Chinese Travelers Prefer Thailand As Their Holiday Destination

Based on the results of a new research conducted by, Thailand ranked second in 2015 as the country that is highly favored by Chinese travelers. The top destination for overseas Chinese travelers is the United States. The preference for the US has remained unchanged since 2014. based the rankings on the number of rooms that were booked on the website’s Chinese version. Information has been gathered through the 5th annual “Chinese International Travel Monitor” that collected answers from 3,000 Chinese tourists that traveled abroad in 2015.

Other countries that are also frequently visited by Chinese travelers include Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, South Korea, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. Among the specific cities preferred by the Chinese as their international destination, it was Hong Kong and not the US which was the most visited city. Second most visited city is Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. This certainly makes sense because Bangkok and Hong Kong are just a few hours away from Mainland China.

The report of also included the countries that the Chinese found to best most welcoming. The list includes Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand. However, will the data for 2016 remain the same? Remember the Thailand boycott by Chinese tourists after a Thai’s social media post about the Chinese tourists’ unruly behavior has gone viral.

For now, Thailand is on the 6th place of the top ten destinations that the Chinese hope to visit in the coming year. The top spot went to Australia.

Why is all these data very important? Chinese travelers are considered as the top global spenders. The report also revealed that 92% of Chinese travelers plan to maintain or increase their spending when they visit the scenic destinations. A third plan to spend more on travel in spite of the slowing economy.

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By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Travel