How Online Data Can Help The Hospitality Industry Bring In More Visitors

The success of the hospitality industry in Thailand is dependent on the number of tourists that visit the nation. Thailand is globally famous as a tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches and favourable climate. Hotels can stand out in the competitive market through the services of hospitality marketing agency that will ensure the best solutions to attract new customers and maintain loyalty.

Nowadays, it has become easy for customers to tweet their satisfactory experience in a hotel. Meanwhile, complaints can be posted on the hotel’s Facebook page. Everything is now being done online particularly through social media. Companies aggregate and store all online data to be analysed so that they can figure out the best marketing tool to attract customers.

In today’s digital age, the trend is to go to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to discuss experiences. Businesses that want to actively interact with their customers and create relationships usually use social media for their marketing efforts. However, how many businesses in the hospitality industry are using tools to analyze and implement data from social media?

A good example of customer engagement can be seen from Air France-KLM that clearly defined its social media guidelines to enhance customer service and transparency. The airline has designated “wait times” for responses and made use of algorithms to tier the different types of requests. Knowing the requests will allow the airline to serve customers better and cater to their needs.

On the other hand, Air France has made use of data management system by integrating data derived from trip searches, bookings and flight operation with web, social media, call centre and airport lounge interactions. The result is a travel experience that is “made-just-for-me.” A much more personalized experienced is gained by a customer when the hospitality industry customizes its offerings based on the information gained from their target audience.

Promoting services is usually easier than goods because hospitality marketing agency can create a brand identity that promotes a fun and relaxing experience in their facility. Customers browse the web when they require accommodations and the marketer has to identify the factors that the customer will consider in choosing a specific hospitality service.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business