Using Reddit To Watch Football Live World Cup Championship Games Considered Illegal

Football enthusiasts are now resorting to Reddit to view the online streams of FIFA 2018 World Cup games which aren’t available in their home country. It’s a chance to ดูบอลสด for free.

But on the contrary, the ‘Soccer Streams’ forum on Reddithas more than 250,000 subscribers, spiking its popularity for the most significant matches of the 2018 competition.

Through the keyword phrase ‘Reddit soccer streams’ in Google searches, it briefly surpassed searches during the semi-final matches between Belgium and France.

Many of the streams posted on ‘Soccer Streams’ were unlawful feeds; hence, cyber security specialists warned viewers that they are liable if they ดูบอลสด from Reddit.

In the UK, the final match between Croatia and France will be streamed for freeon the BBC iPlayer and ITV website, which begin at 4 p.m. BST this July 15th. However, those in the US will need payments via the Fox Sports to watch the game online.

With the least probability to ดูบอลสด , some avid fans have resorted to VPN proxy services to imitate their location to another country where free feeds are available. Or they may choose to watch the championship using Reddit forums.

Reddit has made no feedback about the unlawful online live streaming links appearing on its website; but they have addressed its position when sharing pirated contents.

Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and Twitch have all been utilised to post free feeds of the World Cup game. Piracy prevention firm Irdeto confirms the three quarters of unlawful online streams were streamed in these sites.

A Facebook spokesperson told media that it’scurrently utilising significant resources to address copyright issues for live contents on their social networks.

According to an Irdeto spokesperson, the owners of the licenced FIFA 2018 World Cup games online streaming must do all means to remove unlawful streams of the tournament, in terms of technology and proactive services.

This year’s World Cup have only three more games to play, with the semi-finals between Croatia and England, and the final between that winner of the game and France, and the third-place playoff. So, not many may have the chance to ดูบอลสด after all. The issue will remain unsolved as of this time.


Cremation Getting More Popular In The US

The funeral industry in the US is now embracing cremation, with cremation urns accessories and fees becoming more lucrative as the country turns to the practice as their choice for the duly departed, due to a number of reasons, including space.

Back in 2016, the cremation rate in the US went up over the 50% mark for the first time, according to data from the National Funeral Directors Association. They have also forecasted that it’ll be the disposition of choice for 63.8% of Americans, and by 2035, it’s expected to go up to 78.8%.

Executive Director George Kelder, New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association, finds its interesting that it took nearly a whole century after the US’s first cremation back in 1876 to reach 5%, in 1972, and, from that point onward, the number of people choosing cremation in the US has grown at an exponential rate, with funeral industry and their cremation urns accessories changing to meet demand.

The Western states in the US lead cremation rates, at over 70%, average. Conservative Catholic New Jersey, meanwhile, lags behind the country’s average at 48.5% cremation rate, but has been quickly catching up in recent years. According to the NJ NFDA, the rate will go up to around 64.4% in 2030.

Kelder says that the cheaper costs of cremation compared to traditional burials is a key factor, with the average NJ funeral costing $4,741, including the grave, burial vault, cemetery fee and opening and closing the grave, with the coffin adding about $10,000 to that cost.

A cremation, meanwhile, has an average fee of $306, with the urn about $200, with the niche’s total costs averaging at about $2,000.

Kelder says that New Jersey puts a lot of stock of real estate, with the burial costs going up alongside real estate prices. More and more people are seeing cremation as a cheaper alternative, aided by weakening traditionalism and conservatism.

Executive Director of the New Jersey Cemetery Association, Judy Welshons, says that people are now more transient, shown by the days of weeklong funeral services with large gatherings having passed now. People, she says, are now less attached to their places of origins, communities and religions.


Have A Nice Holiday On Board A Private Boat Charter In Phuket

Thailand is an incomparable country with so many things to do for everyone. In Thailand, you find many islands which are untouched and uninhabited. It’s going to make a real change for anyone. If you really like to see everything that Thailand can offer, you better consider trips to Phuket. A better way to enjoy the island is a private boat charter in Phuket for excitement and fun.

Booking a Chartered Holiday

When wanting to book a holiday in Phuket, you can have various choices. You can hire a bare boat yacht or the whole crew of the yacht. If you have a crew coming with you, you feel more relaxed as you don’t have to concern yourself with other things.

When you hire a private boat charter in Phuket, you get to see the least visited islands and watch its amazing scenery. However, you need to book in advance as there can be plenty of people wanting this boat charter too.

So what should you do during your Phuket holiday? If you want to know some things to do in this island, hiring a Phuket yacht charter holiday is one of the options. You’ll be riding in charters where a fully trained crew can come riding with you. The chef too can prepare local and international food for you. You’ll be happier spending more time enjoying the seawater and breathing the fresh air.

If you have hired the right private boat charter in Phuket, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the sun. The crew is an expert for this trip and they can take you to places you like to visit. They also make perfect guides to show you around this incredible country.

The crew on the boat charter can also recommend some local activities and sights you will want to see. You can also go scuba diving or snorkelling to see the real beauty of the seawaters. There’s practically so many things to round here.

Phuket is considered the Jewel of the Andaman Sea and you can see it at its best. A private boat charter in Phuket must be something you should consider if you want an amazing vacation in Thailand.


Digitizing The Workforce Of Thailand

It is the goal of International School in Bangkok is to produce outstanding individuals among its students. In order to pursue this goal the international school offers state-of-the-art facilities, well-experienced teachers and an extensive campus where students can develop their unique personalities. Once the students leave school, society can expect them to be responsible individuals prepared to pursue higher education.

If Thailand wants to take full advantage of Alibaba’s planned investment, it must narrow down education gap and digitize the workforce. Jack Ma, executive chairman of China’s ecommerce giant Alibaba presented its plan to turn Thailand as a digital and ecommerce hub. Alibaba’s Eastern Economic Development plan and digital development cooperation program served as challenge to Thailand to digitize its workforce if its wants to perform the role effectively.

Thailand has at least 427 undergraduate STEM courses available in 170 schools nationwide. Collectively, the schools were able to produce more than 26,000 graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics last year. However, a particular problem is the quality of instructions and the outdated courses that have not been adapted to rapidly changing technology.

Educational gap is the reason why investors like Alibaba are quite reluctant to make investments in high-value activities in Thailand. According to SaovarajRattanakumfu, senior researcher at Thailand Development Research Institute, the solution is to develop high quality digital manpower that can develop and use disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and massive data.

In many countries like Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, digital workers are developed through intensive training programs for approximately 6 months. Training focuses on the development of skills to solve real problems.

Thailand must also develop a workforce of software developers and programmers by building partnerships between schools and the private sector. In South Korea, institutions can apply to become ICT Model Schools once they fulfil curriculum requirements and availability of research facilities.

The well-rounded education that International School in Bangkok provides to students between 2 and 18 effectively prepares them for higher education. The students are taught that there is a world outside the classroom where they can pursue their passions, ambitions and interests.


GE Under Pressure To Get Rid Of Auditor

Industrial titan GE has been having a bad year, as, among other things, their investigation insurance wasn’t enough to hold off an SEC inquiry. Now, the company is under pressure to get rid of its long time auditor, KPMG, the firm that’s been responsible for auditing their numbers since the President of the US was William Howard Taft in the early 1900’s.

A few shareholder watchdog group have brought up concerns that GE and KPMG have become lax with things like investigation insurance and auditing during their 109 years working together. Both the Institutional Shareholder Services and Glass-Lewis are asking that GE’s shareholders not ratify KPMG’s position as company auditor at the annual shareholder meeting.

They say that the long standing arrangement has thrown KPMG’s effectiveness as an auditing firm and relation with GE in doubt, and adding that a long-standing relationship with an auditor can lead to them being too close to each other, while bringing in a new auditor can uncover issues that would’ve otherwise needed investigation insurance thanks to being overlooked by the long-time auditor.

The question of whether or not to stick with KPMG is one of many issues GE and its shareholders are dealing with following a bad 2018. Thanks to several bad deal, the company is set to hit a cash crisis, which has resulted in its stock price and coveted dividend dropping by half. There’s also talks that the company is likely to be removed from the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The company’s earnings report in late April, however, offered some hope to the company, as the numbers suggested that the turnaround plan set by company CEO John Flannery is starting to work. However, the industry giant, is still having its accounting procedures under question.

The SEC investigation isn’t the first time GE has been under scrutiny; back in 2009, the SEC charged GE with accounting fraud, saying that GE used extremely aggressive accounting to provide misleading information to investors. The company forked over $50 million to settle the case, but did not deny or admit the veracity of the claims.

GE is currently getting suggestions, with groups like the ISS saying that the company’s under performance and issues with its business model and corporate culture, made abundantly clear with the issues of 2018, showed that the company could use more oversight.


Better Alternative In Joining HDPE Pipes

In piping systems, stresses result from expansion and contraction. In order to compensate for misalignment and lateral, torsional and angular movements, flexible connector are used. The flexible connectors absorb the continuing movements in piping systems and at the same time reduce the noise and vibrations produced.

Polyethylene piping which is made from high density materials has numerous applications in the marine and agriculture industries as well as municipal, mining and landfill sectors. High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes are widely used to transport potable waters, chemicals, wastewater, slurries, compressed gases and hazardous wastes.

The oil and gas industry makes use of HDPE pipes because of their extreme durability, corrosion resistance, high flow characteristics, flexibility and light weight. HDPE is also the preferred solution in many other end-use industries because of its advantages over other materials like PVC, cement, steel and other plastics.

The most common methods of joining HDPE pipes is through heat fusion where two pipe ends and subjected to heat and pressed together to create a permanent joint that will transform individual sections of the pipe into a single continuous pipe line. However, although heat fusion creates strong and reliable joints, the process has its share of challenges.

There are other techniques of joining HDPE pipes that are expected to gain traction over the coming years. Mechanical joining methods like electro fusion, flanged joints, flexible connectors, butt welding and mechanical compression coupling will become more prominent in the future.

The conventional technique of using heat to join HDPE pipes is slowly losing traction. While heat fusion is still popular, the new alternatives of plain end couplings and grooved mechanical couplings are becoming more popular because they are less challenging. Aside from reducing the challenges associated with heat-based joining, new coupling technologies manage to increase the life of the joint. Mechanical couplings are also easier to install on the HDPE joints.

The use of flexible connector ensures weather resistance and robust performance of the piping system. Flexible connectors can absorb the continuing movements that are usually experienced in piping systems because of varying ambient temperatures as well the differences in the temperature of the materials that are being handled.


Continued Demand For Condo Units In Bangkok

This 2018, it is expected that there will be continued demand for the latest condominium that were opened to the public this year. Demand is especially higher in three hotspots – Charan Sanitwong, Thong Lor and Phaya Thai. Many are looking forward to the number of projects that are set to open in these areas. These condos are ideal for those staying long-term in Bangkok while a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit will suffice for those who are staying for only a few days.

Colliers International Thailand is a property consultant firm in Thailand. Its research department’s senior manager is Phattarachai Taweewong and according to him Greater Bangkok will welcome an even higher number of condo units. In the previous year, there was a recorded 58,424 units while this year around 60,000 units will be launching.

He added that developers are set to build and launch more condo projects because they are confident with the current state of the property market in Thailand. They find great potential in locations that are close to the recently completed mass transit system. While things are not picking up so fast on the lower end of the market, there is good news for those that belong in the middle and upper end of the sector as they are deemed to continue being healthy.

The highest number of condo units to be launched is in Thong Lor as there are around 3,300 units available from 11 different projects. The minimum price is quite high because of the prime land costs in the area thus every square meter will cost 250,000 baht.

These new condominiums are developed by listed companies like Ananda and Land & House. Ananda is planning to launch a condo located at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 38 while Land & Houses project is located at the entrance and across Soi Thong Lor.

Sansiri’s future project is to be located in Sukhumvit Soi 34 with a total land area of 495 wah purchased for 332.7 illion baht from its previous owner Prasarttong-Osoth family’s  Bangkok Sky Sukhumvit 34 Co. As more developers are investing into condos, others are buying a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit because of its potential in revenue.