Featuring the Moto Guzzi Guide Book

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, owning one is not enough. You might be able to check the features of a Moto Guzzi for sale in the UK but you will not be able to satisfy your curiosity until you know everything about the model, the brand and everything behind it. Now there is a simple solution to this problem, The Complete Book of Moto Guzzi. This is a comprehensive guide made by Ian Falloon, widely known to be a motorcycle historian. This is not his first published book as he has published a list of books already.

He is known to be partial with the Italian marques and this book will be able to provide answer to all the burning questions from people who are curious about Guzzi. This will be interesting to people who are currently owners of a Guzzi model. There are facts that might surprise many as there are things in the book known only to a few number of people.

Upon reading the book, one will realize how successful the sales of Moto Guzzi that it was able to save the thriving company after the end of the World War II. The firm hit a glitch financially and the economy was not so great but this basic transportation was able to salvage the company and they were able to venture into racing once more, a passion Italians are known for.

Carlo Guzzi, a pilot in the World War 1, was the founder of the Guzzi marquee in 1921. He created it along with two of his close friends. The first model created was calledNormale and it has a four-stroke engine with 500 cc capacity. The engine at that time was pointing forward. The same concept was used for the next 45 years after its conception.

Change happened after the end of the World War II and the lines they were previously creating was no longer popular among Italians as the price is too high for their current status. This is when smaller bikes were developed.

Currently, Piaggio is the owner of the Moto Guzzi. It is available in various countries and there is Moto Guzzi for sale in the UK which is sold at affordable prices depending on the model and features.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Brands