Melbourne Same-Sex Couple Getting Married Before Christmas Time

With the approval of the federal parliament of same-sex marriage, it is expected that marquee hire in Melbourne will be one of the booming business in the wedding industry. While everyone is expecting the first gay wedding to happen at the beginning of next year, this may happen sooner because of a Melbourne couple. Stephanie Dybal with her partner, Megan Stapleton, is tying the knot on the 21st of December.

The two have been planning the wedding for months but it was originally thought to be a non-binding ceremony. Their plan to wed came before the approval of the federal parliament of marriage equality.

When the legislation was signed in Canberra, it is required that the couples should give at least a month’s notice before their wedding day thus it is expected that the first same-sex wedding is not going to happen until January 9.

The approval was given to the couple in order for their union to be recognized as legally binding on the grounds that they have been preparing for many months already and many of their relatives are coming to Melbourne for the ceremony.

Jason Tuazon-McCheyne, a gay rights activist as well as their wedding celebrant, said that approval has been granted by Births, Deaths and Marriages. Both their families are flying to attend and accommodations are already booked and everything is already paid in May of this year, a time when no one thought there will be changes with the marriage law.

He explained that they did not plan to be the first couple as a stunt or to gain attention. It was just a coincidence that everything is already planned and booked.

There is a big possibility that there might be same-sex couples in Australia who will be allowed to get married regardless of the mandatory one-month notice.

Tuazon-McCheynehas been known as an active contributor in promotion of same-sex marriage. He even appealed for the family court to legally recognize their same-sex wedding which was held in Canada.

With the expected number of same-sex couples to wed next year, marquee hire in Melbourne will be seeing an increase in bookings.

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Pink Promise To Be Auctioned At Christie’s HK For US$42 Million

Nothing best expresses love and commitment than diamond engagement rings in Melbourne that embody uniqueness in every aspect. Any women will be immensely pleased to receive a diamond ring of supreme quality. For the male out there, make sure though to take into account the type, cut and quality of the diamond ring you are going to use to make the marriage proposal.

However, there are diamonds that are beyond the powers of an ordinary human to own. For example, the “Pink Promise” which is scheduled for auction at Christie’s in Hong Kong is worth a staggering US$42 million price tag. The Pink Promise is an enormous oval-shaped 14.93 carat pink diamond that forms the centrepiece of a diamond-studded ring.

According to a spokesman from Christie’s the Pink Promise is one of the most important diamonds to be sold because of its colour and clarity. Fung Chiang of Christie’s jewellery department told AFP that a pink diamond is very rare making it extremely valuable. No other piece in their diamond production shares the same unique beauty as the Pink Promise.

Researchers do not understand “exact structural defect” which causes the appealing pink colour. Less than 2% of the diamond production every year produces coloured diamonds. According to Christie’s auction house in Hong Kong, the Pink Promise will go under the hammer on November 8 this year.

Feverish bidding in Hong Kong auction houses was not dented by the ongoing anti-corruption drive in Mainland China. Auction house Sotheby was able to sell an antique 1,000-year old bowl from China’s Song Dynasty for US$7.7 million to an anonymous bidder. It broke the record for Chinese ceramics.

Early this year, “Pink Star” a giant diamond broke the record for gemstones that are sold at auction when it fetched US$71.2 million at Sotheby’s auction house. Chow Tai Fookjewellery chain won the bid for the 59.60 carat diamond.

Love can be expressed through diamond engagement rings in Melbourne that do not cost millions of dollars. An impressive selection of high quality diamond rings is available for affordable price tags. The engagement rings are created from exceptional craftsmanship to make it different from the rings available in the jewellery market.


3 Tips To Save On Wedding Planner In Sydney

Planning for a wedding is not just time consuming and stressful, they can also incur expenses apart from the expenses on the wedding day itself. With everything that needs to be done, having a wedding planner in Sydney would be a wise decision that couples can have. The professional service of a wedding planner can amount to $3,000 though the amount vary depending on some factors such as the client’s location, the wedding date, design and other relevant details. It might sound costly but there are a lot of ways to reduce your wedding expenses. Here are some tips:

Choose a planner wisely

If you are working on a budget, you may consider hiring newbies or wedding planners who are looking for experience as they collect lower professional fee.You might also want to contact an experienced wedding planner in Sydney and try to negotiate on the rates. In order to negotiate better on the rates, pick a date that falls on low wedding season.  A newbie wedding planner is still looking for experience so it would be easier to negotiate with their rates. They are also interested to expand their network in the industry so they are easier to deal with.

Look for cheaper options

Another way to save money on wedding preparations is to look at different available options. For instance, instead of getting the services of professional wedding videographers and photographers, you may consider hiring students or newbies in the field. Ask around for music students in your local college or members of a local band who can sing on your wedding. You may also want to hire a local florist with locally grown flowers instead of buying imported ones. Find out from your local florist for cheaper yet impressive flower arrangements that you can have.

Order local supplies

To lower your wedding costs, buy from your local producers. Instead of buying imported wines, find out if you have local suppliers of exquisite wines. You can also save money by ordering your wedding gown from a local seamstress instead of buying abroad. Consult your chosen wedding planner in Sydney to find out how you can get quality services and products at a lower price.