Interesting Activities In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the cultural capital of Thailand. It is a picturesque set in Northern Thailand and is surrounded by lush green hills and beautiful forests. Chiang Mai is a must visit tourist city in the country and offers a variety of activities for the travellers. The town is home to around three hundred Buddhist temples with interesting history. The highest mountain in Thailand, DoiInthanonis situated in Chiang Mai.

The scenic town is famous for its ancient temples. There are many temples in and around the city. Seeing monks clad in saffron robes is common while visiting the town. The beautiful town also has interesting adventure activities and hiking trails. Owing to its popularity as a tourist destination, the town has a range of accommodation options to suit the preferences of different travellers. Visitors to the city looking for a luxurious vacation can stay at the best resort in Chiang Mai and enjoy the world class amenities and flawless service.

Chiang Mai is a hill town and has a very clean and pollution free atmosphere. The night scene in the town is very interesting. Tourists visiting the town can stay at the best resort in Chiang Mai and explore the happening night life. The night markets in the town are filled with vendors selling local handcrafted goods like stuffed pillows, jewellery etc. These markets are also the best places to sample the mouth-watering Thai delicacies.

Experiencing the local Thai massage is one of the must do activities in the town. The authentic massage centres provide a range of traditional Thai massages that relax and rejuvenate the body and the soul. The best resort in Chiang Mai is located in the centre of the town and you can easily select the best massage centre for experiencing the famous Thai massage.

Visiting the popular temples in and around the town and meeting the monks is another interesting activity for the tourists. Most of the temples in the city offer monk chat programs which allow the guests to meet the monks and chat with them for some time. The friendly monks are willing to answer all the questions of the tourists about their lifestyle and routine. The best resort in Chiang Mai is located in the old city and is close to the popular temples and other cultural attractions of the town.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Service