Should Insurance Companies Start Including Rehab Costs Into Their Plans?

It’d an extremely unfortunate event for someone to get into a serious addiction for drug abuse. It gets even worse when this person is also looking for treatment but is unable to find it. This is the story of a young cheerleader from a Missouri high school who was indirectly addicted to heroin and opioids, and could later not find proper rehab treatment, and therefore died.

At the tender age of 16, she had suffered a serious car accident, where she was prescribed some strong painkillers called hydrocone which had an addictive effect. She was prescribed the medicine for six months, but due to its addictive effects, she could not stop herself and it slowly became an addiction for her. A few years down the line this addiction to drugs had turned into a lethal addiction to heroin. After a large overdose one sat, she died from an overdose. But the worst part of this phenomenon is that she actually wanted help to get her out of this addiction. She wanted to seek the best rehab services to cure of her addiction to this opioid. But unfortunately, her insurance couldn’t, or rather wouldn’t cover the cost of her rehab fees, and thus she could not attend rehab. Samantha’s mother states that if she had received the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation at the right time, the death of her daughter could have been avoided.

JulieannGideon, the mother of Samantha, got to know of Samantha’s addiction only a year after she had started started taking the painkillers for the accident. But she wasn’t aware of how severe the problem would turn, and she assumed that her daughter was taking extra pills for the pain. Only later, in the winter of 2015 did her daughter actually reveal to her mother, her heroin addiction. She also stated how she desperately wanted to stop using this drug, and wanted to come back to her normal life. Her mother suggested that she try and get the best rehab services for heroin, to cure her of the addiction, so she took her to a nearby treatment center but this is when the insurance company made claims stating that they could not help her.


What You Need To Know Before Starting Your Business Of Web Designing

Website designers perth is increasingly becoming popular in the internet age. There are plenty of computer enthusiasts who wish to join in the bandwagon and do their fair share of designing websites.

The idea of freelancing in order to earn extra income is very good. However, if you are planning to start a business that will generate full time income through web designing, you need to consider some things first.

  • Keep in mind that web designing is a commodity. There are plenty of do-it-yourself options presented in the internet. This follows that your potential client has a lot of choices and usually has no clear basis to make his decision. You should acknowledge this fact early so that you can break out from the commoditization trap.
  • Selling is a skill that you need to acquire. If you are not the type of person who is willing to go to extra lengths in order to sell your services and products then you need to consider partnering with someone who can do the sales talk for you.
  • Prospecting for a business has never been optional. Sales will be achieved after a prospect agrees to discuss things with you. Finding people who are willing to sit down and talk with you regarding your products and services will require prospecting. While it is not really impossible to expand your business through word of mouth, this pattern is an exception to the general rule which calls for a prospecting plan.
  • Cold calling will work. Though cold calling is often regarded by experts as an ineffective way to obtain new client, in the real world it often works. Unless clients are expressing negative sentiments to your business proposal, never be too quick to dismiss a cold calling from a prospective client.

Prospective clients are not there to buy your skills. Business owners do not really care the level of HTML skills that you have. They value those vendors instead that produce great results. Business owners are more concerned on what puts money in their pocket. If your services will not directly impact the net income of a business, then you will not be successful in your endeavor.