New Railway Project Announced- Easier Access To Koh Tao Villas

As they say, one of the most prominent signs that country is already growing up economically is that it has a smooth mass transport system like train systems that will take people from one place to another in a zap. You see, if your train system is as good and as smooth-flowing as the ones in Hong Kong or in Sydney in Down Under Australia for example, it will be good for the economy. Why? People won’t be late for work and it can be helpful in furthermore improve the workers’ productivity level because when they are not stressed in going to work by taking the train, they are still fresh and eager to start working. A good train system can also be beneficial to the tourism industry because if the tourists, especially foreign tourists, can go to any tourist destinations in Thailand for example to stay in one of the world famous Koh Tao villas that can offer intimate privacy and relaxation to vacationists, then more and more tourists will be encouraged to visit the place because they will find it easier to travel by train than by car or even bus.


Just last June 24, 2017, the transportation officials in Thailand have announced that a new railway development project is set to emerged. The said development project is set to connect the marine attractions that are found along the Gulf of Thailand, to the Andaman Sea. The said project will run on a 77-kilometre single track that will have the combination of existing rail tracks and new line which is going to be built Surat Thani. When completed, the said railway system will connect Surat Thani with two other state plans which will lay own rail tracks in Phangnga and a separate rail system in Phuket. In addition to this, the transportation officials of Thailand have also announced that an additional line along Highway 44 towards Highway 401 before ending in Don Sak where tourists can take the ferry to be able to stay at one of the Koh Tao villas. This will be a good news especially for the tourism industry because the railway project will help tourists travel better.