Create A Wonderful Ambience For Your Party Marquee With The Right Table Linen

The overall ambience of a party marquee depends on selecting the right type of furniture like tables and chairs. The nature of the event or party, the size of the marquee and the theme of the occasion play a major role in selecting the suitable furniture for the marquee. Once you have chosen the tables and chairs, the next important task is to dress them up. The major task in dressing up the tables and chairs is choosing the right table linen that matches with the overall decoration scheme.

There are different components of table linen such as tablecloths, placemats, napkins and runners. There are many varieties of table linen available with the marquee hire in Sydney providers to match with different themes. They can help you choose correct combination of table linen to enhance the overall decor of the marquee.

Table linen is available in a wide range of fabrics, designs, patterns and colours to choose from.  Selecting the right fabric and design will help you to design a right setting for the party and also showcase your unique style. Consult your event planner or the specialist at marquee hire in Sydney Company to help you with the selection of table linen. Some important points to keep in mind while selecting the table linen.

  • Select the linen according to the shape and size of the tables. A marquee may have different tables for decoration, dining and utility. Keep the sizes and shapes of all these tables in mind before selecting the suitable linen. Also determine the number of tables depending on the guest list. The size of the tables may vary, if you have a combination of adults and kids in the guest list. Keep all these points in mind before selecting table linen.
  • Choose proper colours for table linen. Table linen is available in all imaginable colours and patterns. Select the right colour to match with the overall colour scheme of the event. The colour of the linen should complement the decor and not distract from it.
  • Determine the overall decoration scheme of the marquee. Work with your event planner, decorator and marquee hire in Sydney to determine the perfect decor for the event. Choose all the elements of the decoration to complement each other and enhance the overall visual appeal to create a smart ambience.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business