The Battle Between Alexa And Google Home

There is an ongoing consumer battle between two huge brands in home security system – Alexa by Amazon and Google Home by Google. Their current offering is both focusing on security and how they can help consumers in making their homes safe with the help of smart home technology. Amazon is quite ahead in this area because of the number of inclined products it has released such as Tap, Echo and Dot. These three have been in the market longer compared to Home which was released only recently.

Both companies are now busy partnering with other companies, releasing new applications and products concerning home security system. They are battling on who will dominate the larger part of the market and soon. Experts have weighed in and said that by 2020 the home security industry will be worth a billion dollar.

When one thinks about the best smart speaker system in the market, there is no concrete answer because of the factors that have to be considered as well as the number of options available. The major factors to be considered are cameras, access, monitoring system, accessibility and locks.

To make sure that your home is secure, the smart speaker system should also be secured. A smart speaker that can be tampered easily is nothing despite the number of locks and cameras installed. According to security experts, all devices should always be updated when it comes to the latest patches and software. It also pays to be cautious of what you are accessing through your smart speaker system. Your smartphone should also be secured so that no one can tamper your system in case your phone gets stolen or lost.

The basic components of a home security system are the locks and the comprehensive system which is different in both Amazon and Google. If you are looking for products that can be incorporated with a speaker, the Echo is the top choice. The Home is also catching up but the latest offering of Google, Kwikset Convert and August Smart Lock, can be incorporated with the smart speaker also from Google. There are users that believe Google has an edge due to its Google Assistant.

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New Trends In Dealing With Budget Blocked Drains

Plumbing is considered as one of the most in-demand industries in the world today. And let’s face it, who doesn’t encounter problematic water leak in your kitchen sink or, some budget blocked drains which causing flooding in the main roads of the city? To begin with, a plumber is someone who specializes in maintaining systems for drinking water, sewages and drainages. Nowadays, more and more plumbers are becoming up to the job precisely because of the non-stop change that the world is going through especially in highly urbanized areas where more plumbing problems are expected to rise by the number because more and more people are constantly using these water systems such as the toilet, the shower and, the kitchen sink.

Now, the plumbing industry has gone through a lot of sophisticated changes in terms of the way plumbers deal with those budget blocked drains along the main road, the tools they used fix leakages in homes and even, the way they do business. Yes, some plumbers have gone through the social media like Facebook to gain more customers and that has been one of the major trends which have been moving the industry forward. Below are some more of the trends that helped plumbers deal not just with budget blocked drains, but with all problems that require the help of professional plumbers:

  • Touchless fixtures- Yes, no-hands fixtures have been around a long period of time already but it’s just starting to make noise in households. This technology uses motion sensor which makes turning on and off water faucets totally hands-free meaning you don’t need to touch the faucet itself. Compared to the traditional valve and faucet, touchless fixtures only need a lesser amount of maintenance so you can actually save more bucks if plumbers install touchless fixtures in your home.
  • Tank-less water heaters- These types of heaters only use pipes that are properly heated with gas or use electric burners to be able to supply hot water without any effect from the outside temperature. As long as you have anti-scald devices, you will always have the right water temperature from your sink or shower.
  • Self-cleaning toilet devices- Let’s face it. Nobody enjoys cleaning the smelly toilet bowls. The good news is, you can now use your tablets which you can hang at the end of the bowl or inside the toilet tank to do the dirty work for you.

MPG Building A Strong Position In The Tasman

Metro Performance Glass (MPG) is the biggest glass manufacturer in New Zealand. After one-off costs and tax adjustments to offset higher revenue, the glass manufacturer declared a slightly lower profit. Profits dropped by 6% to $19.4 million in the year to March from the $20.5 million profits that it earned last year.

On the other hand, group revenue increased by 30% to $244.3 million. This includes the contribution from Australian Glass Group, a newly acquired company. MPG bought Australian Glass Group for more than $43 million is order to pursue its plans for expansion of the processing business across the Tasman.

If you will set aside the one-off costs, operating earnings were up by nearly 20% because of the construction boom in New Zealand. Sales of glass products increased because of the construction of new houses and renovations in Australia.

According to Nigel Rigby, a chief executive of Metro Performance Glass, the company is building a strong position on both sides of the Tasman. Their competitive advantage remains because of the company’s ability to deliver a wide range of high specification products for short lead times. They also provide a strategic defence throughout the building cycle.

MPG said that while New Zealand is their primary focus, there is long term growth opportunity and growth in Australia. Low interest rates, strong immigration and an improving economy are sustaining the momentum in residential and commercial constructions.  A strong position is being built by MPG in Australia’s glass markets after it has processed a record volume of glass products.

The company has also diversified its operations on the South Island and is focusing on automation, processes and costs. Since the building boom is now shifting to the Upper North Island, MPG is now shifting its focus in meeting demands and expansion into the commercial and retrofit markets.

Meanwhile, the focus of economy Glass is to exceed its customer’s expectations and to provide the highest quality products that will match with customer budget and requirements. Some of the glass products offered to consumers include balustrades, showers and pool fencing that is made with the expert workmanship.


Busch Vacuum Pumps Promote Energy Efficiency

During the recently held ComVac2017, which was conducted in Germany last month, many companies from the vacuum pump, industry have joined the event and highlighted their respective new line-up of new products. It was also an event for companies to introduce new trends and technologies that are useful in their industry. One of the products that shined the brightest were the Busch vacuum pumps.  This year, Busch switches its attention towards focusing on promoting energy efficiency with the recent development of a new line up of vacuum technologies and solutions that will enable its loyal customers around the world from all industries to conserve energy and eventually, cut down unnecessary expenses. And as expected, Busch, being one of the leaders in providing the best vacuum solutions, had already announced their new products during the expo which was held at Hannover Messe. Aside from informing attendees about their new products for this year and beyond, Busch also provided an in-depth insight into their complete product selection.


Busch firmly believes in the importance of looking at the entire production process for them to come up with viable ways to significantly reduce the energy that is required during production and essentially, cut down operational costs. And because of this belief, the company is now offering Busch vacuum pumps and vacuum options that can be used for the purpose of heat recovery which eventually, can vastly helpful in improving the overall demand-based control of said vacuum pumps. In addition to this, Busch is also in the process of designing centralized vacuum systems depending on the requirements that have been handed out to them by customers. In fact, more and more of their clients are getting the hang of using centralized vacuum pumping systems for their respective business. This is of the mere fact that when you have a more centralized vacuum system in your building, the lesser number of vacuum pumps you will be needing to install and manage and eventually, it will lead to you paying less for vacuum pumps. In addition to this, having a centralized system allows customers to store vacuum systems in a separate room, which eliminates the noise and heat away from work places.

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Aggreko Adds Two New Boilers For Different Applications

Aggreko has decided to increase the size of its boiler rental fleet in Europe to provide more options for temporary heating and hot water systems. Two new boilers were added to fleet – high efficiency 250KW and 500 KW boilers to provide temperature of up to 90oC and pressures up to 10 bar.

The additional boilers are suitable for different applications from the delivery of temporary heating and hot water systems to under-floor heating, process heating and cooling, heat load testing and commissioning for chiller plants.

A Glasgow-based temporary power specialist has optimized temperature control and minimized fuel burns and emissions through the combination of advanced dual stage burner, 3-way valve system and smart controls. The boilers are available in compact canopy cases that allow ease of transport. It is permitted to be used in confined compounds, boiler rooms and service yards.

According to Chris Smith, head of temperature control for Aggreko, the new high efficiency boilers will extend their existing range in providing a cost effective and versatile solution to wide variety of heating and HVAC applications. The boilers are particularly suitable for applications that require high pressure or accurate temperature control capabilities. Their small footprint makes them ideal for limited spaces.

Aggreko has a vast experience in designing and commissioning boiler packages for different sectors whether it is for a sporting event or ice rink to data centers, fish farms, construction sites and facilities management. The company also supports planned maintenance projects, commissioning if new heating systems, heat load testing for cooling plants and emergency boiler breakdowns.

In order to enhance boiler efficiency and minimize emissions, Aggreko’s UK development engineers have integrated 3 design features – 3-pass flue, a dual stage burner and 3-way valve. Integrated smart controls allow the boilers to communicate effectively with building management and to link effectively with other plant equipment for the regulation and stabilization of temperature and to provide advanced fault finding.

If you live in Exeter and surrounding areas, you can be provided with a free no-obligation consultation regarding boiler repair or replacement through APH Heating LTD. All the boiler engineers that serve the area are high qualified and experienced in the repair and replacement of domestic and commercial boilers and heating systems.


Tips For Effective Shipping With Australian International Couriers

Some people think that sending parcels to international destinations are costly. This might be true for other courier companies, but there are Australian international couriers that offer services at affordable rates. Sometimes, all it takes is a good research to find the right company that will not rob the money out of your pockets. While it is easy to send parcels within the country, sending packages to another country can be more meticulous since you need to abide by international shipping laws. To ensure that your parcel will not encounter any issues along the process, take a look at these tips.

Observe courier policies

Before you seal your parcel and send it off to the shipping company, visit the website of the company where you intend to get your shipping services from. Read the courier’s policies and find out what items are prohibited to send from Australia including the items that are prohibited to enter in the country where your recipient is. Some prohibited items under the Australian law are live/dead animals, flammable items or aerosols, human remains or body fluid, items considered dangerous, ivory products, items that are considered as contraband and many more. Make sure to declare the contents of your package.

Ask for online quotes

Shipping rates vary from one courier company to another. Some fees or rates may be added as they are deemed necessary by the company during the shipping process. To determine the exact amount that you are going to spend for your shipping, ask for cost estimates from at least 3 service providers. When you fill out the online quote form, provide the right weight, length, width and height of your parcel. Keep your measurements accurate so for the Australian international couriers to give you the nearest cost estimate possible to the actual shipping costs.

Make use of the courier’s tracking system service

It usually takes a few days for Australian international couriers to ship the packages. To monitor the location and status of your package, make use of the online tracking system service offered by the courier company.


Metropolitan Museum Introduced Interactive Maps

If you have tried wandering around inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art on your own and without depending on a paper guide, you might have found the experience fun. There is now a recent development that will make wandering inside the Museum more fun and it is through interactive maps. The students enrolled in the School Visual Arts under the MFA Visual Narrative program, developed several interactive maps that are very creative. Anyone who is visiting the museum should try out the said maps.

The maps were developed through the partnership of Met MediaLab, Mapping the MET which is web-based and Professor Tim Szetela, the curator of the museum. The interactive maps are consists of eight media maps that are using data that have been gathered by the students from different galleries that are housed inside the permanent collection area of the museum.

Each of the interactive maps is featuring the drawings of the students whose arts are selected. Most of these maps come with basic information regarding the history of the collection. The result shows new artworks that will enable the visitors to see the collections as well as the architecture of the building in a different perspective.

One of artworks that stood out is the project created by Rosa Chang which shows more of the one color that is always consistent inside the rooms of the museum – the indigo. Visitors will be able to see the 200 or more artifacts that are dyed with indigo. All of these she discovered in her own and she sketched them and posted all of them on her website. On the same site is the mapping she had done with the domination of the color in every gallery and categorized them depending on the plant source. She also made a world map wherein users will be able to know more about the countries where the object came from. This will make the people see why the museum has a large collection of artworks that are of color Indigo that came from Japan.

Interactive maps as well as illustrated maps are a fun and creative way to see places in a new perspective.

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