Consumers Emotional Attachment To Wristwatches

Jean-Claude Biver, the president of Tag Heuer and LVMH wider luxury watch division, was quite passionate with his defense of traditional watch-making at Baselworld, a 100-year old exhibition for Swiss timepieces. Biver was not critical of his consumer electronic rivals because according to him, what they sell is technology.

The Swiss watch industry is on a downturn with exports falling by 10% last year. The reason is not the shift towards smartwatches but the faltering global economy, overstocking of watches in Hong Kong and the crackdown on luxury gifts that include watches in China.

Analysts have predicted that smartwatches will impact on the Swiss watch-making industry but the sales of wearables have not taken off as quickly as expected and they are also nervously looking at their sales. This proves that consumer electronics are not a threat; in fact, they can even turnaround demand for the finely crafted timepieces.

When the first Apple watch was launched, it became the talk of the town. However, the expected sales did not push through; instead units shipped fell by 51.6% during the 3rd quarter of 2016. Even the wearable pioneers like Fitbit and Jawbone struggled with sales. It seemed that only people who were interested in sports considered the smartwatches.

People tend to be emotional with wristwatches. It is difficult to part away with the first watch received. You will not feel the same emotional attachment with a smartwatch because it is technology. Today’s generation of wristwatches have life cycles of 6 months to a year compared to the Swiss watch that can last for generations.

However, many young people do not wear wristwatches because they use their mobile phones to tell time. Smartwatches have taught the young that it is okay to wear a watch. Instead of being a threat, smartwatches are driving demand towards expensive mechanical wristwatches.

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HP’s New Technology to change how Identification Cards are printed

Aside from employee identification cards, companies face the challenge of printing hundreds of thousands of visitor badges or guest cards. In many instances, large amounts of paper, plastics and ink are wasted on the plastic card printer. HP Labs has recognized the challenge by introducing a new hybrid printing technology that will change the distribution of employee ID’s, visitors passes, gate passes and temporary passes.

In order to enhance of efficiency of plastic card printing, HP developed a technology called IonTouch which is a cross between the traditional plastic card printer and e-ink technology. Information on the plastic identification cards can be rewritten so that they can be reused by other individuals after card expiration instead of being thrown away to the landfills.

HP’s proprietary technology replaces the traditional ID card printer with the IonTouch Imager that has the capability to write and re-write on a 2.5 inch 300 x 300 pixel display for up to 10,000 times. The surface of the display has the capability for either black or white content or 16 levels of grayscale. The technology is not yet that advanced for color but sufficient enough since most of the HP printer’s use involves employee badges, visitor passes and hotel guest cards.

When the IonTouch system is used, the visitor’s pass can be printed on the spot with his name and contact information including a photo and other additional details like the time of appointment and the name of the person that will be visited. Compared to e-ink and digital displays that costs about $50 per card, HP rewritable display will cost the company a few cents.

Another benefit gained from the HP rewritable display is the lack of power draw to hold rewritable content. When special marks and codes are required on the plastic cards for security reasons and to avoid duplication, you only need to switch to non-permanent ink. Since the plastic identification cards are reusable, it reduces plastic waste disposed on the landfills.

Since the only way with which information can be changed is through the IonTouch Imager, another layer of protection is added to the cards making them very secure. HP technology is very important for businesses that make use of plastic identification cards.


Using Mindfulness To Ensure Worker Safety

Safety first‘ is an oft-stated phrase throughout business all over the world, and its use becomes more ubiquitous in any industry where danger is less a chance encounter and more a looming shadow, like in fields that frequently deal with high-risk operations, such as chemical manufacturing. Regardless, in any field, companies spend tens of thousands ensuring the safety of their workers through training, equipment and the like.

But Joe Burton, CEO and founder of While, a digital wellbeing company, many companies are forgetting the simple fact that most accidents tend to be the result of one thing being off: the human element. He believes that making sure employees know how to learn mindfulness is a very good way to stave off accidents from the workplace.

To prove his point, Mr. Burton did a quick poll with his audience when he spoke at the Best Practices (BP) for Chemicals event, which was held in Houston this month thanks to being hosted by SAP. During his keynote address, he asked his audience who was suffering from back pains. Then he asked who suffered from insomnia. And then, to cap it off, he asked who was suffering from stress. The audience who raised their hands to show they suffered from the three were notable; close to one-third for the first two, and then practically every member of the audience for the last one.

There are many things that can lead to workplace stress, but, regardless, the problem of stress is one that leads to distraction and exhaustion, which presents a very real, and very dangerous issue. According to Burton, studies point out that a bad night of sleep can slow down a person’s motor skills by a whole 3 seconds, which can lead to a myriad of costly injuries out in the workplace.

With more people trying to figure out how to learn mindfulness as a countermeasure to stress, mindfulness is becoming a big thing in the workplace. Whil’s smartphone app allows workers to work on their mindfulness, with over 200 programs designed to quiet the mind, in order for workers to focus on their tasks and reduce the chance of accidents in the workplace occurring.

He states that utility companies have discovered that most of the workplace accidents that happen in their field happen in calmer situations and good conditions, since workers aren’t as alert and as focused as, say, during a storm.


The Best Tourist Destinations In Thailand According To Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor, an international travel website has recently released Travelers Choice Listings for 2017. Included in the list are 5 of the most loved tourist destinations which are all in Thailand. Top 25 Best Destinations in Asia for 2017 include the southern islands of Phuket, Ko Samui and Ko Tao as well as the cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

The five destinations always make an appearance at the top of Trip Advisor’s Travelers Choice Listing which is based on the quantity and quality of reviews from visitors and ratings on the website of Trip Advisor that was generated from the previous 12-month period.

According to Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Phuket that took 3rd place, Ko Samui at 7th place and Ko Tao at 11th place are considered as the best beaches in Asia. Visitors to Thailand can experience a tropical paradise with warm waters and swaying palms while waiting for an authentic Thai seafood dinner.

In contrast to beaches, Bangkok and Chiang Mai are bustling cities that offer shopping, culture, food and history. According to reviews from Trip Advisor’s travelers, Bangkok is well loved because of the floating markets, golden palaces and porcelain-laid spires. Meanwhile Chiang Mai is more known for its night markets, ancient temples and magnificent botanical gardens.

Phuket which happens to be rated as the 10th Best in World by Trip Advisor’s travelers has blue lagoons and spectacular sunsets. Ko Samui in the Gulf of Thailand is considered unique because it allows visitors to experience local culture and fishing communities. Ko Tao which is also located in the Gulf of Thailand boasts of 300 hundred days of sunshine every year.

Meanwhile, Trip Advisor is the world’s largest travel website that gathers reviews from millions of travelers that have experienced various destinations, hotels, attractions and restaurants from all over the world.

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How To Create Wall Art With Canvas Art Shop

Generally, photos are printed on specialized photo copying paper. However, things are done a little bit modernized now. Apart from photo copying paper, photos can now be printed digitally in a canvas in order to create a wall art. Compared to ordinary paper prints, canvas printed photos are far more durable and they look professional than an average photo even if placed on a frame. The only thing you have to do is find a digital printing company that can print your photos on canvas like a pro and when you find one, just do the following steps.

Step 1. Upload a photo or choose from stock photos

You can upload your preferred image or you can choose a design from the company’s art collection. You can also personalize the project by adding designs and sizes of your choice. You can use your favorite photo or a photo you took or one that has a significant meaning to you.

Step 2. Apply your preferred size and design

The next step towards having a canvas wall art is to apply your preferences. After you uploaded an image or picked an art collection, you will be directed to the next page which would ask you to apply the layout of your choice and the canvas size. You can choose the standard size or you have the choice to apply the size you want for the canvas. The next step would be to pick a frame option.  There are choice of rolled or stretched canvas, framed print and art paper that you can choose from. Customers can also have the option to have the canvas wrapped which is suitable if you are going to have the canvas as a gift. Aside from wrapping options, you can also apply the effect you want such as whether the artwork would be in black and white, sepia, vintage or others.

Step 3. Finalize and place your order

Before you place your wall art order, review the image. When you are satisfied with it, click the submit tab and wait for a few days to get your order.



Map Wallpapers Collection

Maps are representations of land or sea area that shows the physical characteristics of the chosen place. This is usually drawn on a flat surface. This type of map is usually called a physical map where it shows in more detail and illustrates the roads, the cities, mountain ranges, and bodies of water. Each of these features is also labeled accordingly.

There are those who create these maps and these illustrators provide the graphic models of the area. Currently, there are services offered to actually create these illustrations depicting the essential components of architecture, information, and geography. These are also being created with creativity and skill.

Map illustrations are created using different techniques. The most common are using a birds-eye view to recreate the scenery on the surface they are drawing on. This provides a bigger and wider scope of the area that the illustrators want to show. These pictures will then be able to help in providing more informative details and information, provide an easier reference for geographical analysis, and flair to capture the interest of the readers.

There are common characteristics that illustrated maps have and these are as follows:

  • Bird’s eye view to give the viewer a sense of reality in the view that they are viewing
  • Clarity on the view that they are focusing on
  • Illustrator’s imagination on the colors and textures that the artist is using

Currently, there are map illustrators that are already famous for their work. Recently, a wallpaper company, Newmor, has partnered with a renowned map illustrator Stephan Walter. Walter is known for map illustrations he created that shows intricate details in his work. Newmor has created a collection based on Walter’s illustrations which include London Subterranea and Hub.

London Subterranea shows the routes of the old London’s sewers, tube network, rivers, and the now nonexistent tube stations. Hub, on the other hand, displays places of interest in London including art galleries and district names. This is done via a picture map, a style used before the 1666 Great Fire of London.

The world of map illustrations is still continuously growing even with and in the worldwide web. Its basic use is still the same despite having different types, different medium, different usage and different artists with their own personality and traits.


4 Reasons For Choosing Zkin Organics

There are numerous organic products in the market today. There are those that claim to be organic but upon verification, they are made with artificial components with harsh chemicals that can damage your skin instead of help nourishing it. You can never be sure unless you go for a trusted product such as Zkin Organics. To ensure that you are buying the right product for your skin and that you will get a truly organic product, check the following details before you make a purchase.


A multi-awarded product does not only mean that it is trusted by more customers, it also means it is proven true to its claims by experts in the field. An award-giving body would not hand its award without conducting a research or study on the product.

Dermatologically proven

If you are going to spend your money on beauty products, choose those that are proven to carry out what they promised to their consumers. A product cannot deliver something if it did not go through clinical tests and thorough research. Before making a purchase, make sure that there is a seal from the FDA and a seal that guarantees that the product, such as Zkin Organics is dermatologically tested. With this seal, you can be sure that the product is tested for various skin types and when it says that it is safe for sensitive skin, you are guaranteed that it is exactly safe to use by those with sensitive skin.

Certified organic

There is no point in buying an organic product if it contains synthetic chemicals. To be sure, look for the COSMOS certified organic seal. COSMOS is the highest global standard for cosmetic industry and they do not provide certifications for products which are not verified to have all-natural and safe ingredients.

Ethically produced

Organic cosmetic products such as Zkin Organics also comes with a certificate and seal that no animals were harmed during research and manufacturing of their products. This way, you can be sure that the skin product that you are using was ethically produced and with principled standards.