How To Buy The Right Painted Vanity Units With Stone Tops

Vanity cabinets are essential components of a bathroom. It is where some of the bathroom supplies and toiletries are stored and it can also add beauty to your bathroom’s overall style and aesthetics. However, painted vanity units with stone tops can also take up your bathroom space especially if you have a small area. To keep a vanity unit of your preferred style despite the limited space, take a look at the ideas.

  • Determine your bathroom’s floor area. In order to ensure that you would be buying a vanity unit that will fit inside your bathroom and will not eat up your bathroom space, measure your floor area including the width of your bathroom door. You should also check the actual size of the cabinet to ensure that your bathroom space can accommodate it. You can get this information at the supplier’s website. For the floor area of your bathroom, you can ask your contractor or you can ask him how you can accurately get the measurements of your bathroom floor.
  • Research for various designs. You can find a myriad of painted vanity units with stone tops design on the internet and even from your preferred supplier. All you have to do is visit their website and check on their offered products. There are vanity units for contemporary bathrooms, classic designs, traditional and even Victorian style basin units. You can also draw inspiration from home magazines and even from local showrooms in your area. While there are vanity units that can be assembled on your own, there are also the type that would require the expertise of a fitter.
  • Check and compare prices. When you have the right measurements and designs for your painted vanity units with stone tops, it’s time to look for a supplier where you will buy the product. Even if the basin unit is attractive, it would still be wise for you to check on other sources and compare the prices. If the cabinet has to be installed, determine how much it would cost for the labor and if there is a need to modify your pipes and other similar labor aspects.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Brands