily notice this in the body language and the facial expression of the salesperson. You need to train your marketing people how to sell your products effectively.

• Know what your customer is looking for. Do you have an idea what the goals of your customers are? Find out what the business and personal goals of your customers are. You can start by asking questions and then listen to their varied answers. During the holiday seasons, you might have something in mind with what your customer wants. Communicate with them openly and effectively.


Myanmar’s Code Of Conduct For The Garments Industry

People will continue to buy clothes no matter the conditions in the economy particularly with the unprecedented growth of online retail sites like TV Store online.

Most of the garments sold in retail stores are made from other countries where labor is cheaper. However, in Myanmar, there is a code of conduct that sets out responsible and ethical business practices for the garment industry. Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association represents around 300 companies and it aims to provide a benchmark for responsible business practices in the garments sector.

The code of conduct came at a time when Myanmar is opening the country as a manufacturing base. It is taking into account the concerns of factory workers as well as worker’s rights activists about poor working environments and low wages paid by employers. The code of conduct is considered as a first for Myanmar’s apparel exporters.

The current garment industry of Myanmar is growing with 300 companies employing from 150,000 to 250,000 workers. Based on reports, Myanmar garment exports exceeded US$1 billion in 2013-14 and makes up about 10% of the country’s overall exports. The country is preparing for more orders coming from Europe and the United States with a target of US$2 billion by 2016. The implementation of the Code of Conduct will address the concerns of international retailers on the health and safety of workers.

The SME’s for Environmental, Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency were launched for the SMART program in 2014 with European assistance. The aim of the Smart program is to support the sustainable production of garments that are “Made in Myanmar” and to strive for the increase in international competitiveness for the SME sector.
The organization realizes the challenges it will meet in implementing all the necessary changes in the factory level including the policy level that will encourage the industry to grow. SMART Myanmar knows that it will play an important role in the process because it has to ensure that the factory level can be showcased for other industrialists. SMART Myanmar will address the need for policy changes so that the organizations can achieve its goal. SMART Myanmar plans to holds dialogues with both Myanmar Garments Manufacturers Association and the Ministry of Commerce.


The Surprise Move By The Central Bank Of India

India made a move that surprised the market. It has cut the key interest rate for the second time this year. The central bank of India has lowered its policy repo rate by 25 basis points to 7.5% after making a similar cut in the middle of January. Repo rate means the level at which the central bank lends to commercial banks.

What was the reason for the surprise move?

The reason cited was a weaker economy. After the surprise move, the rupee rose by as much as 61.88 against the US dollar – the strongest since February. The benchmark BSE Sensex index rose by 1.4% to hit a record high of 30,010.91 for the first time ever since it reached the 30,000 mark. However, when the rates were cut in mid-January, economists have already predicted that it is the first of a series of a rate-cutting cycle.

Industries have long been complaining of the high interest rates and borrowing from the banks to make an investment was too expensive. The surprise move is welcome news for manufacturers of “Make in India”. It will also make loans for homes, cars and motorbikes a lot more affordable for consumers.

The second cut in the interest rates came just a few days after the long awaited first full budget for the Modi government. It looks like a vote of confidence from the central bank particularly since the finance minister gave himself another extra year in order to hit the 3% budget deficit target. This is specifically for the purpose of infrastructure spending so that more roads and bridges will be built.

According to the central bank governor Raghuram Rajan, softer inflation and the commitment by the government to fiscal discipline were behind the easing measure. In a statement, Rajan said “Softer readings on inflation are expected to come in through the first half of 2015-16 before firming up to below 6% in the second half.” Last year, India’s inflation has eased sharply due to the decline in the prices of oil but rose to an annual 5.11% in January. This is still below the reserve bank’s target of 6%.