Microsoft Software To Identify Hazards In The Workplace

Identification of hazards in the workplace is a vital component of a health and safety system but sometimes, employers do not have the time or the expertise to undertake the process. A good option is a health and safety consultant who will assess the risks and suggests ways to control them. Meanwhile, Microsoft has a different idea. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) software to identify dangers in the workplace.

In a recent forum of software developers, Microsoft launched its growing capabilities in AI software for the identification of workers and hazards in the workplace. Early identification of hazards plays an important role in future occupational health and safety programs. The same tool can also be used by OSHA in investigating employers.

One of the concepts that were introduced by Microsoft was the use of Smartphone cameras to focus on different faces and a laptop for the identification of the pictures caught by the camera. Microsoft demonstrated the system wherein it was able to detect a construction worker who was mishandling a power tool. It also identified workers who were removing tools from the storage area including those who entered a hallway without the necessary authorization.

Microsoft’s technology can provide live monitoring of storage areas so that it can easily be identified if there are chemical spills or if goods have fallen off the shelves. The AI component of the technology will decide when there is a hazard so that the supervisor can easily be notified regarding the problem through a message on the mobile phone.

The information in the Microsoft software can be updated. For example if there is a new employee, his information can be added to the system by uploading a photograph and other personal details. There is a lot of interesting possibilities with the Microsoft software but the company has not yet given a date on when the technology will be made available to companies.

Aside from technology, it is important for a company to seek suggestions from Canterbury health and safety consultants to identify actual and potential hazards that can cause injuries and disabilities. The consultant will assess the level of risk and suggest ways to control them.