Melbourne Same-Sex Couple Getting Married Before Christmas Time

With the approval of the federal parliament of same-sex marriage, it is expected that marquee hire in Melbourne will be one of the booming business in the wedding industry. While everyone is expecting the first gay wedding to happen at the beginning of next year, this may happen sooner because of a Melbourne couple. Stephanie Dybal with her partner, Megan Stapleton, is tying the knot on the 21st of December.

The two have been planning the wedding for months but it was originally thought to be a non-binding ceremony. Their plan to wed came before the approval of the federal parliament of marriage equality.

When the legislation was signed in Canberra, it is required that the couples should give at least a month’s notice before their wedding day thus it is expected that the first same-sex wedding is not going to happen until January 9.

The approval was given to the couple in order for their union to be recognized as legally binding on the grounds that they have been preparing for many months already and many of their relatives are coming to Melbourne for the ceremony.

Jason Tuazon-McCheyne, a gay rights activist as well as their wedding celebrant, said that approval has been granted by Births, Deaths and Marriages. Both their families are flying to attend and accommodations are already booked and everything is already paid in May of this year, a time when no one thought there will be changes with the marriage law.

He explained that they did not plan to be the first couple as a stunt or to gain attention. It was just a coincidence that everything is already planned and booked.

There is a big possibility that there might be same-sex couples in Australia who will be allowed to get married regardless of the mandatory one-month notice.

Tuazon-McCheynehas been known as an active contributor in promotion of same-sex marriage. He even appealed for the family court to legally recognize their same-sex wedding which was held in Canada.

With the expected number of same-sex couples to wed next year, marquee hire in Melbourne will be seeing an increase in bookings.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Wedding