Continued Demand For Condo Units In Bangkok

This 2018, it is expected that there will be continued demand for the latest condominium that were opened to the public this year. Demand is especially higher in three hotspots – Charan Sanitwong, Thong Lor and Phaya Thai. Many are looking forward to the number of projects that are set to open in these areas. These condos are ideal for those staying long-term in Bangkok while a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit will suffice for those who are staying for only a few days.

Colliers International Thailand is a property consultant firm in Thailand. Its research department’s senior manager is Phattarachai Taweewong and according to him Greater Bangkok will welcome an even higher number of condo units. In the previous year, there was a recorded 58,424 units while this year around 60,000 units will be launching.

He added that developers are set to build and launch more condo projects because they are confident with the current state of the property market in Thailand. They find great potential in locations that are close to the recently completed mass transit system. While things are not picking up so fast on the lower end of the market, there is good news for those that belong in the middle and upper end of the sector as they are deemed to continue being healthy.

The highest number of condo units to be launched is in Thong Lor as there are around 3,300 units available from 11 different projects. The minimum price is quite high because of the prime land costs in the area thus every square meter will cost 250,000 baht.

These new condominiums are developed by listed companies like Ananda and Land & House. Ananda is planning to launch a condo located at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 38 while Land & Houses project is located at the entrance and across Soi Thong Lor.

Sansiri’s future project is to be located in Sukhumvit Soi 34 with a total land area of 495 wah purchased for 332.7 illion baht from its previous owner Prasarttong-Osoth family’s  Bangkok Sky Sukhumvit 34 Co. As more developers are investing into condos, others are buying a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit because of its potential in revenue.


Dubai Swimwear Brand For Eco-friendly Surfers

It is important to find the best surf swimwear for women who are always active and riding the waves. Their freedom to move while surfing as well as assurance in staying covered while doing so is important. A swimwear brand from Dubai which was started by two friends from Scandinavia is the talk of the town because they did not only design surf swimwear but they also made it using only recycled materials coming from the sea itself.

Henna Kaarlela and Anna Nielsen got to know each other because they were both in love with surfing. After three years as friends, they realized they have the same pet peeves in the sports they love. It turns out that their talks will lead them to become business partners as well as fashion designers at the same time.

Nielsen is working is a photographer based in Denmark while Kaarlela was working as a freelance producer in Finland but was working there at the time. They met in Dubai at a surf and motorbike shop located in Al Quoz.

Nielsen said that they adore surfing but couldn’t get over the fact that there are no better options when it comes to the swimsuit.

She said that they are looking for something trendy but will stays on at the same time. They wanted to wear something else that is not designed based on athletics alone. They went to Bali together for surfing    and it was there that the idea of a surf suit was conceived.

They launched their brand called Ohoy Swim. The word Ohoy is a Scandinavian term for Ahoy. They decided that they will follow certain principles for their business such as making sure that they only use recycled materials from the sea because the textile industry is also a big contributor in pollution.

Nielsen and Kaarlela were able to partner with Ghost Fishing, a Dutch non-government organization, which is working on gathering all the fishing nets in the world that are dumped, abandoned or lost in the ocean.

Their brand is still a startup in UAE but they plan to create more surf swimwear for women that are not only flattering but also eco-friendly.

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Visa Extension Being Pushed: A Good News For A Hotel Near Terminal 21

In planning for an overseas trip, there are many things you should consider even before you start looking at the current air fares of various airline companies around the world. You see, when you are taking a vacation in an international destination, you have to prepare your wallet and most importantly, yourself for the tons of expenses that you will be facing. Now, if a country that you are planning to visit requires all international tourists to apply for a visa, then that’s something you should take seriously because a visa, whether it’s a tourist visa or a working visa, serves as your protection against discrimination especially if you’re traveling to a specific country for the very first time. In addition to this, a visa will ensure the destination country that you have the intention to go home once your stated days of intended stay are over to avoid getting more illegal immigrants who are overstaying in countries such as the United States and some countries in the Middle East and in the Asia Pacific Region. Now, before you can book your stay at a hotel near Terminal 21 in Bangkok, Thailand, you should make sure that your and your family’s visa have already been approved.

Earlier this month, authorities from the royal government of Thailand have announced that they are now pushing the visa extension scheme specifically for people from countries like Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam (CLMV) and even China who are frequently traveling to Thailand not just to stay at a hotel near Terminal 21 but more importantly, to seek medical attention that is not available from their origin countries. In addition to this, the government has also announced that it’s going to extend long-visa stay and 10-year stay for people from 14 different countries. This move, according to the officials of the Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT is intended to furthermore strengthen and enhance the country’s position as one of the world-class medical hubs around the globe. Just last month, the Thai government has extended the allowed days of stay of tourists who are seeking medical treatments from CLMV and China from 30 days to 90 days.


New Railway Project Announced- Easier Access To Koh Tao Villas

As they say, one of the most prominent signs that country is already growing up economically is that it has a smooth mass transport system like train systems that will take people from one place to another in a zap. You see, if your train system is as good and as smooth-flowing as the ones in Hong Kong or in Sydney in Down Under Australia for example, it will be good for the economy. Why? People won’t be late for work and it can be helpful in furthermore improve the workers’ productivity level because when they are not stressed in going to work by taking the train, they are still fresh and eager to start working. A good train system can also be beneficial to the tourism industry because if the tourists, especially foreign tourists, can go to any tourist destinations in Thailand for example to stay in one of the world famous Koh Tao villas that can offer intimate privacy and relaxation to vacationists, then more and more tourists will be encouraged to visit the place because they will find it easier to travel by train than by car or even bus.


Just last June 24, 2017, the transportation officials in Thailand have announced that a new railway development project is set to emerged. The said development project is set to connect the marine attractions that are found along the Gulf of Thailand, to the Andaman Sea. The said project will run on a 77-kilometre single track that will have the combination of existing rail tracks and new line which is going to be built Surat Thani. When completed, the said railway system will connect Surat Thani with two other state plans which will lay own rail tracks in Phangnga and a separate rail system in Phuket. In addition to this, the transportation officials of Thailand have also announced that an additional line along Highway 44 towards Highway 401 before ending in Don Sak where tourists can take the ferry to be able to stay at one of the Koh Tao villas. This will be a good news especially for the tourism industry because the railway project will help tourists travel better.


Effective Tips To Reduce Costs For Beachfront Villa In Koh Samui

Going on a vacation whether locally or across countries would mean spending a huge amount of money and may even require you to spend a portion of your savings. The accommodation alone for a beachfront villa in Koh Samui would already eat up a big portion of your holiday budget then you still have to think of your ticket expenses, local transportation, meal expenses, shopping and other needs. The good news is that you can still have an enjoyable vacation without over spending or going beyond your budget. Here are some tips.

Set aside a budget

One of the important aspects of your vacation is your budget. Create a list of all the things that you need to allocate budget for. This will give you an idea on how much you are going to set aside for your holiday or if there is still a need for you to save up. Stick to your budget but make sure that you have with you an emergency cash or credit cards.

Research on the internet

To lower your travel expenses, research online to find great hotels inKohSamui. Look for hotels that offer discount or promos and one that has more complimentary services. Another way to lower your expenses is to book in advance to get lower accommodation rates. Consider sending an email to the hotel manager to find out how you can get a discounted beachfront villa in KohSamui. Avoid last minute booking to save money. Plan your trip a few months or weeks before travelling for you to have ample time to plan everything out. Another option is to bundle services to minimize your travel costs. Booking or staying longer in a hotel can also reduce your hotel costs or you can even request for an update.

Look for special deals

There are hotel deals that can greatly reduce your beachfront villa in Koh Samui expenses such as free shuttle service from the airport and back, complimentary daily breakfast and free Wi-Fi connectivity. These services may sound minimal but they can lower down your overall expenses.

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Air India Offering Flights To Bangkok Soon

The winter schedule of Air India has been released at the Chandigarh International Airport and according to it, there will be a flight departing from Chandigarh going to Bangkok. Travelers can now book a room at compact hotel in Bangkok because the same schedule indicated that the new flight route of the airline will start from October of this year.

Officials of the airlines have already hinted that it is possible that the flight might be available earlier than expected. Air India has already made a formal announcement regarding their new flight route which will offer passengers a direct flight from Chandigarh going to Bangkok. Air India’s Chairman and Managing Director, AshwaniLohani, revealed that initially it was planned for the flight to be available by the first week of June. However, it will not be happening and the schedule was changed accordingly.

According to sources from the airport, the flight to Bangkok is already published at the winter schedule of the airline. A senior official working at the airport revealed that the slot has already been awarded to Air India for their new direct flight and it will take off in October. He also clarified that because the flight was scheduled for the winter season, it does not mean that flight will not be available earlier. It is the airline that will decide if there are possible changes.

Sunil Dutt, the CEO of the Chandigarh airport said that details are already complete for the Bangkok flight which is estimated to start on October. It does not mean that it couldn’t start earlier or even after the said date.

The counsel for Air India expressed to the Punjab as well as the Haryana High court that they are doing the best they can in order for the flight to be accessible sooner than scheduled. Meanwhile, tourists planning to visit Bangkok can book an accommodation at various hotels such as compact hotel in Bangkok as soon as final details have been finalized. Currently, the airport is only operating two other international flights.

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Thailand Hotels At Its Best

It has been said that Thailand’s offerings of hotels and accommodations are one of the best in the world. Some travel and booking websites have conducted surveys to determine the opinions and recommendations of people who are fond of travelling and going on adventures all over the world. is one of these websites that has conducted this survey and has provided awards to the places that are worth recognising.

This year, Thailand has ranked 10th globally in the Gold Award-winning properties survey that has been conducted. This is for the “Loved by Guests Awards 2017” which are based on real guest reviews. This year, with the rise of a number of hotels around like some modern hotel in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai are on the top of the list of having the most Gold hotels in Thailand. Hanoi, Siem Reap, and Tokyo are also the top three regional destinations for prize-winning properties.

These hotels are being judged according to these categories and the guests themselves do these:

  • Luxury
  • Business
  • Boutique
  • Beach
  • Family
  • Spa, and
  • New

It was not easy in choosing the different winners for the awards as this is based on an analysis of more than 25 million reviews from guests for around 2500 hotels all over the world across around 87countries. All of which are recognised as outstanding hotels.

The recipients of the gold award in Thailand are the big hotels like the Mandarin Oriental, Siam Kempinski, and The Peninsula. However, Pimalai Resort and Spa on KohLantra earned the highest score of 4.9 nationwide. There are also other hotels that brought home gold awards including the following Ariyasom Villa, Sala Ayutthaya and Rachamankha.

Given the popularity of Thailand and its great accommodations and hotels, there are a number of hotels rising around the area and in the country. There are a lot of luxury hotels rising around Bangkok, modern hotel in Sukhumvit are rising in numbers and quality, and there are more options to choose from when visiting Thailand.