Dubai Swimwear Brand For Eco-friendly Surfers

It is important to find the best surf swimwear for women who are always active and riding the waves. Their freedom to move while surfing as well as assurance in staying covered while doing so is important. A swimwear brand from Dubai which was started by two friends from Scandinavia is the talk of the town because they did not only design surf swimwear but they also made it using only recycled materials coming from the sea itself.

Henna Kaarlela and Anna Nielsen got to know each other because they were both in love with surfing. After three years as friends, they realized they have the same pet peeves in the sports they love. It turns out that their talks will lead them to become business partners as well as fashion designers at the same time.

Nielsen is working is a photographer based in Denmark while Kaarlela was working as a freelance producer in Finland but was working there at the time. They met in Dubai at a surf and motorbike shop located in Al Quoz.

Nielsen said that they adore surfing but couldn’t get over the fact that there are no better options when it comes to the swimsuit.

She said that they are looking for something trendy but will stays on at the same time. They wanted to wear something else that is not designed based on athletics alone. They went to Bali together for surfing    and it was there that the idea of a surf suit was conceived.

They launched their brand called Ohoy Swim. The word Ohoy is a Scandinavian term for Ahoy. They decided that they will follow certain principles for their business such as making sure that they only use recycled materials from the sea because the textile industry is also a big contributor in pollution.

Nielsen and Kaarlela were able to partner with Ghost Fishing, a Dutch non-government organization, which is working on gathering all the fishing nets in the world that are dumped, abandoned or lost in the ocean.

Their brand is still a startup in UAE but they plan to create more surf swimwear for women that are not only flattering but also eco-friendly.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Travel