Digitizing The Workforce Of Thailand

It is the goal of International School in Bangkok is to produce outstanding individuals among its students. In order to pursue this goal the international school offers state-of-the-art facilities, well-experienced teachers and an extensive campus where students can develop their unique personalities. Once the students leave school, society can expect them to be responsible individuals prepared to pursue higher education.

If Thailand wants to take full advantage of Alibaba’s planned investment, it must narrow down education gap and digitize the workforce. Jack Ma, executive chairman of China’s ecommerce giant Alibaba presented its plan to turn Thailand as a digital and ecommerce hub. Alibaba’s Eastern Economic Development plan and digital development cooperation program served as challenge to Thailand to digitize its workforce if its wants to perform the role effectively.

Thailand has at least 427 undergraduate STEM courses available in 170 schools nationwide. Collectively, the schools were able to produce more than 26,000 graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics last year. However, a particular problem is the quality of instructions and the outdated courses that have not been adapted to rapidly changing technology.

Educational gap is the reason why investors like Alibaba are quite reluctant to make investments in high-value activities in Thailand. According to SaovarajRattanakumfu, senior researcher at Thailand Development Research Institute, the solution is to develop high quality digital manpower that can develop and use disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and massive data.

In many countries like Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, digital workers are developed through intensive training programs for approximately 6 months. Training focuses on the development of skills to solve real problems.

Thailand must also develop a workforce of software developers and programmers by building partnerships between schools and the private sector. In South Korea, institutions can apply to become ICT Model Schools once they fulfil curriculum requirements and availability of research facilities.

The well-rounded education that International School in Bangkok provides to students between 2 and 18 effectively prepares them for higher education. The students are taught that there is a world outside the classroom where they can pursue their passions, ambitions and interests.


Australian-First Automall To Be Built Near Brisbane Airport

A new Australian-first car mall is being built near Brisbane Airport, with the facility expected to be the size of around 70 rugby league fields. This large, bold development is expected to revolutionise the automotive market, from car parts to vehicle wraps in Brisbane, upon completion, which, if the schedule holds, will be sometime in 2020.

Part of the new automall will be a 2.5-kilometre test track for car dealerships, designed by five-time V8 Supercar Championship Series champion. This track is comprehensive in its design, complete with skid pad and an off-road 4WD area.

The mall is currently under development on real estate owned by Brisbane Airport, a kilometre away from the airport’s international terminal, and has funding and support from two of Queensland’s biggest car dealership companies.

This new automall is part of Brisbane Airport’s AU$2.2 billion five-year development programme, which include a new runway and two new hotels in the surrounding real estate. First stage of this programme was the redevelopment of the Domestic Terminal, which amounted to about £15 million in cost.

Brisbane Airport’s John Tormey says that this new facility, when operational, will be a centre for automotive sales, from car dealerships to vehicle wraps in Brisbane, adding that nothing like its kind has ever been done in either the state or Australia before.

AP Eagers, a national vehicle retailing company, who signed in to the automall, taking multiple leases early in September 2017, says that the new automall will be one large place to choose vehicles and related stuff to buy. The company says that about 80% of all vehicles on sale from the automall will be acquirable on the spot, allowing buyers to choose what they want and choose in one location.

The company’s spokesperson, Martin Ward, says that car dealerships are usually spread out, and the places where they congregate, like Fortitude Valley, aren’t really accessible for buyers, either due to location or parking space.

He adds that the location, near the Brisbane Airport, is a big draw for vehicle retailers, as the automall is not far from a motorway or a tunnel.

Currently, the owners of the new automall is considering opening the facility’s test track for weekend warriors, with additional programmes during that time, such as car shows and driver training safety courses, though there has not been confirmation on the matter.

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A New Approach For Thailand’s Tourism Campaign

For 2018, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has decided to change its course in terms of tourism in the country with goals to offer quality tourism rather than achieving mass tourism alone. The stakes are higher this time as the country still aims to generate the same level of revenue but with quality in mind rather than quantity. There is no denying that Thailand is a tourism haven with many things to offer such as wedding venue in Rayong, parties in the islands and hundreds of beaches to swim in.

What does this really mean? According to TAT or Tourism Authority of Thailand, their tourism campaigns will be centred on tourists who are contributing greatly to the revenue from tourism rather than focusing on mass tourism. From January until October of 2017, the nation received more than 28.8 million foreign visitors which resulted to tourism revenue of $47.15 billion. TAT now aims to increase the tourism revenue but will remain encouraging new tourists and recurring ones to come back to Thailand. Their tourism campaign is now more focused on a single niche – travel. The most recent marketing concept developed by TAT is called Open to the New Shades of Amazing Thailand which is geared towards promotion of latest experiences as well as attractions in the country.

According to TAT’s director, IsraStapanaseth, they are planning to change the image of the country which is perceived by the tourists through introducing new experiences, destinations and attractions on a local level. For instance, they are going to use Thai cuisine which is known all over the world in order to encourage new international tourists to visit the country. He added that they are planning Thailand as a wedding destination because there is great potential in the wedding industry.

Yuthasak Supasorn, the governor of TAT, said during their launch of the new campaign in India that tourism is the main economy driver of Thailand. They are now going to focus on the travel niche and find out what the target market is aiming for. They are also promoting wedding venue in Rayong to increase tourism in the area as well as potential wedding destinations in the country.

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Dining In Class When In Bangkok

In Thailand, food and fashion are the perfect match. It is not surprising that a number of top designers in the country decided to devote their talent into the kitchen after conquering the catwalk. One good example is Bhanu Inkawat who started Greyhound. Another example is Polpat Asavaprapa who is known as Asava’s founder as well as designer. He is currently busy with his restaurant called Sava Dining which was launched in 2016 in EmQuartier. Ever since the launch, it has gathered the attention of people who are hoping to dine in class. This is also the go-to place of VIPs at a hotel near EmQuartier because it is the best place to dress up and dine.

The restaurant can be found inside the Helix Building on the sixth level. The Sava Dining Restaurant represents the fashion brand of the owner with its blue and navy color theme. The passion of the owner is evident because classic elements are mixed with the latest trends. This was attested by Polpat because according to him he is the same way either planning for his restaurant or creating a new design for his Asava clothing line.

Polpat said that it is his aim to give the restaurant a luxurious vibe and surprise the diners with the comfort food served. In terms of fashion, he admitted that he is not fond of showy designs while in food he is more inclined with those thatare authentic tasting. He describes his restaurant as simple yet not that easy and their signature which is the element of fascination is ever present.

He shared their dish of the year which is the Sen Yai Pad Kua Kling worth 320 baht. This is a tribute to Thais who love noodles and for him who is also fond of noodles. The dish is made with a homemade spicy sauce using chili local and foreign spices.

Locals and tourists at a hotel near EmQuartier should not miss visiting Sava Dining. One of the restaurant’s best seller dishes is the roasted lamb worth 850 baht. Their salad known as the Sava Dining Tuna Salad worth 290 baht is also worth trying.


What You Need To Know When Buying LED Outdoor Strip Lighting In Australia?

Why not add a LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia for an elegant look at your outdoors! For you to purchase the right kind of lighting, you need to consider the following:

  • Which areas you plan to use the lights

A great thing about these lights is having to use them in other places like the kitchen countertops, bars and banisters. There is unlimited usage of these applications. Also, the lights come in various sizes. You need to measure your area where you want to place it to avoid having something that is too small or too big. If you plan to install the LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia in your kitchen or bathroom, you should use waterproof units.

  • What type of strip light you need?

Strip lights come in various types especially when you search the market. Each one of us is difference; hence, we are attracted to various things. Choose the ones that please you the most. Ensure that the strip you choose will serve that something of interest to you.

  • Amount of Light

As mentioned earlier, you can possibly use the LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia for various applications. Your choices will depend on the amount of light you are interested in. If you want light near or away from the source, there are many designed for these purposes. There are also lights for signs and indirect lighting. Work with a contractor to recommend you what is right for your home.

  • Light colour

Just like LED bulbs and spotlights, this type of lighting come in various colours to suit your various applications. For instance, a daylight colour can be suitable for your outdoor and bathroom lighting. Soft white colour may be great for living rooms and bedroom, while cool white colour can be suitable for kitchen and hallways. Choose a colour that suits your preference. There are also those that come with various colours. For this purpose, you will need a remote control to transition between power, colour and brightness.

These factors may help you make a choice for your LED outdoor strip lighting in Australia; and to ensure they are properly installed, seek assistance from a professional electrician.


Advantages Of Booking At Hotel Near Central Rama 9

There are several reasons why it would be advantageous to book in a hotel near Central Rama 9 in Bangkok, Thailand. For one, you can easily find a lot of hotels in the area. You can have various choices and pick one that suits your budget. Whether you are looking for a five star hotel or a comfortable one within your budget, you will never run out of options in Bangkok. To get the type of accommodation that fits your preference, place your bookings in advance especially if you are visiting Bangkok during tourist season. Here are some of the reasons why you should find a hotel near Central Rama 9.

Nearby shopping venues

If you are visiting Thailand for leisure and shopping purposes, then look for a hotel that is conveniently located near big shopping malls such as Esplanade shopping mall, Central Plaza, Fortune IT mall and many others. This way, you no longer have to spend so much on transportation and it will not take so much of your time to get from one point to another. Aside from huge shopping malls, there are other shopping attractions when you book in a hotel near Central Rama 9 such as night markets and local markets with cheap commodities.

Access to transportation

By booking in a hotel at the centre of Bangkok, you can easily access to various forms of transportation such as Bangkok’s subway or their MRT and their skytrain or BTS. Aside from that, when you stay in a downtown hotel, you can easily find a local transportation that could get you to your destinations or you can even walk around on foot. This way, not only will you save money, you also get to enjoy the sights and sounds of Bangkok.

Accessible location

When you book in a hotel near Central Rama 9, in just around 45 minutes, you can get to the Suvarnabhumi International Airport or from the airport to your hotel. You would also be a few minute drive or walk to different embassies and natural parks including other attractions. Book ahead to avail of discounts upon booking confirmation.


4 Tips To Buy The Right Plastic Shredder Machine

You can find a lot of benefits in having a plastic shredder machine to reduce your plastic waste products. A plastic shredder is ideal for offices, industrial setting and even for home use. If you want to purchase a plastic shredder, here are a few things to consider.


If you intend to have a plastic shredder for home use or in your office with average amount of generated plastic waste, you can go for a smaller size plastic shredder with granulators on a slower speed. However, if you are going to use a shredder for a commercial establishment that generates a lot of plastic garbage such as a grocery store, fast food and other related businesses, choose a bigger plastic shredder that can process bigger volume of plastic materials. Find out the size of the plastic shredder machinethat you require to get the right product. You can call the supplier’s customer service to help you identify the right shredder for you.

Materials to be shredded

Consider the type of materials that you need to frequently recycle or downgrade. There are shredders that are exclusively for plastic materials alone while there are shredders that can also shred wooden materials, rubber and e-waste. Choose a shredder that would meet your recycling needs. Take a look at the different variations in the market.


Before buying a plastic shredder, take a look at your available budget. The amount of shredder vary on various factors such as its size, specifications, features, brand and many others. For industrial purposes, you can find durable and high quality shredders to meet your needs. It would be best if you would choose a sturdy shredder if it would be exposed to constant heavy recycling functions. To reduce the costs, take a look at different suppliers on the internet.

The supplier  

To ensure that you will get high-quality plastic shredder machine, buy the equipment from a reliable supplier. Read product reviews and feedback from customers to find out if they were satisfied with the product and service delivery. Check from different suppliers to compare price and to see where you can get more value for your money.

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