How To Make An Illustrated Map Interesting

Maps are not usually given much attention especially if you are not travelling to an unfamiliar place. However, an Illustrated Map is one of the most useful tools that you can equip yourself with especially if you are travelling on your and in unfamiliar terrain. Having a functional or useful map is enables a person to get from one point to another in less time and without the hassles. To make your travel more engaging, use illustrated maps instead of traditional ones. You can actually create an illustrated map for your next trip and here are some tips to make the map effective.

Familiarize the area

To create an effective illustrated map, research about the area. Gather the right information to make your map accurate. You can use existing maps as reference or you can just add colors and embellishments to make it more interesting. Determine the areas that need emphasis and highlight them with images.

Emphasize landmarks

Identify the landmarks in the area and place images on them. You can draw iconic images or apply colors on the map. You can also improve the size of the landmark images to highlight them. Another option is to add shapes or figures to visually elevate particular institutions such as rivers, churches, parks, etc.

Use the right colors

If you are going to use the Illustrated Map for personal consumption, you can pick your preferred color. However, if the map will be used by groups or other individuals, the colors should be appropriate to the users. For adult users, you can use modest colors while younger users would enjoy illustrated maps with vibrant and lively colors. Use few shades of colors to avoid overdoing your map unless you are creating one for kids.

Harmonize map elements 

The images and patterns that you are going to use should be coherent and consistent. Use a single representation of roads and use another for lanes and another for railroad, etc. do not use the same symbol for different elements because your Illustrated Map will be confusing. You can choose to use same symbols for similar elements such as commercial establishments, hospitals, churches and others.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Tips