Metropolitan Museum Introduced Interactive Maps

If you have tried wandering around inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art on your own and without depending on a paper guide, you might have found the experience fun. There is now a recent development that will make wandering inside the Museum more fun and it is through interactive maps. The students enrolled in the School Visual Arts under the MFA Visual Narrative program, developed several interactive maps that are very creative. Anyone who is visiting the museum should try out the said maps.

The maps were developed through the partnership of Met MediaLab, Mapping the MET which is web-based and Professor Tim Szetela, the curator of the museum. The interactive maps are consists of eight media maps that are using data that have been gathered by the students from different galleries that are housed inside the permanent collection area of the museum.

Each of the interactive maps is featuring the drawings of the students whose arts are selected. Most of these maps come with basic information regarding the history of the collection. The result shows new artworks that will enable the visitors to see the collections as well as the architecture of the building in a different perspective.

One of artworks that stood out is the project created by Rosa Chang which shows more of the one color that is always consistent inside the rooms of the museum – the indigo. Visitors will be able to see the 200 or more artifacts that are dyed with indigo. All of these she discovered in her own and she sketched them and posted all of them on her website. On the same site is the mapping she had done with the domination of the color in every gallery and categorized them depending on the plant source. She also made a world map wherein users will be able to know more about the countries where the object came from. This will make the people see why the museum has a large collection of artworks that are of color Indigo that came from Japan.

Interactive maps as well as illustrated maps are a fun and creative way to see places in a new perspective.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Tech