Lighting Manufacturer Combines The Best Of Traditional Blacksmithing And New Technology

The blacksmith’s anvil is one of the trade tools used by blacksmiths all over the world. It is made from either forged or cast steel, forged wrought iron that has a hard surface or cast iron with steel face. Because the anvil is used for forging or beating a metal into shape, it must make the blacksmith’s job easier and less strenuous. If you are looking for the tool, there is blacksmith anvil in Brisbane through online sites.

David Kitts is a long time design director of a lighting manufacturer that is currently developing 80 new products that range from lamps, scones, pendants and chandeliers. Right now, David Kitts is working on starburst-style pendant that will be integrated with Hubbardton’s wrought iron with a hand-blown glass manufactured by Quechee-based Simon Pearce.

David Kitts is using metal rods that have been forged by the company’s blacksmiths to create a prototype that may be revised for half a dozen times before the final design. At the Hubbardton Forge, everything needed in the manufacture of products can be found in one place like design, engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing including management. Most of their competitor’s products are manufactured in another country but Hubbardton prefers to come up with their own design, create a prototype that can be tweaked for multiple times to ensure that it is right.

Because the company is broadening its product base, it has to use new technologies and materials. For example, they combine forward-thinking design with handcrafted hand-forged quality to make the Hubbardton products stand out. Other companies have contemporary design aesthetics but there is no deep connection to the material. Every product made is touched by a hand and the artisans have genuine care over their work. The artisans know that the product will someday go into someone else’s home and they need to make it right.

The cast steel blacksmith anvil in Brisbane is the very best anvil that money can buy. It is much easier to work with than forged anvils because it has a lower ring when struck. Cast steel anvils have a great bounce back and they are much less brittle than cast iron.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business