How Domain Names Affect Companies

Alphabet, the latest parent company by Google, has adapted a new website at They are not the only company that has started using their chosen extension as Reliance Industries or RIL has announced that they will be using the .JIO domain extension. They have various departments and business ventures and the company is planning on using around 200 brand new domain names along with their new extension such as polymers.JIO and retail.JIO.

This is the latest game changer when it comes to strategizing your own market – web address extensions. Domain extensions are those endings found on website’s name such as .com and .org. a few years back, the only generic choices up for grabs when choosing are 22 website extensions as well as country code extensions.

It was only last year when the ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers gave permission to entrepreneurs and brands to make the domain extensions that they desire. Because of this recent change, many business startups as well as companies are not inclined to make do with domain names that are misspelled and some are vowel-less. As they are given free reign, they will be able to create their own domain name that will best represent the brand and set it apart from among others.

Upon selecting the new domain extensions for a company, they will be able to secure it to make sure they have brandable domain names that are perfect for each company. When it comes to contextual sense, it is only right to choose a domain extension that the brand can relate to such as the non-profit organization spearheaded by Lady Gaga, Born This Way Foundation. The original domain name and extension was and was recently switched to which makes it shorter and easier to remember. Not to be last, McDonald’s have also acquired a domain that says it all –

With this recent change, the new option to create your own domain extensions has a huge positive effect to all brands, businesses as well as individuals all over the world that are trying to make it big in the competitive online world of business.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business