A Check list To Choosing The Interior Painters In Sydney

Now that you’ve listed your candidates for the painting job, you need to know what to do next. You need to know that the interior painters in Sydney are offering you the best price and all for a high quality job. Below is a checklist to narrow down your choices for the best painting contractor:

  • Jot down what exactly you want to be done: You need to describe the jobs to be done in detail. You may prefer certain products, colours, the duration of the job, and other obstacles to be encountered. This will be your job description for the painting job.


  • Start your search by making phone calls or sending emails: You need the job description you wrote down when making these calls. You’ll be dealing with multiple prospective contractors and asking them for their estimates for the job you intend them to do.


  • Seek references: When discussing with a contractor, ask for references from customers who have availed projects with them. You may need to ask them individually to know how the contractor works for them.


  • Schedule a meeting: The right contractor will possibly agree to have a meeting with you at your desired time and location. They will carefully and thoroughly respond to all your questions. If you feel comfortable with how they discuss things, then perhaps they may be the right choice for you.


  • Ask for quotes: Have your choices prepare an extensive proposal or quote for you to look into. They must include the price for the job, the brands and types of materials they plan to use, what services to be done, and the estimated start and completion dates.


  • Review the completed proposals: Ask further questions to the prospective contractor. You may need to ask why their fees are higher or lower than their competitors. A lower fee may not guarantee that they offer a high quality job. A higher fee may be charged due to the experience and quality of job the interior painters in Sydney has to offer. To clarify your confusion, you need to ask them about it.


  • Select your painting contractor: Once you have reviewed all these tips, you can now choose which interior painters in Sydney is right for your job. Each of the tips provided will compare and determine the best ones.

What To Know About Denis O’Brien And His Vast Wealth

Born on April 1958 in County Cork, Ireland, Denis O’Brien is a famous entrepreneur, who is listed as Ireland’s richest local and recognized as one of the World’s Top Billionaires in 2016. He owns Communicorp, a holding company with operations across Europe. He chairs the DOB Group and DOB Investments, which dominate the national radio. He also is the founder of Digicel, a huge telecom company with markets in 31 countries. He has James Morrissey as his spokes person.

The late Denis O’Brien Sr. was his father and worked as a veterinary supplier. He died recently at the age of 86, leaving behind his wife Iris O’Brien and four children Joanne, Abigail, Denis and Kerry.

In 1997, he married Catherine Walsh and they are blessed with four kids. Catherine is the manager of the marketing sector in self-sufficient radio sales.

Early Life and Education:

Mr. O’Brien first worked as a bellmanat the Central Hotel in Dublin. He then proceeded his college years at the University College of Dublin, taking up logic corporate finance, history and politics and graduated in 1977. He was also a cabin boy in a merchant navy serving the sea for four years. In 1995, he got his mobile license victory and this turned the positive side of his life.

After graduating, he worked as an assistant manager for Trinity Bank in Dublin. He became aspiring and industrious and followed his dreams to pursue MBA at the Boston University through scholarship. He joined later the Shannon-based aircrafts subletting group. In 1989, he initiated the Communicorp in Ireland and started his media operations career.


His desire for success didn’t stop there so in 1999, he initiated an aircraft leasing company and ranked among the 20 biggest aircrafts leasing companies in the world. His first success hit him when he launched the Digicel in 2001, which was a big success. Starting from 2006, he started to progress his ownership by acquiring shares of the company and ended up as the biggest shareholder in 2012.

Currently, Denis O’Brien owns one of the largest media companies in Ireland and has himself engaged in newspapers like ‘Dublin’s Evening Herald’, ‘Sunday World’, ‘Sunday Independent’, and ‘Irish Independent’.

Net Worth:

According to Forbes Magazine, he has a net worth of $5.3-billion since January 2017.


Factors To Consider Before Choosing A New Hairstyle

A good hairstyle plays a major part in enhancing the facial features. A properly done haircut will ensure to highlight your best facial features and enhance your appeal. Selecting a proper stylist is the first step to get a good hairstyle that suits your face. The two important points to keep in mind before you choose a hairstyle are the shape of your face and the texture of your hair.

A trusted salon will always recommend a haircut depending on the hair texture of the client. A haircut that suits your friend with straight hair may not suit you if you have wavy or curly hair. Always consider the suggestions of your Bondi hair salon before deciding on a new haircut or hairstyle. There are number of hair textures like fine, curly, wavy, coarse, straight, silky and oily. A good hair stylist will have a better idea on how to treat hair with different textures and the best styles that will enhance the looks. For example, curly hair requires long hairstyles to keep the frizz down while limp and flat hair needs short cuts to appear full and fluffy.

The face shape also plays an important role in selecting a hairstyle. Your trusted Bondi hair salon will recommend the hairstyle depending on your face shape. For example, long hair is not suitable for women with oval faces as it will make the face appear longer, a short haircut is not suitable for women with round face and long hair is not recommended for short heighted women.

A lot of other factors like your lifestyle, hair care routine and skin tone. Some high maintenance styles require regular maintenance and trimmings and are not suitable for people with busy routines. The experienced stylists at Bondi hair salon will have an open communication with the client and discuss all the factors before recommending a haircut.

Maintenance and upkeep of haircut is also essential to keep it looking beautiful. If you do not want to visit the salon often for regular trimming and maintenance, ask your stylist at Bondi hair salon to suggest a haircut that will grow out slowly and does not require regular upkeep.


Singapore Develop Becomes Part Of Bt579M Project In Phuket

Those looking to enjoy Similan Island Diving via Phuket should be expecting a new marina in the city, as Singapore’s SUTL Enterprise Limited, known as the owner of the ONE°15 Marina at Sentosa Cove, has recently just bought a majority stake amounting to 60% of a local Thai company that is set to build a new marina at Ao Makham’s Deep Sea Port, in Southeast Phuket.

The new project will be  a 171-marina, built alongside a complimentary 66-room hotel, to be built on the 24-rai plot across it. According to SUTL’s announcement made on the 22nd of February, the company had entered a deal; a conditional sale, plus a purchase agreement for 60% stake holdings for the Bangkok-based Makham Bay Marina Co. Ltd. (MBM), for a total transaction cost of S$5.6M(Bt133.5M).

The announcement also says that MBM already the construction permits, as well as the development rights, for the proposed marina construction at Makham Bay, Phuket, Thailand. SUTL says that, thanks to the deal made, it holds ownership of the land and water area in leasehold for 3 decades. The terms of the deal states that SUTL will be a major contributor to the marina project, participating throughout its construction, from the design to the development, and its operation, including maintenance.

The project is expected to cost approximately S$24.3M(Bt579,296,120.80), and will bear the ONE°15 brand, as confirmed in the statement detailing the deal.

The marina club will function as a new lifestyle resort in the area, complete with yacht chartering, a spa and wellness for R&R, plus hotel facilities for members and the general public alike. The 171-berth marina will be designed to handle yachts up to 200 feet in size, with complimentary 25-hard-stand spaces. Other facilities include boat brokers’ offices, dive operators for those interested in Similan Island Diving, retail stores, and other nautical lifestyle outlets.

SUTL says that the new project, upon completion, will be the first integrated marina club located in the southern reaches of Phuket, located alongside the island’s luxury resorts. The company says that this new project follows their vision of promoting the marina and yachting industry.


Vegan Food For Weddings Becoming A Norm In Maine

One of the reasons why many couple opts for wedding catering in Sydney is the way that food is presented and served. The catering staffs make sure that the presentation is lovely with the cake displayed beautifully. Depending on the arrangements, most catering services have trained staff to provide professional service so that guests will enjoy the event.

Maine’s wedding season won’t be here for months but many couples are already planning and preparing for nuptials and parties for the coming summer and fall. One of the most requested foods in pre-wedding meetings is vegan food.

According to Cathie Fairbanks-Cliffe of Destination Maine Weddings in Cape Elizabeth, a change was very noticeable from clients that planned and executed Maine events last year. In most of the bigger weddings, the popular choice was vegan. In a couple of instances, either the bride or groom or both is a vegan or they have friends that are vegans.

Most couples today are health conscious that is why they opt for vegetarian food. Many couples have specific requests that include creamy tofu Napoleon with grilled vegetables or charcoal-blackened peppers. Maine wedding professionals who have worked with a handful of exclusive vegan weddings have noticed that the biggest change is the plant-based menu even at non-vegan weddings.

In 2017, Vogue announced that vegan food is becoming a top trend in weddings because of the increasing demand for vegetable-based menus. In Maine, it looks like vegan is not only a trend but a norm for most weddings. Amy Alward of Love Kupcakes bakery noticed that 90% of brides have requested for vegan and gluten-free options last year.

Love Kupcakes is offering vegan wedding cake choices like lemon-blueberry, strawberry-basil and double chocolate including mini blueberry pies and cupcakes. At Ahimsa Custom Cakes in Auburn, exclusive vegan couture wedding cakes are also offered.

A straightforward and stress-free service is offered by wedding catering in Sydney to make sure that wedding events are successful and fun. The company is prepared to handle dietary requirements appropriately and safely. Vegan food can be prepared as well as gluten-free, vegetarian and halal meals including Kosher catering on request.


Pink Promise To Be Auctioned At Christie’s HK For US$42 Million

Nothing best expresses love and commitment than diamond engagement rings in Melbourne that embody uniqueness in every aspect. Any women will be immensely pleased to receive a diamond ring of supreme quality. For the male out there, make sure though to take into account the type, cut and quality of the diamond ring you are going to use to make the marriage proposal.

However, there are diamonds that are beyond the powers of an ordinary human to own. For example, the “Pink Promise” which is scheduled for auction at Christie’s in Hong Kong is worth a staggering US$42 million price tag. The Pink Promise is an enormous oval-shaped 14.93 carat pink diamond that forms the centrepiece of a diamond-studded ring.

According to a spokesman from Christie’s the Pink Promise is one of the most important diamonds to be sold because of its colour and clarity. Fung Chiang of Christie’s jewellery department told AFP that a pink diamond is very rare making it extremely valuable. No other piece in their diamond production shares the same unique beauty as the Pink Promise.

Researchers do not understand “exact structural defect” which causes the appealing pink colour. Less than 2% of the diamond production every year produces coloured diamonds. According to Christie’s auction house in Hong Kong, the Pink Promise will go under the hammer on November 8 this year.

Feverish bidding in Hong Kong auction houses was not dented by the ongoing anti-corruption drive in Mainland China. Auction house Sotheby was able to sell an antique 1,000-year old bowl from China’s Song Dynasty for US$7.7 million to an anonymous bidder. It broke the record for Chinese ceramics.

Early this year, “Pink Star” a giant diamond broke the record for gemstones that are sold at auction when it fetched US$71.2 million at Sotheby’s auction house. Chow Tai Fookjewellery chain won the bid for the 59.60 carat diamond.

Love can be expressed through diamond engagement rings in Melbourne that do not cost millions of dollars. An impressive selection of high quality diamond rings is available for affordable price tags. The engagement rings are created from exceptional craftsmanship to make it different from the rings available in the jewellery market.


Is Captive Insurance Worth It?

For an accountant, you may be hired by a person or a company to handle their accounting and taxes while others will be hiring you because of the things you can do for them. If it is the second one, then they will most likely be curious about what you can suggest they do in order for them to grow their finances. These businesses are mostly trying to find ways in order to get through the yearly audit without hassle through a skilled accountant that is covered with CRA audit protection.

As an accountant, you may have a client that is covered by a large insurance policy. Good examples are malpractice insurance for doctors and medical personnel or construction contractors that has liability concerns. They may inquire about the possibility of creating a captive insurance company.

For an expert, it is known that captives are considered as something that can either get you risks or reap you rewards. The reward one will be getting ones the taxpayers practice have ended will be through premium payments in the captive insurance. This is in comparison to the usual premium payments that are easily lost. These are legit and can be deducted as an expense by the business but are not as good as an investment vehicle. All the money that is paid into the captive insurance will only be claimed ones the company is dissolved.

The risk that comes with captive insurance companies is that the IRS is quite skeptical with these types of companies because individuals and companies are able to abuse the usage of such company. It has been listed by the IRS, for three consecutive years, as Dirty Dozen that can be abused when it comes to taxes. Taking this route is risky for you and your client.

When you create a captive insurance company, you might be facing risk since the IRS recently announced the list of strategies that are commonly used for tax avoidance. If you choose to do captive and process it correctly then you might be able to save yourself from the audit and earn your rewards in the end if the client is true to their words.Nevertheless, for an accountant, it is important to have CRA audit protection to protect their profession and clients at the same time.