Causes Of HCG Supplement Failure

No matter how effective your chosen HCG supplement is and no matter how reliable the manufacturer is, your weight loss endeavor is bound to fail if you would not take necessary steps to make your weight loss successful. Here are some reasons why HCG diet fails.

Not following instructions

One of the usual errors of dieters is not reading protocols and even if they read it, they fail to follow the instructions. HCG diet should be taken seriously with its recommendations strictly followed if you want to see your desired results. There are different protocols for every HCG supplement. For instance, HCG drops should be taken 30 minutes before taking meals and in those 30 minutes, you should not eat or drink liquids. You should not also brush your teeth immediately after taking HCG drops. Give ample time to allow HCG to seep in to your system. You should also take HCG drops by placing them underneath your tongue. Give it 60 seconds before swallowing the remaining liquid in your mouth. Make sure to read instructions before you start taking HCG supplement. Consult your doctor to be sure especially if you have health issues or pregnant.


Going on a diet requires you to be disciplined with your food intake. It also requires you to cut back on sugary and fatty food. If sweets like cakes and bacons are your idea of heaven, you have to forget about them for a while. There are numerous HCG diet plans available online to help you cope with the sudden changes in your diet and also to lessen your cravings.

Using fake HCG supplement

One of the gross mistakes that you can possibly commit while taking HCG supplement is buying fake products online and believe me, there are lots of them on the internet. To be sure that you will not waste your money, make sure that you only purchase your hormone supplement from reliable sources. If possible, purchase HCG supplement directly from the manufacturers. Choose a supplier with money back guarantee and one that has positive reviews and ratings from customers.