Map Wallpapers Collection

Maps are representations of land or sea area that shows the physical characteristics of the chosen place. This is usually drawn on a flat surface. This type of map is usually called a physical map where it shows in more detail and illustrates the roads, the cities, mountain ranges, and bodies of water. Each of these features is also labeled accordingly.

There are those who create these maps and these illustrators provide the graphic models of the area. Currently, there are services offered to actually create these illustrations depicting the essential components of architecture, information, and geography. These are also being created with creativity and skill.

Map illustrations are created using different techniques. The most common are using a birds-eye view to recreate the scenery on the surface they are drawing on. This provides a bigger and wider scope of the area that the illustrators want to show. These pictures will then be able to help in providing more informative details and information, provide an easier reference for geographical analysis, and flair to capture the interest of the readers.

There are common characteristics that illustrated maps have and these are as follows:

  • Bird’s eye view to give the viewer a sense of reality in the view that they are viewing
  • Clarity on the view that they are focusing on
  • Illustrator’s imagination on the colors and textures that the artist is using

Currently, there are map illustrators that are already famous for their work. Recently, a wallpaper company, Newmor, has partnered with a renowned map illustrator Stephan Walter. Walter is known for map illustrations he created that shows intricate details in his work. Newmor has created a collection based on Walter’s illustrations which include London Subterranea and Hub.

London Subterranea shows the routes of the old London’s sewers, tube network, rivers, and the now nonexistent tube stations. Hub, on the other hand, displays places of interest in London including art galleries and district names. This is done via a picture map, a style used before the 1666 Great Fire of London.

The world of map illustrations is still continuously growing even with and in the worldwide web. Its basic use is still the same despite having different types, different medium, different usage and different artists with their own personality and traits.