Effective Tips To Reduce Costs For Beachfront Villa In Koh Samui

Going on a vacation whether locally or across countries would mean spending a huge amount of money and may even require you to spend a portion of your savings. The accommodation alone for a beachfront villa in Koh Samui would already eat up a big portion of your holiday budget then you still have to think of your ticket expenses, local transportation, meal expenses, shopping and other needs. The good news is that you can still have an enjoyable vacation without over spending or going beyond your budget. Here are some tips.

Set aside a budget

One of the important aspects of your vacation is your budget. Create a list of all the things that you need to allocate budget for. This will give you an idea on how much you are going to set aside for your holiday or if there is still a need for you to save up. Stick to your budget but make sure that you have with you an emergency cash or credit cards.

Research on the internet

To lower your travel expenses, research online to find great hotels inKohSamui. Look for hotels that offer discount or promos and one that has more complimentary services. Another way to lower your expenses is to book in advance to get lower accommodation rates. Consider sending an email to the hotel manager to find out how you can get a discounted beachfront villa in KohSamui. Avoid last minute booking to save money. Plan your trip a few months or weeks before travelling for you to have ample time to plan everything out. Another option is to bundle services to minimize your travel costs. Booking or staying longer in a hotel can also reduce your hotel costs or you can even request for an update.

Look for special deals

There are hotel deals that can greatly reduce your beachfront villa in Koh Samui expenses such as free shuttle service from the airport and back, complimentary daily breakfast and free Wi-Fi connectivity. These services may sound minimal but they can lower down your overall expenses.

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Air India Offering Flights To Bangkok Soon

The winter schedule of Air India has been released at the Chandigarh International Airport and according to it, there will be a flight departing from Chandigarh going to Bangkok. Travelers can now book a room at compact hotel in Bangkok because the same schedule indicated that the new flight route of the airline will start from October of this year.

Officials of the airlines have already hinted that it is possible that the flight might be available earlier than expected. Air India has already made a formal announcement regarding their new flight route which will offer passengers a direct flight from Chandigarh going to Bangkok. Air India’s Chairman and Managing Director, AshwaniLohani, revealed that initially it was planned for the flight to be available by the first week of June. However, it will not be happening and the schedule was changed accordingly.

According to sources from the airport, the flight to Bangkok is already published at the winter schedule of the airline. A senior official working at the airport revealed that the slot has already been awarded to Air India for their new direct flight and it will take off in October. He also clarified that because the flight was scheduled for the winter season, it does not mean that flight will not be available earlier. It is the airline that will decide if there are possible changes.

Sunil Dutt, the CEO of the Chandigarh airport said that details are already complete for the Bangkok flight which is estimated to start on October. It does not mean that it couldn’t start earlier or even after the said date.

The counsel for Air India expressed to the Punjab as well as the Haryana High court that they are doing the best they can in order for the flight to be accessible sooner than scheduled. Meanwhile, tourists planning to visit Bangkok can book an accommodation at various hotels such as compact hotel in Bangkok as soon as final details have been finalized. Currently, the airport is only operating two other international flights.

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Thailand Hotels At Its Best

It has been said that Thailand’s offerings of hotels and accommodations are one of the best in the world. Some travel and booking websites have conducted surveys to determine the opinions and recommendations of people who are fond of travelling and going on adventures all over the world. Hotel.com is one of these websites that has conducted this survey and has provided awards to the places that are worth recognising.

This year, Thailand has ranked 10th globally in the Gold Award-winning properties Hotels.com survey that has been conducted. This is for the “Loved by Guests Awards 2017” which are based on real guest reviews. This year, with the rise of a number of hotels around like some modern hotel in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai are on the top of the list of having the most Gold hotels in Thailand. Hanoi, Siem Reap, and Tokyo are also the top three regional destinations for prize-winning properties.

These hotels are being judged according to these categories and the guests themselves do these:

  • Luxury
  • Business
  • Boutique
  • Beach
  • Family
  • Spa, and
  • New

It was not easy in choosing the different winners for the awards as this is based on an analysis of more than 25 million reviews from guests for around 2500 hotels all over the world across around 87countries. All of which are recognised as outstanding hotels.

The recipients of the gold award in Thailand are the big hotels like the Mandarin Oriental, Siam Kempinski, and The Peninsula. However, Pimalai Resort and Spa on KohLantra earned the highest score of 4.9 nationwide. There are also other hotels that brought home gold awards including the following Ariyasom Villa, Sala Ayutthaya and Rachamankha.

Given the popularity of Thailand and its great accommodations and hotels, there are a number of hotels rising around the area and in the country. There are a lot of luxury hotels rising around Bangkok, modern hotel in Sukhumvit are rising in numbers and quality, and there are more options to choose from when visiting Thailand.


Festivals In Vietnam: Filling Up A Designer Hotel In Saigon

Festivals, regardless where they are held, are considerably fun events. In many ways, these festivals, both traditional and newer kinds of festivals especially in the digital age that we are living in right now, have the capability to draw a huge amount of crowd. That’s is the reason why festivals are one of the events that are undergo huge number of heavy and serious preparations that usually take up to 1 year before the actual date of the festival. In Vietnam, especially in the city of Saigon, the Vietnamese tourism sector, together with the city’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has started implementing a new  tourism strategy which include the promoting the traditional festivals as an alternative measure to lure more tourists to visit the country. This new strategy, labelled as the Vietnam Tourism Development Strategy, will run up to the year 2020 as it is intended for the purpose of developing new tourism-related products for each region that have close relations to the said festivals. Assuming that this strategy works out positively, just imagine the number of vacationists that fill up a designer hotel in Saigon especially when there are festivals that are about to be held in the premises in the city.

One of the main reasons why Vietnam tourism officials are pushing promoting festivals as a tool to lure more tourist arrivals is that there are a grand total of 54 ethnic group in the country of Vietnam who have been holding various festivals and the officials are believing that each of the said festivals can become a potential tourist attraction. These festivals, according to tourism officials, can help create new products and recreate old products to make their vast line up of tourism-related products more attractive especially foreign visitors who make the super majority of the tourist visits throughout the country.  Promoting the traditional festivals in Vietnam will not only fill up a designer hotel in Saigon. If properly employed, Vietnam’s new strategy in luring more tourist arrivals will make sure that there will be a viable growth in the tourism industry. Most importantly, it will hugely help in preserving the traditional cultural values of the Vietnamese.


The Best Tourist Destinations In Thailand According To Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor, an international travel website has recently released Travelers Choice Listings for 2017. Included in the list are 5 of the most loved tourist destinations which are all in Thailand. Top 25 Best Destinations in Asia for 2017 include the southern islands of Phuket, Ko Samui and Ko Tao as well as the cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

The five destinations always make an appearance at the top of Trip Advisor’s Travelers Choice Listing which is based on the quantity and quality of reviews from visitors and ratings on the website of Trip Advisor that was generated from the previous 12-month period.

According to Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Phuket that took 3rd place, Ko Samui at 7th place and Ko Tao at 11th place are considered as the best beaches in Asia. Visitors to Thailand can experience a tropical paradise with warm waters and swaying palms while waiting for an authentic Thai seafood dinner.

In contrast to beaches, Bangkok and Chiang Mai are bustling cities that offer shopping, culture, food and history. According to reviews from Trip Advisor’s travelers, Bangkok is well loved because of the floating markets, golden palaces and porcelain-laid spires. Meanwhile Chiang Mai is more known for its night markets, ancient temples and magnificent botanical gardens.

Phuket which happens to be rated as the 10th Best in World by Trip Advisor’s travelers has blue lagoons and spectacular sunsets. Ko Samui in the Gulf of Thailand is considered unique because it allows visitors to experience local culture and fishing communities. Ko Tao which is also located in the Gulf of Thailand boasts of 300 hundred days of sunshine every year.

Meanwhile, Trip Advisor is the world’s largest travel website that gathers reviews from millions of travelers that have experienced various destinations, hotels, attractions and restaurants from all over the world.

If you are searching for Pattaya property, your best option is to work with a reputable and professional real estate agency that is knowledgeable and experienced on houses for sale and condos for sale in the region. Their guidance is very important particularly if you are not familiar with Pattaya.


Business Trips Getting Stretched Out To Leisure

According to a study by Luth Research, a tourism research firm, the business travelers that extend business trips with recreation are an increasing segment in the global travel market.

Results from the study

The study that was commissioned by the Expedia Media Solutions revealed that about 43 percent of the business trips in the United States are combined with some leisure days, with a lot of trips that last for at least four days.

According to Candice Rab, who is Luth Research’s senior vice-president for latest products and business development, some American business travelers that are participating in team buildings, client meetings, conferences or conventions want to extend trips to leisure since about 60 percent of them do not have normal holidays.

Additionally, 66 percent of the business travelers lean towards spending extra money on recreational activities. Around 84 percent of leisure trips are done in a similar city as that business trip, and 84 percent of these travelers also remain in that similar hotel.

Money on leisure activities

Destinations are the primary research topic and top decisions, with restaurant scene and sightseeing as main influences.

The study indicated that 85 percent of these trips were for sightseeing, 63 percent at the beaches, and 57 percent for food. The top 5 cities for these business leisure trips are in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York.

Attending events is also adding to the leisure time, with 86 percent going to cultural or festive events, 76 percent to sporting events, and 64 percent to music concerts.

The experts of Luth Research mentioned that even though this study centred primarily on the business leisure travels in the United States, the business traveler behaviour in other parts in the world is the same with American peers.

Summing up

With the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and the Tourism Authority of Thailand honing in on the meeting, incentive, convention and exhibition (MICE) travelers, the tourism and hospitality sectors, regardless if that is a business of a hotel near BTS Sala Daeng or in other parts of Bangkok, are going to benefit from this especially that, based from TCEB, a Mice traveler’s average spending is three times greater compared to other tourist types.


Chinese Travelers Prefer Thailand As Their Holiday Destination

Based on the results of a new research conducted by Hotels.com, Thailand ranked second in 2015 as the country that is highly favored by Chinese travelers. The top destination for overseas Chinese travelers is the United States. The preference for the US has remained unchanged since 2014. Hotels.com based the rankings on the number of rooms that were booked on the website’s Chinese version. Information has been gathered through the 5th annual “Chinese International Travel Monitor” that collected answers from 3,000 Chinese tourists that traveled abroad in 2015.

Other countries that are also frequently visited by Chinese travelers include Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, South Korea, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. Among the specific cities preferred by the Chinese as their international destination, it was Hong Kong and not the US which was the most visited city. Second most visited city is Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. This certainly makes sense because Bangkok and Hong Kong are just a few hours away from Mainland China.

The report of Hotels.com also included the countries that the Chinese found to best most welcoming. The list includes Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand. However, will the data for 2016 remain the same? Remember the Thailand boycott by Chinese tourists after a Thai’s social media post about the Chinese tourists’ unruly behavior has gone viral.

For now, Thailand is on the 6th place of the top ten destinations that the Chinese hope to visit in the coming year. The top spot went to Australia.

Why is all these data very important? Chinese travelers are considered as the top global spenders. The report also revealed that 92% of Chinese travelers plan to maintain or increase their spending when they visit the scenic destinations. A third plan to spend more on travel in spite of the slowing economy.

In Thailand, it is relatively easy to travel because of the presence of trains and public buses. To Book a train in Thailand, your best option is to buy tickets from online websites. The process of booking is simple and easy because you can find all the routes on the homepage.

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