How To Prepare For Termite Inspections In Sydney

To keep your termite inspections in Sydney effective, prepare the area where the inspection will be conducted. This will make the process faster and at the same time have your property and family safe again in no time. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you schedule for a termite inspection in your property.

Choose the most suitable schedule                                                

If you have already chosen a good candidate to conduct pest inspection and eventually, pest extermination, the next step is to conduct an interview with the pest controller. Ask the contractor what you need to prepare for the schedule in order to make it faster and effective. Another point to ask is the cost requirements of the job including how the extermination will be done. The contractor might also ask for some information such as have you identify the kind of pest inhabiting your property and where they are specifically found in your property. If you have already decided as to which contractor you are going to hire, it’s time for you to call the contractor for termite inspections in Sydney. Set the schedule on a weekday when most of yourhousehold are in the office or at school. Set the schedule on a weekend if the termite inspection will be conducted in an office building.

Prepare the area

If you have already identified a schedule for the termite inspection, all you need to dois prepare the area and have it ready for the contractor. Keep your food items in sealed containers. The pestextermination process usually involves toxic chemicals that may contaminate food products and harm those who ingest it. For pest problems involving rodents, it would be best to remove your appliances and furniture near the entry or exit pointsof the pests.

Inform your household about the schedule

Before the schedule of extermination, inform your household about the process and how important it is for them to stay away from the area for a while to keep them from inhaling toxic fumes and harsh chemicals. Have the termite inspections in Sydney during weekdays to reduce the hassle among households.


Warning To Consumers Raised Against Extra Mile Movers

The removalist company under fire is based in Sydney and is claiming to offer their clients with a five star service. The NSW Fair Trading recently announced a warning to the general public against the company because it has already received around 70 complaints and one of their clients is said to be suffering major damages amounting to $30,000.

The warning was issued by Fair Trading and it tells consumers not to transact with Extra Mile Movers which is a removalist company that services locally and interstates. They are based in the southwestern part of Sydney in Chipping Norton.

According to Rod Stowe, the commissioner of Fair Trading, they have received many complaints regarding company Extra Mile Movers. Consumers said that their services are slow or partial and there are cases where they do not deliver the service expected of them which is unlike reputable removalists in Sydney. There are also clients who complained regarding damages to their property and some belongings that were lost during the moving process. The company demands to be paid more than the agreed amount and does not follow the price as stated on the contract.

Stowe added that despite the complaints coming from the clients, the company did not perform any countermeasures to compensate for the problem they have caused which is why they decided to refer the issue to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Last December, the watchdog of the consumer was able to gather 12 complaints directed to the company Extra Mile Movers thus they were included in the Complaints Register of the Fair Trading for that particular month.

Maria shared her experience with the company in June of 2016. There were damages inflicted to her household items amounting to $30,000 but up to this time the company was not able to send her any form of compensation.

Maria said that she did not expect removalists in Sydney to behave in such manner but she was appalled by the way Extra Mile Movers handled her property without care or any type of consideration.


Glass Shower Doors For Low-Maintenance Homes

Peter Lafuente’s parents have been Vancouver residents for quite a while and when they began thinking about downsizing their home, Lafuente was on hand to help them find a home where they can enjoy their new lifestyle.

Lafuente spoke about his parent’s decision to buy an apartment at Kindred – a multi-family residential development by Fairborne Homes. Since Lafuente was involved in real estate, he was familiar with the quality of apartments that Fairborne has developed in North Vancouver. The 96- home development includes two 5-storey buildings with one or two bedroom homes in the Moodyville neighborhood.

Moodyville is a traditional neighborhood of small single family homes. For the past 70 years, the area has not changed much and the homes that were originally built for workers during World War II era remained. Kindred happened after the City of North Vancouver approved a new community plan for the neighborhood.

According to Cristy Edmonds of Fairborne Homes, the location is getting popular among home buyers because Kindred is on a Transit Corridor that is walking distance of the SeaBus at Lonsdale Quay. The area is also connected to the Spirit Trail that has a walking and bicycling route right outside the development. But what seems more appealing to buyers is the limited opportunities for new development.

Lafuente wanted a low-maintenance home for his parents. The Kindred home has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathroom corner units with an 11-foot ceiling and a beautiful patio. The kitchen features stainless steel appliances with a Fisher & Paykel counter-depth fridge, a gas cook-top and wall oven.

The bathrooms are luxuriously fitted with quartz countertops, porcelain tiles on the floors and walls, frameless glass shower enclosures and soaker tubs. The homes were really built for people and not for investors. It has all the luxurious features and details that many people do not have in their present homes.

Frameless glass shower screens are now the trend in many new homes because it gives an illusion of a bigger bathroom space. Aside from being aesthetically stunning, glass shower screens are easy to clean and they perfectly match any size of bath and shower room.


Office Furniture In Sydney

A well-chosen set of furniture is considered as a preview of your personality. If you have neatly-arranged set of furniture, it is a proof that you are neat in your work, in everything that you do in life. Basically, furniture in your home or office serve as the “body parts” of the house or office because each furniture, no matter how much you paid for it, has its individual purpose whether it’s for your and your guests’ comfort or, it’s for adding a design into your house. For office furniture, it’s the same thing. Whatever furniture you put in there, it will reflect to the kind of personality your office has. When your office is in Sydney, Australia and you are assigned by your boss to look for a new set of furniture, visit IOF here in Sydney.

IOF, to begin with, is an abbreviation for Ideal Office Furniture. It’s an Australian company which is primarily selling office furniture. As their name says, IOF provides the ideal furniture set that will suit your offices’ needs. And in case your office is within the vicinity of Sydney, you can visit IOF here because our Sydney office is our head office. Now, what can IOF offer to you? Below are just some of the services they offer to clients:

  • They can visit your project site to offer various designs and get the exact measurements needed.
  • They offer professional CAD drawing service to make sure that the item will be functional and professionally-ready.
  • They offer professional help in terms of color designs
  • They do complete installations of products.
  • They will always offer you competitive pricing and they can guarantee that they can beat any prices elsewhere.
  • They have a 6-day customer service provider ready and a 7-day customer service provider for urgent inquiries.

Ideal Office Furniture is definitely the furniture shop that can offer you the best set of furniture for your office at  a price you wouldn’t get anywhere in Australia. If you happen to be in need of a nice set of furniture, feel free to visit IOF here in Sydney and see the wide variety of furniture they can offer.


Tesla Battery As Storage Of Solar Energy In Gold Coast

The cost of electricity has been gradually increasing every now and then. Due to the increase in the prices of materials needed to generate the energy that you use in your house day and night, the cost of electricity consumption also increases. That is why most people nowadays resort to going back to the natural source of energy – the sun.

At present, many companies offer solar-enabled devices such as solar panels and storage for the energy harvested by these panels. Solar power has been a trending issue recently. The advantages and disadvantages of using solar equipment has been widely talked and debated upon by economists and environmentalists. Many companies are now offering solar energy harvesting devices to different countries around the world. Tesla, an American electric car-maker, is now making a name in terms of solar devices. Recently, they introduced Tesla batteries to Australia, particularly in Gold Coast, Queensland.

Tesla batteries are used as storage for the energy harvested by the solar panels in your homes. As storage, the stored energy are used as generators of electricity during the night and inclement weather. They provide back-up power for your home in case there is an outage. During the day, Tesla batteries are charged using the energy emitted by the sun. When rates are low, these batteries can also draw electricity from the utility grid and store the energy for later use. These are all advantages of having and installing Tesla batteries in you homes.

Gold Coast is one of the sunnier cities in the country. Having an average of 4.2 full hours of sun every day, many citizens in the city use solar panels as their source of energy. In fact, 30% of the houses have solar panels in their roofs. One man, Mr. Clayton Lyndon, even created his own mini power storage in his home using Tesla battery in Gold Coast. Using his array of solar panels, he used the Tesla batteries as storage for the energy harvested by these panels. The energy being harvested are used during the night when there is no sun and during inclement weather. This is the first of its kind in Gold Coast.


Painting And Decorating – Cost Effective Home Improvements To Enhance Value

Painting and decorating is one of the least expensive home improvements that can be made in a home. The right choice of paint color can make space appear a little bigger to improve its value. If you are bored looking at the pastel paint on your wall and ceiling, you can opt for more bold colors but keep it to the minimum for broader appeal.

Adding space is another way to increase the value of the home. Building an extension or converting the loft, cellar or garage can be more cost effective than moving to a bigger home. It also gives you the chance to try your creative skills with the help of professionals in painting and decorating. With your personal investment in extending your space, you will be able to impart it with your personality.

Tips when extending space in your home
• Be careful not to extend space in a wrong way. For example, if you are converting the loft into an additional bedroom make sure that it does not become too heavy. It makes sense to consult with professionals whether your idea is feasible.
• Modernizing an old and outdated home can certainly increase its value but to make the old home more saleable, prioritize heating and wiring. Many old homes have the knob and tube wiring which is no longer acceptable due to the amount of power required by high end appliances and electronic gadgets. It is also vital to upgrade heating with the more modern and energy efficient HVAC.
• According to experts, improvements on kitchens and bathrooms can attract home buyers; however, updating them means big investment. On the other hand, remodeling your kitchen and bathroom can also provide you with personal satisfaction even if you need to spend more.
• For a family that is growing the best home improvement is an additional bathroom for the kids. This will reduce traffic to the one bathroom in the morning. It is also suggested by experts to add another bathroom in the area where bedrooms are located. They can come in handy when you have overnight guests.
Before making plans for the home improvement projects, make sure to acquire permits from the local authorities.


The Fencing Industry Growth Since The Recession

Like the other construction sectors, fencing also suffered heavy losses following the recession on the years 2007 to 2009. Despite this decline, market experts are expecting a hopeful future for the industry and they predict a higher fencing demand and that the demand will expand by 2.9 percent every year. This prediction is of course based on the belief that there will be a rebound in residential and commercial construction. With this in mind, the market is said to behave in a much aggressive state and that the rise of the demand will be much faster compared to the period from 2004 to 2009. Last year, it was expected that the market will reach $10.3 billion.

Residential fencing

The residential building represents the biggest fencing market sector. Once the residential market construction will recover, it will boost fencing demand and the market will bounce back immediately. According to analysts, the market for residential buildings is predicted to account for almost two-thirds of the estimated amount of $1.5 billion in the total demand for fencing. The advance in the industry will mostly come from new housing programs. Demand will soon be supported by improvement increases and by replacements.

Non-residential fencing

Accordingly, the market for non-residential construction, agricultural markets and construction of non-buildings will advance by at least 1.1 percent on an annual basis. The growth for commercial construction, transportation construction and rebounding office is also expected to increase. The institutional construction is likewise expected to accelerate.

Fencing growth

Among the fencing materials that will be in demand the most are the composite and plastic materials. Concrete materials will also see a demand which is above average.

Metal fencing

In the year 2009, metal fencing industry accounted for the largest growth in the market both in unit terms as well as in value. The expected demand for metal fencing will advance by at least 2 percent annually. The growth will come from the continued support in metal fencing by security oriented projects. The metal fencing pricing is expected to increase only by about 1 percent which is mainly due to the declining prices in metals.