Free Legal Advice Created Positive Effects To Startups In Wisconsin State

It is a known fact that many of the students who are studying law are quite eager to have their share of experiences when it comes to business and the startup world behind it. The problem lies with these starting entrepreneurs who have no resources when it comes to acquiring their own stock in trade.

In order to comply with this requirement, a program was established by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School which is called Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic. This was started in 2009 and is offering students legal advice for free concerning entrepreneurship all over the state of Wisconsin.

Nowadays, many of the clinic’s previous clients who were give free legal advice have started venturing into bigger investments. The predecessor of EatStreet is the Badger Bites and it is now one of the startups within the state that is growing at an increasing rate. Eatstreet is a provide services to thousands of restaurants in the state through online ordering of their deliveries.

According to Anne Smith, the director of Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic and an assistant clinical professor of law, their organization has three goals – students must be given academic experiences which are challenging, the client’s work product must be high quality and the state must be able to benefit economically.

Smith also revealed that every year there are around 80 law students coming from the second and third year are applying positions that are only about 15 to 20 vacancies. She also divulged that many of their students have their heart on business law but without inkling on how to start. These students are mostly intrigued by the field and wanted to have client experience.

According to one of the students who have been in the clinic for a year, Jennifer Carter, the experience was a nice deviation from the usual school routine. She was able to do real work and learned valuable things as well. The good news is that Carter was hired by one of the previous clients in the clinic and is now working there.

This only proves that legal advice is important for success anywhere in the world including Thailand.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Legal