New Eye Clinic With State-Of-The-Art Technology To Open In Belfast

Laser eye correction in Glasgow will soon be more accessible as Belfast’s Cathedral Eye Clinic invested £2 million on a new clinic at Academy Street in Belfast.

Owned and operated by ophthalmic surgeon Professor Johnny Moore, the new clinic will also be brining new technology as Moore is also spending £500,000 on the latest laser eye technology available.

Moore said that the Zeiss VisuMax ReLEx, new laser technology is to replace the existing treatment with a safer and less painful procedure that needs less time for recuperation. It is said to be virtually pain-free.

The business started in 2008 while Moore was working in the Royal Victoria Hospital and at the Ulster University. The purpose of the business was help athletes that needed eye correction to get back to their respective sports without the need of corrective lenses at the safest possible way.

Their old site was at York Street. Moore believes that they have been due for a move at least three years prior because business was steadily growing year by year and they were running out of space.

Right now, they have about 10 surgeons working full time. More are temporarily hired when demand is high during busy seasons.

With the new technology coming up, Moore said that they would be able to investigate patients better and pain-free without compromising the safety and quality of their procedures.

Moore has always prided himself and his business of not only specializing in laser eye treatment but also in giving the patient all the information they need to make an informed decision in eye treatment surgeries by consulting with them and by shelling out all the possible risks and side effects.

He does not see the laser eye surgery as a commodity but as a surgical procedure that needs to be addressed and taken with utmost care without compromising quality and the safety of the patients. The goal has always been to minimize the risks in the procedures.

They are set to open the new facility the following month and surgery will come months after that with a price tag of £1,500 per eye for the new laser treatment.

By Nikki Sanderson Posted in Tech