Local Businesses Help Driveway Scam Victims Repair their Driveway

August 21, 2014 – Dorothy and Marv Davenport had lost about $6000 to a driveway scam but in the midst of this loss, they had gained overflowing sympathy and even help from other local paving businesses. In fact, a Longview company had even repaired the poor job that the scammers had left them and it was all for free.

It was August 1 when the couple was approached by a guy who made them a good offer of leftover asphalt from another paving job. It seemed like a great offer and the couple had probably thought that they could spend less on the paving job. That is where they’re wrong. What they expected to be a small paving job turned into something much more than what the couple had expected. The project became so extensive that the final bill had even amounted $9000. The couple had managed to pay only a sum of $6000 but that is still a big loss for the victims.

With what had happened to them, the couple felt that it was their fault that they were so easily fooled and had fallen for the scam. When their story was featured in the news, many people called her and detailed the similar experiences they had. Dorothy said that there was a lot of sympathy from the people and that it relieves her even for a bit, to know that they were not the only ones who were victimized by paving scammers.

When Scott Schill, Accurate Asphalt Solutions manager in Longview, had read about the Davenport’s story, they immediately offered to repair the couple’s driveway without any costs. Schill said that he hears about paving scams all the time and has great animosity towards the said act because it has put blight to their industry.

He also said that he was heartbroken upon learning of what happened to the Davenports because they had been a customer many times before that is why he wanted to do them service. He also described the couple as good people.

When Accurate Asphalt Solutions had surveyed the driveway, they found out the extent of the deceit that the scammers had done. The Davenports were literally ripped off says Schill. He said that even he won’t pay $6000 for such a poor service.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Business