Harvard Graduate Comes A Long Way From Tutoring Cousins

Tutoring can be a great business to start because you would not only be making profits out of it you also get to help a lot of people, particularly the kids, who are experiencing various difficulties with their studies. Right now, there are many successful tutoring businesses like Bee Academic Tutoring, for example, and most of the time, the reasons that tutoring company owners is based on their own difficulties and experiences.

Salman Khan, however, was a different case. He began his tutorial career with helping his cousins but he didn’t know that it was only the beginning of a successful career.

Who would ever guess that from tutoring his cousins in algebra, he would also soon be creating a community that will reach millions of people around the world? With that being said, it is safe to say that he has definitely put his Harvard MBA to good use.

Salman Khan is the founder and creator of Khan Academy. It is a website and an educational organization whose main purpose of existing is to provide anyone in need a free and world class education no matter where the person is.

Khan Academy is considered by Forbes as a $1 trillion opportunity. During an interview with Salman Khan, he said that his work began with helping a number of his cousins with their problems and helping them gain a small amount of success with their academics and helped build their success.

He said that he had built software for his cousins that would help them give firm foundations of certain topics such as arithmetic, algorithm, exponents and many others. The software he had built had allowed them to practice as much as possible and recording their progress for him.

Khan said that the success of Khan Academy was largely related to the fact they have greatly invested in producing various ideas and filtering the ones that can be useful from the ones that aren’t. His desire to help his family and friends had led to a higher calling which can be considered as a testament to the innovations that technology has provided us with.