Digitizing The Workforce Of Thailand

It is the goal of International School in Bangkok is to produce outstanding individuals among its students. In order to pursue this goal the international school offers state-of-the-art facilities, well-experienced teachers and an extensive campus where students can develop their unique personalities. Once the students leave school, society can expect them to be responsible individuals prepared to pursue higher education.

If Thailand wants to take full advantage of Alibaba’s planned investment, it must narrow down education gap and digitize the workforce. Jack Ma, executive chairman of China’s ecommerce giant Alibaba presented its plan to turn Thailand as a digital and ecommerce hub. Alibaba’s Eastern Economic Development plan and digital development cooperation program served as challenge to Thailand to digitize its workforce if its wants to perform the role effectively.

Thailand has at least 427 undergraduate STEM courses available in 170 schools nationwide. Collectively, the schools were able to produce more than 26,000 graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics last year. However, a particular problem is the quality of instructions and the outdated courses that have not been adapted to rapidly changing technology.

Educational gap is the reason why investors like Alibaba are quite reluctant to make investments in high-value activities in Thailand. According to SaovarajRattanakumfu, senior researcher at Thailand Development Research Institute, the solution is to develop high quality digital manpower that can develop and use disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and massive data.

In many countries like Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, digital workers are developed through intensive training programs for approximately 6 months. Training focuses on the development of skills to solve real problems.

Thailand must also develop a workforce of software developers and programmers by building partnerships between schools and the private sector. In South Korea, institutions can apply to become ICT Model Schools once they fulfil curriculum requirements and availability of research facilities.

The well-rounded education that International School in Bangkok provides to students between 2 and 18 effectively prepares them for higher education. The students are taught that there is a world outside the classroom where they can pursue their passions, ambitions and interests.


Mattress Recycling Initiative

Before the year 2015 ends, the state of California has joined forces with two other states in an initiative to recycle second hand mattresses as well as box springs. The program was termed as Bye Bye Mattress and it will help residents from California to leave their old mattresses into the designated collection sites that are part of the program. Selected recycling facilities also participated as drop-off points. These drop-off transactions are all free.

If you are living in Idyllwild, the closest collection point wherein you could leave your used mattresses and box springs is the CR&R waste site which is located in Perris. The address is 1760 Goetz Road. If you want to know more about other collection points, check out the list at Bedman.com.au.

Local residents who are interested to participate may also leave their used mattresses at the Idyllwild Transfer Station. According to the senior regional vice president of CR&R, Alex Braicovich, the waste site does not have the means to recycle the mattresses at the site but it will still participate as a collection point for free of charge.

This recycling initiative, Bye Bye Mattress, is the brainchild of the Mattress Recycling Council which is a nonprofit organization. This was established by the mattress industry itself in order to develop as well as lead all the recycling program that is required by the law announced last 2013.

According to a statement released by the president of Mattress Recycling Council, Ryan Trainer, the program itself is a cost-effective way in order to answer the long standing problem. The program which was started in California was made possible with the use of the waste-collection sites that are already in operation.

As of today, the program has around 40 solid-waste sites that are included in the list of participating collection points. The Council is expecting that the number will continue to rise in the early months of 2016. The Council is also working to create partnerships with hotels and mattress retailers and universities in order to divert their used mattresses to the program instead of the solid-waste stream.

If you have recycled your old mattress and is looking for a new mattress in Perth, check out Bedman.com.au.


What Statistics Tell About Home Intrusion in the US

Today, the United States leads the world in the highest occurrence of burglaries. There are about four burglaries that happen every minute. This very startling statistics will certainly ignite your curiosity about other statistics of breaks INS. When you are considering placing home security systems, you might want to remember these facts.

  • There are about 60 percent of burglars entering homes that use force in entering homes. A surprising 30 percent of burglars enter homes through unlocked windows and doors or other opening where they do not need to use force to enter.


  • A study made by the University of North Carolina found out that most of these burglars try to determine first if a house has an equipped alarm system before even attempting an invasion in that house. There are other researchers that substantiate these findings. In fact, majority of convicted burglars confessed that they intentionally avoided houses that have security systems. Whenever an alarm sounded, they admitted that they immediately flee the home.


  • You may want to learn and explore the advantages and benefits of having a wireless home security system. The reason for this is that there have been an estimated 25 percent of burglars who cuts telephone or alarm wires before they enter houses. Having a wireless home security system will be less vulnerable to intruders since there will be wires that will be cut. Wireless technology is often offered by numerous leading alarm security companies.


  • There are about 33 percent of intruders that enter houses through the front door. Doors which are hollow are typically very easy to kick where intruders can immediately enter. If you house is outfitted with an old door made of wood or one which is hollow, you need to replace this with a solid wood or a door that is clad with metal. Keep in mind to always arm the security system of your house every time you enter and exit your abode. It is also not a bad idea to fortify the entrances of your house with motion lighting as well as with security cameras.

How Can A Student At The University Start An Online Store?

According to Nominet, one out of four retail purchases are made through the web. Last year alone, £68.2 billion was spent online and the ecommerce marketplace is set to double in size by 2018 because it will be boosted by sales through mobile phones and tablet computers. It has also become relatively easier to start a small business online because of the growth in technology platforms and the growing popularity of market places like eBay, Etsy and Amazon.

According to research results from Santander, at least 49% of UK student entrepreneurs sell their products and services online. While at the university, a student can start an ecommerce business with less than £100. How to start an online store requires identifying the product or service that you are going to sell or resell after which you have to purchase a domain name for as little as £3. The price of the domain name is based on domain extension whether you prefer .com, .co.uk or niche domains like .london.

After the domain, it is important to arrange for web hosting. You can opt for third party hosted ecommerce solutions like Go Daddy, 1&1 or 123-reg so that hosting can be managed on your behalf. You can also opt to manage your own hosting but this requires technical skills and resources. Price for basic hosting ranges from £4 to £5 but for premium services, you can expect to pay over £30.

After you have sorted out your domain name and hosting, you will be able to turn your retail ideas into reality through the use of shopping cart software like Shopify, Magento and Sellr. The shopping cart software is a key component of your online business because visitors will need to view the products before making a purchasing decision. One of the most common ecommerce shopping software is eBay’s Magento platform.

How to start an online store also involves ecommerce website design and the choice for payment methods. PayPal and World Pay are popular options but typically the shopping cart provider will offer a whole package that includes hosting, payment options and the ability to purchase a domain.


Harvard Graduate Comes A Long Way From Tutoring Cousins

Tutoring can be a great business to start because you would not only be making profits out of it you also get to help a lot of people, particularly the kids, who are experiencing various difficulties with their studies. Right now, there are many successful tutoring businesses like Bee Academic Tutoring, for example, and most of the time, the reasons that tutoring company owners is based on their own difficulties and experiences.

Salman Khan, however, was a different case. He began his tutorial career with helping his cousins but he didn’t know that it was only the beginning of a successful career.

Who would ever guess that from tutoring his cousins in algebra, he would also soon be creating a community that will reach millions of people around the world? With that being said, it is safe to say that he has definitely put his Harvard MBA to good use.

Salman Khan is the founder and creator of Khan Academy. It is a website and an educational organization whose main purpose of existing is to provide anyone in need a free and world class education no matter where the person is.

Khan Academy is considered by Forbes as a $1 trillion opportunity. During an interview with Salman Khan, he said that his work began with helping a number of his cousins with their problems and helping them gain a small amount of success with their academics and helped build their success.

He said that he had built software for his cousins that would help them give firm foundations of certain topics such as arithmetic, algorithm, exponents and many others. The software he had built had allowed them to practice as much as possible and recording their progress for him.

Khan said that the success of Khan Academy was largely related to the fact they have greatly invested in producing various ideas and filtering the ones that can be useful from the ones that aren’t. His desire to help his family and friends had led to a higher calling which can be considered as a testament to the innovations that technology has provided us with.