Enhance The Look Of Your Car With Leather Seat Covers

Want to improve the look of your car? New leather seat covers can do the twist.

These seat covers can come in many various types, with varying colors to choose from, especially depending on one’s taste, preference and budget.

Kisseka Market dealer in car parts, William Kigozi says, new seat covers instantly provide the interior of one’s car a new look and feel. He insists that those planning to resell their cars can redress their car seats with leather seat covers, to make it look like new, and sell it for a higher price.

Plastic Seat Covers

According to Kigozi, “Plastic seat covers are typically utilized in commercial vehicles like taxicabs. However, people owning private cars try to shun them as these can easily get cracked and go old, which may tear away some clothes.”

“However, plastic covers are easier to use as you only need a damp rag to wipe away the dirt and it’s good to go,” he adds.

Cloth Seat Cover

The seat covers are mostly favored by those in the public transportation. They last longer and are inexpensive.

However, taxi driver Denis Mugambe claims that cloth seat covers can easily get dirty.

“Some passengers refuse to ride taxicabs with filthy seat covers. These also take time to dry especially when washed. Many times, the stain remains on the seat covers,” he adds.

Soft Leather Seat Cover

Kigozi noted that, “The soft leather seat covers are both used by private and commercial car owners. They come in different colors and prices.”

“These seat covers add warmth and are comfortable to sit in. The seat covers are easy to clean as there are available sprays used for cleaning. You will just have to dust them away,” he adds.

Pure Leather Seat Covers

“These types of car seat covers are most favored by high class people and some motorists,” says Kigozi.

“They make orders of pure leather seat covers, with prices ranging from $5000 and above. It will also depend on the make and the size of the vehicle. They can also choose a desired color depending on how it is used. However, colors like black, brown, grey and red are most favored by motorists,” he said.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Brands