Combining Technology And Elegance To Create A Calm Working Environment

Cisco the telecommunications giant has designed its new headquarters in Australia to show clients how to combine technology and elegance to create a calm and peaceful working environment. In traditional offices, staff will usually leave immediately for local restaurants and cafes during their breaks but with Cisco’s design, an employee only has to stand up from the work desk, walk a few metres, grab a cup of coffee and sit on a kitchen bench. The scenario is similar to those working at home.

At the Cisco headquarters, the eating areas are installed at the centre with an open concept work space that overlooks Sydney’s skyline. According to Cisco’s ANZ vice president Ken Boal, it is important to keep the employees happy because the war for talents has become rather competitive. Cisco also wants to show its clients who buy Cisco equipment how they can build an office environment around technology. According to Mr. Boal, their architectural partners are prepared to show clients how the office environment is created.

About 500 staff will be moving from their old headquarters that is just down the road. One floor in the new headquarters is a pre-booked meeting room that is equipped with Cisco video conferencing screens. Another room can be used for teleconferencing and includes a panel display that allows the local meeting to connect with other participants visually.

Aside from work desks, two floors are equipped with small videos that staff can use when they communicate with colleagues locally or through video conferencing. Since Cisco provides its staff with the opportunity to work remotely, they were able to reduce office space by at least 25%.

Another development is personalization wherein staff can nominate whether they prefer low light or high light environment. They can also choose their work temperature and the preferences will be configured automatically.

When undertaking office fitouts, business equipment and other special requirements of the client are considered. For example, it there is IT equipment, office fitouts in Canberra will ensure that cabling is hidden under floors and behind walls so that it will not negatively affect the aesthetics of the workplace.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business