Visa Extension Being Pushed: A Good News For A Hotel Near Terminal 21

In planning for an overseas trip, there are many things you should consider even before you start looking at the current air fares of various airline companies around the world. You see, when you are taking a vacation in an international destination, you have to prepare your wallet and most importantly, yourself for the tons of expenses that you will be facing. Now, if a country that you are planning to visit requires all international tourists to apply for a visa, then that’s something you should take seriously because a visa, whether it’s a tourist visa or a working visa, serves as your protection against discrimination especially if you’re traveling to a specific country for the very first time. In addition to this, a visa will ensure the destination country that you have the intention to go home once your stated days of intended stay are over to avoid getting more illegal immigrants who are overstaying in countries such as the United States and some countries in the Middle East and in the Asia Pacific Region. Now, before you can book your stay at a hotel near Terminal 21 in Bangkok, Thailand, you should make sure that your and your family’s visa have already been approved.

Earlier this month, authorities from the royal government of Thailand have announced that they are now pushing the visa extension scheme specifically for people from countries like Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam (CLMV) and even China who are frequently traveling to Thailand not just to stay at a hotel near Terminal 21 but more importantly, to seek medical attention that is not available from their origin countries. In addition to this, the government has also announced that it’s going to extend long-visa stay and 10-year stay for people from 14 different countries. This move, according to the officials of the Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT is intended to furthermore strengthen and enhance the country’s position as one of the world-class medical hubs around the globe. Just last month, the Thai government has extended the allowed days of stay of tourists who are seeking medical treatments from CLMV and China from 30 days to 90 days.