JavaScript Training In Sydney, Awareness Crucial In Cyber Defence

Whether we like it or not, the world we are living in right now is currently experiencing a new era called, the Digital Age. This is owing the obvious fact that almost everything can now be done digitally or to be more precise, just by the touch of an icon in your trusty smartphone. With today’s ever-evolving technology continues to balloon by the minute, it’s as if human beings will no longer need to even go out of their bedroom just to get chores done. In fact, there are some homes in the world that are already controlled by computers, similar to the talking artificial intelligence code named, JARVIS, a technology which runs Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion. And, with the continuously evolution of various computer technology comes the equivalent rise of new criminal threats that involve the use of computers and other related technology that can be used by professional criminals against other people. That’s why when you are working in the IT industry or in any industry in the world for that matter, it’s recommended that you, as a responsible employer, makes it a habit to let your employees, especially those who are involved in working with sensitive matters in company to undergo regular JavaScript training in Sydney.


Last May of 2017, it was widely reported that the computer malware named, WannaCry Malware that wreaked havoc in Great Britain and majority of Europe, turned out to be a Trojan that locked an organization’s data and then the individuals behind the said malware will demand a certain amount of ransom before the data will be unlocked. The Trojan was a creation of using various vulnerabilities that are found in Widows systems to create a computer-to-computer infections. According to IT experts especially those who working in the cyber security aspect of the industry, employees must be made aware of potential phishing and other malicious incursions so that they won’t open every email they will receive from any unidentified source. In addition to awareness, one of the most useful ways to protect your company’s data is a proper JavaScript training in Sydney because such training will also update the employees’ knowledge on how to write JavaScript codes without compromising the company’s security features.